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It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Rwanda…

As soon as Christmas and New Years are over, the media is going to turn all it’s attention to the one year anniversary of the risible January 6th “insurrection”. They have been salivating in anticipation, it is the greatest gift to the media since Orange Man Bad was elected. 
Leading up to the anniversary of a non-event, we are hearing more chatter about an impending second civil war, not from boogalo-bois but from the mainstream media.
Exhibit A, dimwit Charles Blow(job) writing in the New York Times: 
According to Blow, it might be abortion that pushes us over the edge which is quite possible. Of course as every black “intellectual” invariable does, he somehow makes this about slavery. 
I see too many uneasy parallels between what was happening nearly 200 years ago and what is happening now. I see this country on the verge of another civil war, as the Calhounian impulse is reborn….

….And this war won’t be only about the subjugation of Black people but also about the subjugation of all who challenge the white racist patriarchy.

It will seek to push back against all the “others”: Black people, immigrants, Muslims, Jews, L.G.B.T.Q. people and, yes, women, particularly liberal ones.
They really have such a child-like grasp of history that they can’t understand anything other than something that ended 150 years ago.
The White racist patriarchy, in other words the system that created a nation where a buffoon like Charles Blow can make a lovely salary writing slander about the American people, is bad apparently. Blow doesn’t mention that gays, immigrants (esp. Asians), Jews and women in particular are in far more danger of being harmed by blacks than by “racist White patriarchs”. Just a mild oversight I am sure. 

Then we have one David H. Freedman writing on my birthday no less for Newsweek. I am always startled to see that Newsweek is still a thing. Like USA Today, Newsweek was always aimed at a target audience that was barely literate at best. Freedman looks like a weasel and I suspect that his background includes exactly what you would suspect. He boasts of being a “science writer” for The Atlantic while admitting he has no scientific training whatsoever. 

His essay for Newsweek won’t win any awards for writing style or for subtlety: Millions of Angry, Armed Americans Stand Ready to Seize Power If Trump Loses in 2024
Freedman brings up January 6th no less than 7 times in his shitty little essay. He bases his whole essay on some fairly mild comments by a 73 year old Vietnam vet named  Mike “Wompus” Nieznany. From these comments, Freedman creates a whole imaginary world of those millions of angry, armed Americans. 
The entire essay is chock full of lies and evasions, like this:
In 2020, 17 million Americans bought 40 million guns and in 2021 were on track to add another 20 million. If historical trends hold, the buyers will be overwhelmingly white, Republican and southern or rural.
“If historical trends hold”. We don’t have to guess or wonder, we know a lot about who bought guns in 2020 and a record percentage of them were new gun owners (many in the suburbs and cities), women and minorities. Sure Bubba and the boys bought more guns but it is common knowledge that the torrid pace of gun purchasing in 2020 cut across all demographic lines. As a little FFL out in the country, many of my customers last year were not the stereotypical gun owners Freedman is talking about. We had women, blacks, Asians, mestizos, lots of people from cities and suburbs. If their money was good and they passed the background check, I was happy to sell them a firearm. He repeats this falsehood later, even while admitting that the data shows more “non-traditional” gun buyers in 2020….
While there’s data to suggest Democrats are stepping up their modest share of the gun-buying, recent history suggests that the great majority of these guns are going to Republicans. According to a 2017 Pew Research Center survey, Republicans and Republican-leaning independents were more than twice as likely to own a gun as their Democratic counterparts.
In short, he is flat out lying to create an image in the mind of his readers of hordes of gun owning conservatives storming the Capitol if the election doesn’t go the way they want in 2024. He also raises the idea of using the military to enforce the “election”, something I just wrote about this week: Paving The Way For An (Actual) Coup
It is unlikely that Charles Blow and David Freedman, even as men of at best middling intelligence, really think there is going to be an armed revolution. They certainly don’t think that January 6th was an actual attempted “insurrection”. 
But the dipshits that read The New York Times and even those that inexplicably still read Newsweek, at it’s pinnacle deserving nothing more than being flipped through in a waiting room? They believe it. They believe it because they live in their own little leftist bubble where they believe everything they are told. In the spirit of fairness, this is true on the conservative side as well where people take at face value what they hear from Glen Beck. But those on the left are convinced, absolutely and without reservation, that “our democracy” is in grave peril because people like me own firearms that hold more than a single .22 round. 
Thus the next civil war or secession or balkanization becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. The left rank-and-file is convinced that the nation is full of dangerous hillbillies with personal arsenals rivaling NATO and therefore is willing to keep pushing policies that further radicalize those on the right in the name of safety against “domestic terrorism”. Those on the right are increasingly convinced that our electoral system, along with the judicial system and every other institution, are working against them and that the government is no longer legitimate. Having the institutions of the country in lockstep to try to censor, repress and disarm them just makes it worse. All the while the media keeps pushing these narratives because, despite their handwringing, they are hoping to see things go kinetic, as that would provide the pretext they desire to take the big steps to cement control of the country. 
Things is, it won’t go the way they seem to think. I don’t think law enforcement is going to be quite as effective or compliant as they think (more on that soon), nor the military. It wouldn’t be the first time that people set something in motion expecting one thing, only to have it backfire in a most spectacular fashion. What is definitely true is that media figures, print and TV alike, have openly placed themselves firmly in the enemy camp and aren’t likely to enjoy their time in the Big Igloo.
Regardless, it seems more likely than any time I can recall that things are going to blow up in a major conflagration and soon.
I suspect that when it comes, it will be something few if any of us saw coming. Going into 2020, I expected to see some chaos with the Presidential election but no one saw coronavirus coming (except the Chinese and Bill Gates because they made it in a lab) and no one could have imagined that a lifelong violent thug with heart disease dying of heart failure while loaded up on drugs and resisting arrest would lead to a summer of cities burning. What triggers the next stage of the conflict is hard to predict, but it isn’t hard at all to predict that something is coming. Too many people with too much power have too much invested in something ugly happening for it to not happen now. 


