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Maffs Be Rayciss And Sheeit!

It is a crime against humanity that some people think that math teachers should have a passing familiarity with math. Fortunately we have the brave justice pioneers of Canada working non-stop to end this outrage!

Math test for teachers ruled racist

A Canadian court has ruled that a mandatory math proficiency test is unconstitutional and should not prohibit those who fail to pass it numerous times from teaching children, as it unfairly affects non-white candidates.
Take that White supremacists! Now to push for allowing illiterate people to teach English….that is already the situation in a lot of inner city schools and it is working out great!


  1. Eaton Rapids Joe

    By the same token, the pilots who fly Trudeau and Biden around are selected by a system that is inherently racist.

    To be fair and non-racist, every person who ever played being a helicopter pilot on a video game should be entered into a pool and Trudeau/Biden's next pilot should be chosen by lot.

  2. Anonymous

    Now that pale males have created this modern technological marvel of a world, the dark people expect us to step aside and simply hand them the keys. Do they ever wonder for a hot second just WHO is going to maintain that frighteningly complex world? The Chinese? Not for you, they won't, homie.

    Throughout my decades employed in high tech, I've encountered zero sistas and exactly one brutha on staff. And that brutha was a grinnin', shuckin' and jivin' horndog, incompetent as the day is long, only retained due to his innate skill at being black. If that is the best they've got, the network will be reduced to beating on hollow logs with a gnawed bone less than a generation after the last White guy in IT presses ctrl-alt-delete.

  3. Anonymous

    we have moron in charge. this stupid shit will be the down fall of the western world.
    and just who is going to keep everything working ? glad I am on the way out these days as opposed to being 20 years old again. in 20 years from now, little of anything will work with these morons in charge. god help them.

  4. Anonymous

    This is ontario not all of Canada. Think california but with snow. Of course this is the same province that had a convicted pedo in charge of writting the sex ed curriclum


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