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Just an average weekend in Chicago, some random mayhem and chaos accompanied by hooting and screeching.

This was just part of a general pattern of chaos in Chicago involving yoofs.

A 15-year-old boy was shot, a CTA bus driver was beaten and two cops were injured as police responded to a large group of youths in downtown Chicago Saturday night.

Police said they arrested at least 22 juveniles and recovered two “replica firearms.”
It didn’t have to be this way, we used to have cities where you could enjoy yourself. They have been destroyed and turned into somewhere decent people stay clear of because of the stubborn and suicidal refusal of our “leaders” to address the issue of black criminality and social maladaptation. 
It didn’t just happen, it was done to us.


  1. Mike Austin

    There is no permanent solution to the problem of such feral blacks running amok. This they have always done; this they will always do. There is only containment, as in Jim Crow. Or forced expulsion. Or a race war. The present situation is untenable, thus temporary.

  2. Anonymous

    Despite all the wild gesticulating, swinging limbs and violent twerking seen in such videos, there are surprisingly few actual injuries sustained unless a weapon is used. Blacks just don't know how to throw punches or kick effectively, it seems. Unless, of course, the target is an elderly White man or a tiny Asian woman and they are ganged-up six-on-one. When unloading on each other, their hard heads and fat butts never seem to incur much in the way of serious injury. Never seen teeth knocked out, eyes swollen shut, copious blood.

    But it still makes for great comic theater. Especially when the she-boons take to ripping off each other's skanky weaves and walloping one another with those oversized faux Michael Kors bags. I would dearly love it if someone would take one of the myriad Black Friday or Chuck E. Cheese ghetto melees and put a soundtrack of howling chimps to it. Then play it on continuous loop in every airport gate lounge around the country after hacking the CNN feed.

    A guy can dream, can't he?

  3. Anonymous

    yea, odd of 3 to one work better for them as a rule. learned that the hard way as a kid in philly a long time ago. the thing is fighting them is like shooting ducks, go for one at a time and do as much damage to the fuck as you can before moving to the next one. do not waste your time hitting one in the head unless you have a crowbar or shovel. guts and knees. strike inside going out on either knee and the fucker out and screaming. kidney shots work very well too. got lucky one time and got one at the base of the adam's apple and the look on that fucks face I never forget !
    anyone who stays in a shithole city when they can get out is insane anymore, or stupid.

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