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Completely Baseless Prognostication

It is the last day of one of the worst years in living memory. 
If the last five years have taught us anything, they have taught us that our ability to predict the future even a year ahead is negligible. John Wilder always does a (maybe) tongue in cheek prediction for the upcoming year, see: Predictions 2022: The Funniest Predictions You’ll See This Year, but here are some things I think are more likely than not to happen in 2020. Nothing is out on a limb here, you don’t need a crystal ball to see this year going badly. 
It is almost certain that 2022 will bring some sort of major financial crisis, real or contrived. There are too many plates spinning right now too keep them all in the air. The only question will be whether it is one plate that falls or all of them. One falling will be a major problem, all of them falling will mean global catastrophe. The stock market is wildly overvalued, real estate is overpriced, banks are lending out more and more “money” that doesn’t exist. This can’t keep going forever and I suspect that right now there is only a razor thin margin between keeping up the fantasy and things coming unglued. 
Not to be a Debbie downer but I also am almost 100% certain that we are seeing only the early stages of hyper-inflation and that the impact of having such a huge influx of new “money” is still building up. Inflation can be like a snowball, as pressure pushes up wages the extra income allows people to spend more on stuff which raises prices and in turn wage pressure keeps building. Inflation unchecked is a conflagration that keeps spreading as long as it has fuel and the fuel in this case is make-believe money that no one seems to have any interest in slowing down. 
A continuation of urban violence and a return of political violence. After a record-breaking 2021 for murders in many cities, there doesn’t seem to be any reason to think that blaque folkz will suddenly learn impulse control, the opposite seems likely as more and more seasoned cops retire or move to smaller jurisdictions where they are appreciated. While antifa and bLM were fairly quiet in 2021, I expect that they will grow impatient in 2022 as nothing they were promised comes to fruition. They live for violent revolution, or at least they think they do, so it is just a matter of time before they explode back on the scene. 
This is an off-cycle election year and traditionally the party of the “President” in his first term loses seats in the mid-term elections. I am going on record now to say I think this year will defy that trend. All of this talk of a “red wave” is foolish and ignores demographic trends. While I am not sure what will be the difference that pushes the election to the Dems, I am sure that something will and that something will be some sort of crisis. Abortion is a possibility, while the GOP has dangled overturning Roe v Wade for decades to get out the vote, Democrats will use losing the “right” to murder babies to get out the vote. When the smoke settles in November 2022, my prediction is that the Dems end up with a real majority in the Senate, stripping Joe Manchin of his current perch as kingmaker, and they increase their majority in the House. This will embolden and enable them to really push their agenda and the filibuster won’t survive the year.
Speaking of politics, I don’t think that 2022 ends with either Joe Biden or Kamala “Whore Of Babylon” Harris in the administration occupational regime. Biden’s deterioration is obvious even to the Left and they need someone more energetic to push their agenda. No one likes Harris, she will get pushed out one way or the other. I don’t know who to expect to be in the Oval Office come December 31st, 2022 but it is a safe bet it will be someone who is not a White guy, unless it is a fag like Pete Bootygag. 
I am still pretty stunned that we haven’t had an obvious false flag shooting to drum up support for sweeping gun control but I expect that is in the plans. It would be another way to get out the vote, especially if the false flag involved children to tug at the heart-strings of suburban White women who can be relied on to be absolute sheep when it comes to the ballot box. Have I mentioned about repealing the 19th Amendment? Everything the Left is planning relies on a disarmed populace and just the opposite has been happening as more and more people are locked and loaded than ever before. Stopping the arming of the peasants has got to be high on their wish list.
There isn’t much to be said about cultural changes, expect to see more degeneracy, more race-mixing on TV and in advertisements, more “gurl powah!” bullshit in movies that no one will see. The “culture” in the West is a cesspool and there are no signs of that changing. Download old movies and books brothers, I would rather rewatch a movie from the 80s than the trash being pumped out now.
The big news of the last two years, the Covid-19 “pandemic” is losing steam for most people. There are still insane people wearing masks and other “safety” gear but regular people are starting to see the whole thing for the hoax it has turned out to be. However the loldemic has shown the usefulness of a “public health emergency” to control the population and that leads me to believe we might see a new virus that is a lot more lethal in 2022. We still don’t know the endgame of the elites when it comes to Covid and the notavaxx but you can be sure of this: Bill Gates doesn’t give a shit about people getting sick so whatever they have planned is bad for all of us.
Another prediction, most of you reading this will have a pretty decent year even as the world around us is collapsing so you can expect to get lots of admonitions throughout 2022 from me urging you to use the time you have been given. Things are going to be just fine, right until the moment they aren’t. 
What are your predictions for the new year? 


