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A Festivus Miracle!

If you haven’t followed this case, the Sackler family owns Perdue Pharamceuticals, makers of Oxycontin and knew that their product was getting people hooked and leading to tons of overdose deaths. Despite obvious culpability the billionaire Chosen People family managed to arrange a sweetheart bankruptcy that would permit them to shift enormous amounts of wealth into protected trusts and avoid any personal liability for their actions. But now it looks like these monsters will be back on the hook and with any luck will get bled dry by lawsuits. 
What should happen to this entire family is not printable on a family friendly blog but it rhymes with “chopped into little pieces, the pieces pissed on and then fed to pigs”. But hitting them in their enormous pocketbook will have to do for now.


  1. Tactless Wookie

    This is great news. The Ball-Sacklers are vermin enriching themselves at the expense of mostly poor White folks.

    These assholes even have the nerve to call the addicted "Pillbillies".

    While a part of me wants to see these scum suffer endlessly, there is another part of me that thinks they just need a grenade up their asses. Then just hose down the mess and move on.

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