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What Went Wacky With White Women?

This ended up more rambling and wide ranging than I initially expected but the topic is an important one. I don’t expect to change many minds but I do want you to at least consider your initial reaction.
Last Thursdays post, Prioritizing Mental Preparation, got a visceral response but what caused that response wasn’t really the point of the post. In the post I used the example of an African man socking a White woman in the face while a White man stood impotently by and watched. My point was that we are conditioned to respond in certain, predictable ways and this is bad. There was a lot of pushback which is good, no one wants nothing but yes men in the comments. 
The pushback was two-fold.
One, that standing up for the White woman as a White man is a great way to get arrested, ostracized and unemployed. I am pretty much a non-entity outside of my own small circle but if I popped some black guy on video, my name would be in the media quickly and it doesn’t take a super sleuth to figure out who I am since I use my real name and also that I regularly engage in some pretty right naughty speech. Turns out that not giving a fuck what people think is readily recognizable on social media. They can’t cancel me job-wise because the people I work for are at least as “racist” as I am. But they could threaten my family and they probably would because they love terrorizing people. So my situation is different. 
On the other hand I am not talking about beating the guy to death or shooting him. I am talking about “mutual combat” as the saying goes. With no police record and him on video striking the woman first? If anything happened at all, it would be minor. Taking more serious actions isn’t really on the table and of course like many comments pointed out I wouldn’t be in a position to do anything because I never go into places with that many Africans running unchecked anyway. It is all hypothetical. Again, if you hit a guy after he hit a woman on video, the consequences would be minor unless you have an extensive background criminal background not much would happen, if anything. 
The consensus is that this guy did a quick mental calculation and decided to just stand there because he knew there was no upside to doing anything but I maintain my position that he didn’t have time to think about the ramifications, he just froze based on decades of conditioning. That is reinforced by the comments because we have all been conditioned to passivity. People referenced cases like Kyle Rittenhouse and Derek Chauvin, as well as others like Gregory and Travis McMichael, the men being railroaded for the Ahmaud Arbery killing. Those people are being publicly crucified as warnings to White men: stay out of the way, don’t get involved, avert your eyes. That is what they want you to do and most White men are completely conditioned to do just that.
I will respond to that criticism with this point: when you are doing exactly what they want you to do, it is never a good thing. Nothing they want you to do is good for you or our people. Would intervening be smart? Probably not but there is more to consider than what is the smart move. 
What would I do in that situation? I don’t know for sure but I would hope I would do something, especially before he popped her. The point again isn’t specifically about this situation but the overriding issue of White men conditioned to passivity and risk aversion. When European explorers sailed into the vast unknown ocean, landing on savage shores of places like Africa and South America, the smart thing to do would have been to stay home. The smart thing to do wouldn’t be to build giant rocket full of volatile fuel, stick a tiny capsule on the top of it and shoot it into space. While I get and often advocate for being smart and staying out of jail, being smart and safe isn’t all there is to consider.
There is more to life than being “safe”. I thought we learned that from the last 18 months. 
The other objection is that White women wanted equality and now they got it. Get lippy with a dude and get popped. How you like that? Some random White woman in New York City is more than likely a liberal of some sort so she got to enjoy a little diversity. I don’t disagree that this was likely the case. On the other hand, she could be some midwestern chick visiting the Big Apple to get some “culture” from the concrete cesspool of degeneracy that people seem to think is the epitome of life. We don’t know and while I don’t know her or her story, and she clearly is not related to me, she is still part of my people. 
This is always a fun little thought experiment. Suspend disbelief, because we know in the real world this would almost never happen, but bear with me.
A big belligerent White guy gets on the subway. For whatever reason a 5’2″ black woman says something intemperate to him and he starts hollering at her. A black guy is standing right next to the scene. Out of the blue the White guy punches the black woman. What happens next?
In this scenario, almost certainly, the black guy sucker punches the White guy. See, blacks love shooting each other, they like hitting each other, all sorts of nasty stuff. But they don’t want to see anyone else shooting or hitting a black, and especially not a White guy. I am close to 100% confident that the black guy would jump in and attack the White guy for hitting the black woman, although the same black guy would likely do nothing if a different black guy hit a random black woman, and in fact he would likely find it funny and video the whole thing. They don’t need much of an excuse or provocation to take out their anger and frustration.
See, other groups and not just blacks but mestizos, Asians, Jews, Indians, whatever, might have serious squabbles among their people but as minorities in America they still exhibit a lot of racial solidarity in the face of the prevailing White populace.
Guess what? You are about to become one of those minorities but instead of racial solidarity we have passivity and “not my problem”. That spells trouble for us because we no longer have the instinct that sees a woman of our own people as someone we need to be concerned about.
If you are White, you are one of my people. Should you prove yourself by your words or deeds to be a traitor to our people, you get no sympathy and perhaps a spot on a hypothetical list, but until that time, in 2021, White people get the benefit of the doubt for me.
On that same note. She might not be your sister or daughter or wife, your niece or cousin, but she is to somebody. I have four daughters and if one of them was dumb enough to be in NYC and some black guy smacked her, I would hope a White man would be there to protect her. It is easy to dismiss the woman in the video as some random White woman but most of us have female relations that are on their own and vulnerable. Apparently we aren’t supposed to look out for each other. 
How is that going to work for us when our numbers keep shrinking and theirs keep growing? 
Spoiler alert: not great.
In a global conflict that at the core is tribal and racial, the group that refuses to recognize and embrace racial solidarity is at an enormous disadvantage. Our advantages of being smarter and better fighters has kept us on top for centuries but as our numbers dwindle, our advantages are gone and we are facing a bleak future where every other group might hate each other and even themselves but they hate us more.
You don’t have to agree with me regarding the isolated but all too common situation from that post. I understand the arguments made but in a world that is increasingly openly hostile to my people, where it is basically open season on Whites, at some point we need to do more than seek safety. I am not talking about doing something that will land you in jail but doing nothing is not the right reaction. 
The first step in overcoming the conditioning is to recognize that you have been conditioned. There isn’t any shame in it, you were taught to hate yourself from an early age by people you were supposed to think you could trust. But with all of the resources and all of the evidence, there isn’t an excuse for staying in your conditioning. Don’t let them dictate how you think and how you act. Don’t let them divide us and stir up discontent. Nothing they do is for our benefit.