  1. Anonymous

    So the Pew-Pew Research Center has determined that conservative-leaning trad-American Republican voters are more likely to be 2nd Amendment proponents than purple-haired pantywaists living in their mommy's basement in democrat shithole cities? What a revelation.

    Stunning. Brave.

    Who pays for this shite?

  2. Troy Lee Messer

    ….According to Blow, it might be abortion that pushes us over the edge which is quite possible…..

    Dredd Scott was whether Negroes are chattels. One side said they were, the other side vehemently disagreed.
    Rowe V Wades question is abortion murder or not. One side treats abortion as a mere inconvenience, my side view it as murder and a disturbing kind of murder because all the helpless victim can do is to try to squirm to get away. And I think I can speak for many on my side, I have had enough murder.
    My generation, X, is much smaller, in part, because Baby Boomer women are, collectivley, mass murders. The Day of the Pillow cant come soon enough for them.
    3 options. Scotus will punt (40% likely, affirm (40%), or overturn(20%)
    There are "trigger" states where in there are laws that if Wade is overturned, the state laws automatically go into effect. The left would go apoplectic. I have no faith in SCOTUS In fact my prediction is in this clownworld, Barret will be on the affirming opinion. A mother of 7 will be that insane.
    I dont think Dredd Scott caused the Civil War, but it lubricated the track.

  3. Mike Guenther

    Funny that Blow(job) doesn't realize that most of the abortions in this country are of little black babies. Most abortion clinics are on the edge of predominantly black communities and ghettos.

    And the other pasty faced dude… he'll be one of the first ones against the wall in his new future.

  4. E M Johnson

    right leaning people are not itching for kinetic politics. most are well aware of how ugly that gets. the average lefty isn't aware of the reality of having to use violence as a tool. plus the "night of the pillow" fucks can go suck vox's dick and choke do death

  5. Anonymous

    does the word blowback mean anything to you guys ? the clowns who work in the swamp area call it that when a plan of theirs goes bad. and "problems" blowback on them. what they do not see or want to see even is the number of folks who just want to be left alone to live their lives as best as they can. the thing is when it does start going bad or south, there is a lot of people who will need to pay for the crap that started this shit show. it will not be a pretty sight to see when it does happen. they do not know that almost all plans never work out the way they are planned out.
    the only good side I see is a lot of the asshole making noise will be gone inside of the first month.
    I wonder how much trust the elites have in their guards ?

  6. NHPatriot1776

    Well said. I don't think they understand the resolve of the devotion to liberty and the constitution millions of us hold dear and the future we want our children to grow up in. I will fight until my last breath or theirs. Take that to the bank.

