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Wagging That Dog Again

The Democrats are in disarray. After the disaster in Virginia and the near escape in New Jersey*, they are desperate to distract from how rudderless the country is in 2021. 

I thought the first year of Trump was a train-wreck as his own party torpedoed his entire agenda. That was bad but this year? I can’t ever remember a new “President” stumbling out of the gate and being completely lost for most of his first year in the Oval Office. Who is in charge? It isn’t Brandon The Usurper, Captain Poopy Pants. Nor the whore who was his running mate who seems to be completely MIA. Is she even alive, has anyone seen her? Not Nancy Pelosi, she is sloshed 90% of the time and has failed to advance any of the Democrats agenda. Chuck Schumer seems locked in a staring contest with Mitch “The Turtle” McConnell and if you are being stymied by Mitch it makes me question that vaunted Jewish IQ. The plan was massive spending that would transform the American economy, gun control and handouts for various colored people. What we got instead is a lost old man wandering around the world making a fool of himself. 
That is why right after the Virginia results we see Nancy Pelosi putting paid family leave back into the spending bill and now all of a sudden Joe Manchin has abandoned his “principled opposition” and agreed to the price tag of the spending bill. I am sure that there wasn’t money exchanging hands for Joe and his donors to buy his vote on the bill. 
Something more ominous is potentially afoot. Yesterday I saw some reports from the Usual Suspects about a “Russian build-up” near the border with Ukraine.
This was noted on Monday but the story linked above? Today. Then I saw Big Country Expat reporting that a small U.S. military contingent is perhaps headed to Ukraine….

So, Word from the battlespace intel side of the House.  Got word from friends (and the news) that the 53rd Infantry BDE is getting ready to go downrange to the Ukraine of all places.
Huh. The media is drumming up the “RUSSIA RUSSIA RUSSIA!” phantom menace and now a U.S. military unit seems to be heading to Ukraine. What ever could this mean?
It has been proven time and again that the best way to distract the sheeple in times of stress is with some good old fashioned sacrifice of how ever many people are needed to die in some military adventure. If you think our political overlords wouldn’t start a war to sucker people into voting for some bullshit in the midterms next November, you haven’t been paying attention.
We are in the middle of a very dangerous game and all of the moves are being made by a handful of people in the coastal enclaves. Pay attention folks.
* Yes, I know voting and elections are all fake and gay kabuki theater.


  1. Anonymous

    yup, I would not put anything pass these fuckers. kind of like the "plane" that hit the five sided funny farm ? funny thing, I seen and clean up after plane wrecks in the past. that looked nothing like
    what I expected to see. no bits of plane or bodies to be found ANY WHERE ???
    there is a reason why old soldiers put dog tags on their boots. you always find at least one of them.
    funny that.

  2. ChuckInBama

    The Russians have been playing a shell game with their hardware in that AO since, what, 2014? The Five-sided Funny Farm is hearing monsters in the closet The Russians ain't our enemy. At least, not the enemy of normal Americans. But a liberal pisses down their own leg if you whisper "Russians". The retards in charge are a one trick pony. They only fool themselves.

  3. The Insurgent

    Just remember. This is coming on the heels of the US just getting its ass kicked in Afghanistan. Every empire that ever invaded that eternal shithole collapsed afterwards & that includes the Persians, British, Ottomans, Russians & the Soviets. There's no telling where this is going to lead but it could be the last straw for the FUSA & ultimately destroy the 30 year independent Ukraine. All I can say, prepare accordingly!

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