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Sometimes Things Are OK

It doesn’t do the scene justice but the sunrise this morning was magnificent in a upper Midwestern way. Lots of things are bad but a lot of stuff is still good like enjoying a beautiful sunrise with my wife while sipping my coffee.


  1. Anonymous

    know what you mean. a long time ago I started just watching the sun go down and rise as a way to escape the madness of the world today. god gives us 2 good shows a day most days. it is a very peaceful feeling watching the world around you wake up to the sun if you are in the countryside.
    it way I retired in the woods.

  2. E M Johnson

    everyday, multiple dogs on multiple walks. rain, shine or snow, I appreciate the fact I was given another day.. of course its just so I can take care of all these mutts but that is ok. At least someone is having a good time ;^D

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