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Absolute Trash

After…um…”obtaining” the new Matrix movie and expecting the worst, I somehow found that it was even more awful than my low expectations. The action was boring, the endless dialogue was terrible, the plot was dumb as hell. Talk about a movie that never should have been made. I ended up shutting it off and deleting the file about 2/3 of the way through, I couldn’t stand to even finish it. According to IMdB I am not alone, it has grossed less than $70 million worldwide and has an awful rating while the new Spider-Man movie just passed a billion worldwide. I am embarrassed for Keanu Reeves, I imagine he got a nice payday for mailing in his performance, and it was awful, but doesn’t he have enough money already?

Leave it to a couple of dudes who became trannies to try to resurrect a beloved film franchise, stuff it with PC “every scientist and leader is a POC, chick or homo” nonsense and produce an absolute stinker. 
It isn’t worth even the time it takes to watch it. Give this one a wide berth. 


  1. Mike Austin

    What a movie! About men. About women. About love. About honor. About America. Just to think how we used to be…I can hardly stand living in 2021. At 68, I won't have to worry about that much longer. Think I'll watch it tonight and have some whiskey.

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