That White women as a whole, exceptions not withstanding, are a hot mess is without much dispute. No one has been more critical of things like feminism, female promiscuity, abortion on demand than I have been. White women are largely neurotic, dissatisfied with…well everything, not great wife or mother material and reliably vote against the interests of their family and their people. I don’t envy younger men looking for a spouse and trying to find a woman that is not bitchy, not used up sexually, or interested in a man that acts like a man. 
Still the question needs to be asked:
What happened and why are they like this?
It isn’t an accident. I’ll go back to the Amish example again. While they have a ton of problems and there is a lot I dislike about their culture, I will say this: their family structure mostly works because everyone understands their role. Men work their asses off and provide for their family. Women stay home and care for the kids and support their husband. Virtually every young Amish girl plans on marriage, children and home, not a “career”, and virtually every young Amish boy expects that he will find a wife, have a family and a home. Because they don’t attend public schools and have very limited exposure to pop culture, they tend to revert back to the human default: men as provider and protector, woman as nurturer and caretaker. As a result most Amish couples are content and generally happy, far more than their English counterparts who can best be described as perpetually dissatisfied because they are taught to be that way. 
It hasn’t taken that long in the grand scheme of things. In my childhood, full-time working moms were still the exception. Intact families were still the majority. It was obvious in retrospect. Girls in high school took great care for their appearance. Marriage and family were still the goal whether they were going to college or not.  Even as the reality was starting to slip away there was still that clear delineation. There were no trannies raping girls in the school bathroom, no openly faggy boys or lesbian girls. I am sure a lot of teachers were getting away with banging students before the advent of easily traceable text messages and social media but in general things weren’t as jacked up. This was quickly changing though.
In the 1970s and 1980s, and of course onward, women were rapidly absorbing the feminist message that they didn’t need no man, fish and bicycle and all that. They were told they were empowered by being whores and aborting their kids. They were convinced that they would find fulfillment in sitting a cubicle doing meaningless work while their kids were abandoned in day care or public schools, which are basically the same thing. That none of these things were true didn’t matter because the voices that had the greatest impact on then, entertainment and cultural icons, were hammering women daily with those messages. When Madonna is telling a young girl that being a whore is cool and Phyllis Schlafly is telling that same girl to keep her knees together, who do you think girls are going to listen to?
The other thing that was happening, and this is critical to understand, is that White men let them believe these things with only minimal resistance. I saw it happening. Not in my family, my dad was a doctor and my mom stayed home and everyone seemed happier, but more and more men seemed to be just fine with their wives working and with having fewer kids. It turns out that men were not just fine but pretty giddy at finding some meaning in their petty entertainments instead of family. Again, not you or me necessarily but White men in general, let this happen. Men have mostly willingly become more and more passive, abdicating their role and fading into the background in their own lives.
For example, see my post Women Driving Cars.  A few decades you would rarely see women driving while their man sat in the passenger seat, and you certainly wouldn’t see men in the car while their woman pumped gas. That began to change and wherever possible, White men were abdicating responsibility to their women and this drove their women into being more dissatisfied, which became an enormous self-feeding cycle.
