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This morning included a brief visit to our family doc to go over some bloodwork, routine stuff with no issues. Our doc is a huge cheerleader for the “vaccine” and always brings it up to us when we are there and always gets told “fuck no” but a little politer in response. 

Well today he begrudgingly said that everyone is going to get the “omicron variant” and it had mutated so much that the “vaccine” wasn’t really helping anyway. It was the first time I can remember since the “pandemic” started that he wasn’t badgering me about the jab.
Even some of the most ardent supporters of The Covid Narrative seem to be realizing that the whole thing is bullshit for the most part.
Just made me chuckle. 


  1. E M Johnson

    kinda didnt GAF if the tainted blood people started dropping off in large #s… BUT now I'm worried the loss of a large % of trained infrastructure workers would be catostrophic. Yea they're dumbasses but thier loss would fuck the rest of us over

  2. Arthur Sido

    Most of my extended family, not my wife and kids, have gotten jabbed and I don't want to see them dropping dead. Plus the least likely to get jabbed segment are blacks so a massive die-off among scared White people is a bad thing all around.

  3. E M Johnson

    Then it seems like the die off in whites, unchecked invasion at the southern border and an increasing percentage of blacks in the remaining population and placed in leadership positions is all part of the plan to subvert the last country even remotely close to individual liberty. No conspiracy theory just the simplest explanation is often proven true

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