  1. Mike Austin

    Predictions? I make a lousy Nostradamus but an excellent Cassandra. If I predict things like some sort of economic crisis or political crisis or war: well, such things have been predicted for thousands of years and—surprise!—eventually come true. Being a natural optimist, I can safely predict more fun and games from our "elites" as they stumble toward Armageddon or something approaching it. Even in a worse case scenario—say, a US civil war and a 3rd World War and a world-wide depression—not everyone loses. I intend to be on the side that does not.

  2. Jim Wetzel

    No predictions from here, but: as little inclined as I am to defend the blaque folkz, I'll ask you to consider the masked faces you see in your typical bLM "event." Seems to me that 90% have the same complexion as me. Yes, we have a real problem with blaques, but more immediately with SomeWhites.

    One more quibble: you got "Mayor Pete's" last name wrong. "Bootygag" isn't the correct spelling. There are two preferred spellings from which to choose: "Bootygay" and "Buttplug."

    Happy New Year! (Unlikely though it seems.)

  3. Anonymous

    Being north of the border hete are my predictions. The libs will decriminalize hard drugs and then give the distribution rights to a crony.

    We'll see restrictions on free speech online in the interest of fighting hate and sisinformation..

    We will see the places the unvaxxed can visit shrink. Our feds already decided that if your fired for being unvaxxed you are not eligible for Employment Insurance.

    I predict a covid camp for unvaxxed likely the 1st one to officially open will be in quebec or the maritimes.


  4. Anonymous

    Predictions? We don't need no stinkin' predictions. Observational rants, however, are always entertaining.

    It's just a matter of time now until the current maladministration collapses under the weight of its own illegitimacy and incompetence (the incontinence doesn't help, either). That old buzzard Hillary Clittin' is sniffing around the fringes again, hunting for an opening, having found that Kamel-Ho Harris is even more unpopular than she.

    We are fast approaching peak negro as even those left of Marx are suffering the tantrums of their problem children, les suspects habituels. Perpetually victimized East Asians are about to shed their inscrutable oriental masks and go all rooftop Korean on the devils, and won't THAT be fun when the tong gets fired up.

    That yapping junior harpy, Greta "Karen" Thunberg continues to annoy, missing entirely the fact that its the fossil fools (Biden, Pelosi, Merkel) rather than the fossil fuels that are daring to rob her generation of a livable future.

    Tranny fatigue is finally setting in, now that 'nu females' aren't even trying to hide the sausage anymore as they grab all the gold in wymmyn's sports and go all rape-y in schools and prisons. Bleeding-heart White women are seeing the fruits (and nuts) of their labors come back to bite them, hard, on their ample posteriors, and the schadenfreude is simply delicious. Take THAT you cat-collecting, boxed wine-guzzling, male-bashing ghouls.

    On a personal note, my preps continue to swell, as the clueless DILs go on razzing me about my supply of #10 cans of dehydrated chicken and pretty blue jerry cans full of clean water. Not sure how generous I will be with those who are not technically "blood" when SHTF.

    I won't be wishing anyone a Happy New Year this go-around, as no one with an ounce of sense is fooled. Although I don't know any better than anyone else what's coming, my spidey senses are tingling like mad and I don't like what I see. Let me wish you determination and perseverance, instead.


  5. E M Johnson

    2022? a turd by any other name is still a turd… food, water, kinetics and hygiene are the essentials to keep deep… and whatever flavor spiritual tools you prefer to keep your shit tight while the big picture unravels

  6. jl

    The only prediction I've made to ever come true is "Things are probably going to get worse", so Im sticking with that one for '22.

    And this is NOT a prediction (disclaimer for any glowies that may stumble upon this) but more of a "what if" in response to some of Mr. Sido's comments…

    What if the PTBs decide to give our oh-so-unpopular VP the JFK treatment to set off a cascade of things? First, because of the "stress and shock" of it all Brandon will suffer a "stroke" or "cardiac event" forcing him to resign, clearing the way for a new regime NOT led by Heels Up Harris…then the new regime unleashes hell on YT, because "white surpremecy" and raycissisms will be blamed for the culling of the problematic diversity hire VP…Then all the "evidence" discovered during the full fledged assault on YT is used to "justify" an assault on the 2nd, leading to confiscation plans…leading to armed revolt…being used to justify no-holds-barred "elimination" of the "radical terrorist threat" inherent in pale skin.

    Nah, too crazy. Never mind.

  7. The Buy Junk Silver Kid (not really)

    I look for a repeat of 2021, but much, much worse. As I've mentioned, it's not a question of if, but when the SHTF & everything finally collapses! All I can say is be prepared for a worse case scenario. Screw all the bullshit being heaved at you on a day by day basis, and as we use to say in the late 60's, sock it to 'em when the shit show begins.

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