Sex is a primary example of this. Stable relationships with clear male and female roles have always been the main tool to civilize young men. Young men want sex, women withheld that sex until they had a commitment from the young man, and that worked great. Take out the commitment requirement and lo and behold young men were getting laid without working very hard for it. You didn’t have to buy the cow to get the milk anymore, the cow was just giving out milk to anyone and everyone. Sure the cow was deeply unhappy at this but young men were loving it. No dinner, or putting up with her yammering, you just got the sex and went on your way. The Sexual Revolution was one of the most successful Bolshevik movements in America and has done nearly irreparable harm to White society.
So it is a combination of White women buying into the propaganda they have been force-fed for decades and White men kinda being OK with it. 
The follow-up question:
What should our response be as White men to the generally poor state of our women?
Some have thrown in the towel on women, with an entire movement mostly on /ourside/ known as Men Going Their Own Way/MGTOW. Let me be clear as a bell, the whole MGTOW thing is super cringe and gay. Every prominent advocate of MGTOW is a loser. Period. Men and women need each other. Men and women in stable relationships is the bedrock of Western civilization. I need my wife and I love being married to her because she and I are incomplete without one another. Men and women complement each other and the two parts joined are stronger as a whole. 
May I also suggest, and I place myself in the forefront of this charge, that White men have done a pisspoor job of protecting our women for the last 75 years. Not physically, although obviously that has been lacking, but also mentally and emotionally. At the risk of sounding terribly misogynistic, women need guidance in many areas, just as men do in others. Pretending that women’s minds work the same way as men’s has had catastrophic results. For example, the same empathy for others that makes women uniquely qualified to raise children also makes them generally awful when it comes to leadership. Being a leader often means making hard choices and for women that is very difficult which leads to no decision being made at all or decisions made to make everyone happy instead of basing your decision of what is the best. 
Relationships need a leader and you can’t have two Chiefs and no Indians. Someone is going to lead, and if it isn’t you, it will be her and I can say with some confidence that neither of you will be happy in that situation. If your woman doesn’t respect you, she will come to loathe you. Everyone has wondered why “good girls” end up with “bad boys” while “nice guys” finish last with the ladies. It is no more complex that this, women find men who are weak and passive completely revolting. They would rather be with an asshole that treats them like shit but at least acts like a man than be with some milquetoast sissy. 
So stop being a coward terrified of your woman. That doesn’t mean being an asshole or making her do what you way, but rather being the sort of confident, assertive man that a woman will respect. I guarantee-fucking-tee you that if you are scared of your woman she will know it and never respect you. It often seems like women are increasingly bitchy toward their men in the subconscious hope that it will snap their man out of being a pussy. Of course some women are just bitches but most are not.
If you don’t have a woman, find one. Marry her and have children if you are of that age. Is she not what you pictured as the ideal? Guess what, you aren’t her ideal either. 
Get married and make each other better.
I am a lot different than I was when my wife and I met when I was just 15, and I am a lot different than I was when we were newly married and even after we had our first few kids. Likewise my wife is very different than when we first met. We have, for the most part, made each other better by growing up together.
Being embittered toward our White women is precisely what they want and you know which they I am talking about. It won’t be easy to overcome decades of conditioning and the sowing of division but what about what we are trying to do is supposed to be easy?
This is what we are fighting for. If not this, then why bother? If you won’t fight for them, no one will and we all will end up losing. 