  7. Anonymous

    Indeed, the Globalists weak link is their hubris and they have telegraphed their intent for over a decade. They want the cover provided by civil war to launch WMD attacks on Trad America just as practiced in Jade Helm and overwhelm the rural heartland with a million man Obama's Army followed by the chinks. If we can't win we should at least take 5 w/us

  8. 5stonegames

    Getting rid of Roe v Wade won't be much of anything outside of a few heavily divided states like Texas and possibly part of the deep south The reason is simple, the States with a lot of abortion will continue to have legal abortion since its a State matter.

  9. Anonymous

    Reminder that Zimbabwe was the result of the USSR supporting on group of terrorists and China supporting a different group of terrorists whilst the LEFT in the West prevented any democracy from aiding a plucky little country betrayed by the British Empire despite almost a 1/4 of their entire population having fought under the Union Jack in Europe.

    As well as the Rhodesian military having far more Blacks in it than Whites however images of those soldiers aren't readily available because it'd be counter to the narrative. Blacks not allowed to vote? It wasn't because they were black, voting wasn't a universal right and many whites couldn't vote either.

    So in the end the Left won but the people of Zimbabwe / Rhodesia most definitely lost and that's our fate writ large if we lose

  10. ChuckInBama

    The main thing, gents, is that we have to be prepared mentally for total commitment when the light goes green. Anything else, and you'd just as well get in the boxcar. I doubt there will be a singular event that gets the show started, rather little "disturbances" here and there. And there will be regions that are more prone to sportiness than others. Make sure you're ready to "pledge your life, your fortune, your sacred honor" now. All in or stay on the porch. There is no middle ground.

  11. Anonymous

    Word. There will be no high ground to run to. Prepping is as much a psychological effort as it is a physical one. There will be nowhere to run, unless you are a filthy rich Hollywood leftist with property in Costa Rica or New Zealand. Things may not get so bad here in Winterfell, but the lines of drift from Spokanistan are not too far away from my A/O. We live in interesting times. Bleib ubrig. – DTW.

  12. Zorost

    One of the big morale boosters is that no matter who wins, all of the most annoying people end up against a wall or worse. Yuri Bezmenov's "Normalization" phase is basically recognizing that the 'Useful Idiots' stop being useful after victory, but continue being idiots. What happened to Mao's Antifa (the Red Guard) is particularly heart-warming. They were sent to rural farms as essentially penal labor in a process known as "rustication." Farmers were so happy to have their former oppressors as slave labor that they worked millions of them to death.

  13. Tucanae Services

    To a great extent I am with 5stonegames about Roe v Wade. It will not end abortion, it devolves back to the States just like it was in the 1970's before Wade. For some it will be a minor inconvenience but it won't stop abortions. But it does indicate something else if Wade is overturned — DeFederalization is possible. It plants the seed that not all things start and end with Washington DC. As it relates to abortions itself the aftermath will be that there will be 50 State level actions by pro-abortion parties to make it legal. It will take the eyes off Washington for a time, something well deserved by the way.

    But in any event that plants a seed. 'If one law can be returned to the States, why not others?' It may in fact be the only way to crawl away from the precipice of civil war. Something that the gentlemen that wrote the Constitution understood very well.

  14. Unknown

    I too work at a gunstore and many of my customers fall outside of the redneck demographic-waayyyy outside. Some people hint they are worried about "things". Some come right out with it. One woman came in to buy a pistol because the previous evening she came home to find an intruder standing at her open gun cabinet-heirlooms I believe. Ive met some really cool black/brown/red folks along with more than a few fellow white supremacists (mild sarcasm for those still waiting for their coffee to brew). I agree that those who are setting or promoting those actions in motion dont really have any idea whats going to actually occur even as they think they do. As others have said, most of us just want to be left alone. If "they" end up dragging us into their internal conflict wet dream against our will, do not expect us to remain restrained.

  15. Maj. D. Saster

    Thanks to all of you for sharing your takes. It's really helpful to see well-reasoned thoughts and scenarios. If anything, it helps to resist the propaganda knowing there are others who share the same views. Merry Christmas to all and best wishes for a better 2022.

  16. FJB

    Keep in mind that it took almost 8 years for the first shot to be fired back during the first Revolutionary war. The lines in the Declaration of Independence were as true then as it is now: "… accordingly all experience hath shewn, that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security."
    The pressure is building. To each, prepare accordingly.

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