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Price Increases Incoming?

Things are pretty good in the firearms business right now, I have been talking about this for a while. For the first time since obtaining my FFL I was able to order a Glock 19 and 17 right from one distributor’s website this morning. But things might be tightening up or at least going up in price. A different distributor is warning of price increases coming in a couple of days…

While I am not sure which vendors specifically they are talking about, this group mostly sells guns and knives.
There have been specific warnings of price increases from manufacturers of body armor as well, and that seems to be driven by increases in raw material prices. Ammo prices remain stubbornly high and oddball ammo calibers are still tough to get at any price. 
As I keep saying, it won’t take much in the way of civil unrest or new lockdowns to see the supply of firearms, ammo and accessories evaporate again. Do with this new info as you see fit….


  1. Anonymous

    Thanks for the warning. Just remember, your cash ain't nothing but trash when the SHTF. It's not going to do you a damn bit of good if there's no guns, ammo, food, medical supplies, body armor, communication equipment*, etc. Even gold & silver will be worthless in such a scenario. Good idea to stock up now if you've got the dough!

    *Keep in mind when the SHTF, your cell phone isn't going to be worth a shit. Get an amateur radio license, you'll just need the Technician class & the FCC exam to get it is easy if your IQ is 100! Then get 2-4 hand talkies, batteries & rapid chargers & learn how to use 'em.

  2. Eaton Rapids Joe

    Oh great and powerful Poo-bah: What are your thoughts on holsters. A gun in the gun-safe isn't very useful. A person needs a functional holster to be able to have that new handgun within easy reach. What is the availability of holsters and are you anticipating much increase in price?

  3. Anonymous

    It's a good idea to have junk silver coins, 1964 & before as a precaution. Most people will barter in a SHTF scenario. Besides that, Federal Reserve Notes will be worthless. Personally, I will not accept them if you need something I have. However, I doubt if I'll have anything you call surplus when it really starts getting bad. And as previously mentioned, don't even call me, just read the addendum.

    Happy New Year, fuck the coming dark winter, fuck Joe Biden & all those other assholes. Stay healthy, stay prepared & may all of you survive the coming shitshow.

  4. Anonymous

    ERJ and Arthur,

    Damn… It just occurred to me, that I'm sitting on a gold mine.

    All the stupid holsters that I bought over the years thinking "This is the one." will now have value in the future barter economy.

    I'll setup a stall and only accept ammo as payment. It's the only thing we'll ever keep needing and will never have enough of. The floors might groan some, or maybe not.

    Enjoy the New Year, and I look forward to your continued thoughts on life. Thanks.

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