  1. Jim Wetzel

    It may have been a "ramble," but it's a good ramble. I'll be interested to see what sort of comments you get.

    Meanwhile, if you have time for yet another podcast while driving your clientele here and there, I could recommend "The Suzanne Venker Show." She's trying to fix women from that side of the aisle, and she makes a ton of sense.

  2. BigCountryExpat

    Above par per usual. Well stated. However, as we start aging and as you've seen at my house, occasionally the idea of chuckin' it all and going my own way DOES have it's attraction… I'm in it til the end with Wifey but maaaaan, it ain't easy. I INTENTIONALLY found in New Wife a chick my OWN age as teh whammenz out there under 40? Completely, utterly unadulterated fucked in the casaba with zero chance of recovery. MomUnit was ALL upset I didn't go for someone 'younger' after the deeee-vorce. Go figure Aye? Nope to the Fuck Nope on that.

  3. Anonymous

    white knights are in story books. they don't last long in real life these days.
    best thing is to look after your own and don't worry about the rest out there.
    wish things where different, but it is what it is these days.
    maybe when things get going we might be able to reset the clock so to speak.
    not holding my breath about it though. a lot of us are not young bucks anymore but old stags
    who just want to be left alone. don't think that going to happen when things go hot, but it is better to stay out of the big cities as that where it will get really bad if shit goes south.
    better to remove a possible problem at 400 yards than in your front yard.

  4. James M Dakin

    We lost the culture war, and the demographic war, the political war and the economic war. Our only hope left is to win the civil war and the Balkanization. I can't see fighting for Whites in any Blue area, but if you aren't the softest skull in the room you move to Red Rural and the problem has taken care of itself. Don't be a martyr, be a Mover. Move your dumb ass and stop worrying about jobs or home values. I'd rather be bagging groceries in Wyoming, living in an RV, than being a cubical warrior in New York living in a McMansion in the burbs. We are living through the break up of India into Hindu and Muzzy areas. Move before the deadline. For me, if nothing changes, that is when Bidens Mandatory Vaxx goes into effect. How are you going to sell your bubble priced house when nobody has jobs? Just food for thought. Great article. Thank you.

  5. Richard Gilbert

    Very well laid out Sir Arthur…
    Lots of self examination needed by 'us' to find those areas of subtle indoctrination to undo from our lifetimes of training…

    I admit that my intellectual reaction to the vid was that the guy did well to allow her to fuck around & find out…while simultaneously i threw up a bit in my mouth at the fact that he didn't at least step in front of her, if not just outright ventilating the primate on the spot…

    Long/short is i need to train to find that happy medium, as you said, our wimmin aren't always in our presence, and I'd like to think that I'd protect yours as well as you'd look after the virtue of mine…
    And yes, I'm constantly trying to enlighten them on the dangers of the jungle…
    Thanks for the post…

  6. Ken

    Ah, BC, I miss the 80s and early 90s, when women looked and dressed like women, and didn't feel the need to cover themselves in tattoos; pierce their face; or dye their hair un-natural colors. When I see an otherwise attractive younger woman do any or all of those things, I think, WTF? Why?

  7. Troy Lee Messer

    …I maintain my position that he didn't have time to think about the ramifications, he just froze based on decades of conditioning….


    ….if you hit a guy after he hit a woman on video, the consequences would be minor unless you have an extensive background criminal background not much would happen, if anything…..

    As a former prosecutor, this is just wrong. If they can send Derek Chauvin to prison for doing his job and prosecute Kyle Rittenhouse fir defending himself, they could fuck your life up to.

    …Apparently we aren't supposed to look out for each other…..

    Liberals want me dead. I want them dead right back.

    ….What happened and why are they like this?….

    Weak men let it happen. I bought it to the equality. But I take responsibility for my portion.

    ….What should our response be as White men to the generally poor state of our women?….

    Learn game. MGTOW is gay.

    …At the risk of sounding terribly misogynistic, women need guidance in many areas, just as men do in others…

    women are children in adult bodies and should be treated accordlingly. Letting some stupid cunt become a federal district court judge is insane.

    … For example, the same empathy for others that makes women uniquely qualified to raise children also makes them generally awful when it comes to leadership. ….

    Exactly. Women are bred to raise toddlers, not rule men. It didnt take a week for that stupid white cunt SCOTUS Barret to stab her people in the back.

    I dont understand why mysogyny is an epithet. White women earned thier hated. As much as I hate Islam, they dont take shit from thier women.

    But back to Arthurs point, we have been indoctrinated to the point where we cant and dont know how to react. No argument there.

  8. E M Johnson

    as a thought exercise this post points out an essential prep. I rarely go to the city by myself. With the wife as my first and foremost priority her safety comes before all other considerations. But if I was by myself? yea I'd do the stupid . run scenarios through your head wherever you find yourself. change routines and logistics (EDC..) to address potential threats. be fluid cause shit changes before you know it

  9. Annie Oakley

    I was living in Manhattan when Goetz shot those monkeys. He hadn't turned himself in yet. There was a collective tense air on the trains the week after. All blacks had their head down, all wondering are you the subway shooter, are you? Etc…..Goetz was dumb. He should have never turned himself in. The city was a lot different in that week. As if we'd returned to the 60's.

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