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What Did Ol’ Remus Always Say

Houston crowd crush, panic at Astroworld music fest result in at least 8 dead

At least eight people were killed in Houston on Friday night after a huge crowd gathered for the Astroworld music festival began to compress near the stage area, causing a panic, officials said.

“People began to fall out, become unconscious, and it created additional panic,” Houston fire Chief Sam Pena told reporters.
They were crammed in to see this person I have never heard of, one Travis Scott.

I wouldn’t walk across the street to see whatever this fella is doing and certainly wouldn’t cram myself into a venue with tens of thousands of morons.



There just isn’t a really good reason to be in a large crowd if you don’t absolutely have to be there.


  1. James M Dakin

    At an impressionable age, 14, the Who concert had those infamous deaths. Oddly, my first prepper lesson to stay away from crowds. I never made an exception to the rule, although my definition of "crowded" has expanded over the years. Now almost two is a crowd. Blessed be patron saint Ol' Remus.

  2. Anonymous

    hell, I will not get in any form of mass transport anymore. let alone a accident like that waiting to happen. even stopped going to bars over 25 years ago. out to dinner maybe once in a while.
    planes, buses and trains are all a type of box trap I want no parts of. if I can't drive there or walk
    I not going.

  3. Troy Lee Messer

    …. I would be shocked if drugs weren't involved….

    I just saw Casablanca for the first time a few days ago. If you dont know the scene, you are missing out. I am shocked, shocked that is a appears at a negro function.

  4. Annie Oakley

    There was a mooncricket in Manhattan back in the 80's that was stabbing women in the butts with needles. I was walking to work from the train station when I felt some nubian male breathing down my neck. I turned around really fast and asked him WTF he was doing near me? I even called him the N word! Horror! People around me were shocked, I tell you, shocked!

    I had some time before I had to clock in so I went to the local PD. I told the desk sargeant that I saw the mooncricket who was stabbing women in the butt. I described him. Man those sketch arists are good! They caught his ass a few days later.

  5. Anonymous

    'Crowds' really encompasses much too broad a sweep to accurately pinpoint the real danger. It's not 'crowds of White people' or 'crowds of East Asians' that represent the true threat. It is 'crowds' that consist of any more than a token few blacks and browns (mostly blacks). And a 'crowd' of blacks can be as little as two or three of the devils in one spot.

    I would, and have, taken my chances more times than I can count among my own people. Concerts, plays, sporting events, graduations, wedding receptions. I never fear for my own safety when I am surrounded by my fellow Whites. But just a handful of joggers in an otherwise unbroken sea of White faces is enough to threaten the stability of any gathering, no matter how large or small.

    I lived my entire life up until just a few weeks ago on Long Island, which was a lovely whiteopia in my youth and only slowly, gradually turned for the worse as the non-White population blossomed. It's still plenty damned White there. But as anyone who frequents the endless miles of public beaches during summer can tell you, it's best to get there in the morning and leave by early afternoon when the blacks finally arrive. It is actually comical to watch the waves of nice, White families trudging back up to the parking lot as hordes of late-sleeping joggers head in the opposite direction, bringing their noise, their stink, their trash and their insufferable rude entitlement out onto the dunes.

    THAT is the 'crowd' that I will assiduously avoid, and the very cohort that Ol' Remus discretely warned us about.

  6. Troy Lee Messer

    …It is actually comical to watch the waves of nice, White families trudging back up to the parking lot as hordes of late-sleeping joggers head in the opposite direction, bringing their noise…

    Niggers ruin everything.

  7. The Insurgent

    I drove right past Riverfront Coliseum while that was all happening back in December, 1979. About 20 minutes later, while I was traveling on eastbound US 52 along the Ohio River, the first report came in on the incident via radio. It was described as a free for all, with injuries and a possible fatality. The official investigation by the authorities blamed it on festival seating, i.e. no reserve seats. The WHO was an aging British rock group, yet most of the concert goers that night were between 14 & 22. I remember the WHO & their first big hit record back in 1966, yet there were very few attendees in my age group at the time (27-30+) that night.

    Back one Saturday in June, 1970, I found myself caught in a massive anti-war demonstration in downtown Cincinnati. This was a little over a month after the Kent State tragedy here in Ohio. There were injuries, projectiles, fights & tear gas. That installed the fear of crowds in me, ever since. So if you suffer from enochlophobia (fear of crowds) be glad you do & don't have it treated. It could actuallysave your life!

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