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The “Just Us” System

Three days of deliberations in the Kyle Rittenhouse case. That certainly indicates that the jury is deadlocked on one or more of the charges, presumably the most serious ones. It also seems likely that something much larger is in play in the jury deliberation room than the facts of the case. This guy on Gab gets it:

Rumors were circulating that at least some of the jurors were concerned about their personal safety and the welfare of their city. Loud, angry mobs have been at the courthouse and you can be sure that the jurors know this. Today Judge Bruce Schroeder banned MSNBC from the courtroom after one of their lackeys, one James J. Morrison, was ticketed running a red light while following the jury bus
“He was ticketed for violating a traffic control signal, he’s not here today from what I’m told and I have instructed that no one from MSNBC News will be permitted in this building for the duration of this trial,” Schroeder said. “This is a very serious matter and I don’t know what the ultimate truth of it is but, absolutely, it would go without much thinking that someone who is following the jury bus, that is an extremely serious matter and will be referred to the proper authorities for further action.” 
Following the fucking jury bus?! What reason would he have to do that other than somehow intimidating the jury or getting photos of the jurors to be used by others to pressure them into voting to convict. The jury is not being sequestered so they certainly are seeing the news and social media, despite being ordered not to. You can’t tell me they are not all seeing the news that a man was caught following their bus and trying to doxx them. The media is openly collaborating with far Left elements in an effort to frighten jurors into convicting Kyle Rittenhouse and they don’t seem to care if that means terrorizing people trying to do their civic duty by serving on a jury. 
For all of his bluster, the judge in this case has not declared a mistrial with prejudice as he should have long ago after one prosecutorial misstep after another, evidence being withheld, jury intimidation being carried out right in the open. I suspect that he fears doing so would lead to violence and perhaps even against his own person. 
This is like a scene from The Sopranos where a juror is being intimidated but in this case they are being intimidated into convicting, not acquitting. 
Meanwhile a young man is awaiting the decision which could send him to jail for the rest of his life, a trial which is based almost entirely on him being a White male who isn’t sufficiently cowed by the powers that be. If you allow that to sink in, it raises an important question.
Should any White man in America in 2021 allow himself to be arrested? 
Look at the McMichael’s in Georgia. The prosecutor declined to press charges until a political firestorm led to them being charged and now they are quite likely going to be sent to jail for life for trying to stop a criminal from looting a house in their neighborhood.
Then look at Derek Chauvin, a cop using a department trained technique on a man who was dying of an overdose anyway. He went to jail and the reason is that no one in Minneapolis wanted to see their city burn. 
We built this society and with it created a legal system that is generally equitable for everyone. Sure there are exceptions, crooked lawyers getting guilty people off, rich and famous people being able to escape justice like O.J. but generally speaking most of us could feel reasonably confident of getting a fair trial.
Not anymore. 
Political and cultural considerations now trump legalities. 
A Somali who for inexplicable reasons was given a badge and a gun, Mohamed Noor, shoots across his partner and murders in cold blood an unarmed middle-aged White woman in her pajamas, Justine Damond. He is convicted of third-degree murder but because he is a diversity hire and the Somali community was pitching a fit, his third-degree murder conviction was overturned and now he might serve a couple of years for killing a White woman. See Open Season On White People for details. 
Let’s be blunt for a moment here:
A White man in America that submits to arrest is throwing his freedom away.
(Unless you are a Communist or some kind of sexual degenerate, so I am specifically talking about actual men who are actually White, not “White” men when it is convenient to be White)
It no longer matters if you are in the right, your race has already prejudged you. In a twisted irony, it is the opposite of what we are told happens in this country, that “people of color” face an unfair judicial system when in reality high profile cases involving White defendants are far more likely to be slanted against the defense in a perversion of how our system is supposed to work. 
Our default, ingrained into us from an early age, is to trust the system to work and be fair, so if you find yourself jammed up you should meekly submit to arrest, turn over your guns, whatever they demand, and then rely on the legal system to fix it. You can’t really do that, especially if you get in a bad spot and the other half of that bad spot is black or mestizo, Asian or Jew, gay or trannie. If you are identifiable as a “conservative” or some sort of “right-wing” person, forget about getting a fair trial.
We can (hopefully) rely on each other to back us up but not the system, not at any level, not anymore. Half of America is now finding themselves in a place where they have no trust in the institutions of our country to do the right thing at any time. That is a bad place to be but that is where we are right now. 


  1. Anonymous

    In high school, it was common practice for graduating seniors to provide a few words – a pithy quote or comment – to be published in the yearbook for others to remember them by. Sometimes it was just a wisecrack, sometimes a memory, but occasionally something memorable. The only one I can recall from so long ago was a short line contributed by a guy I knew from a few sports teams. An enormous black guy, two grades ahead of me, who was actually rather bright, and was vilified for it by almost every other black in the school.

    He said, "Everything is the opposite of what it is."

    At the time, I thought it was just a cynical, nonsensical thing to say. But those words resonate now like I never knew they could. Wherever you are today, Kurt, you were way ahead of your time.

  2. Anonymous

    there no such thing as a fair trial in this country anymore and has not bein for a long time now.
    it just more in your face as they don't care to hide it anymore.
    they know they won the public relations war and they going all out to remove us now.
    when they come for you, you better fight as you will never get another chance to defend yourself again.

  3. Mike Austin

    Law as properly understood for millennia is disappearing not just from the US, but from the entire world. Even in the darkest point of the so-called "Dark Ages" there was still a crude understanding of justice and mercy. Now these things happen only by accident. Those who rely upon pieces of paper like the Constitution for their livelihoods and freedoms will have no understanding when the 3 AM knock on the door comes their way. Those so inclined should brush up on their Solzhenitsyn so as to prepare for what is coming. For those with eyes, see. For those with ears, hear.

  4. Anonymous

    It's a hard choice. If they kick your door down at 3am it's already too late. You can either die then and there, (and hopefully take a few with you) or hope that things change soon enough that you get liberated from prison/FEMA camp within (hopefully) a few years.

    It might be prudent to plan ahead. Depending on just how bad things get, I am considering leaving my excess weapons and ammo with trusted friends for "safekeeping." That way if the badge goons get me, either way they only capture a few weapons and not my whole arsenal. You know that the ATF is collecting all those forms from every gun shop that closes, and will most likely start grabbing them from everyone. How much you wanna bet they already have the database servers up and running? If you know a young guy who hasn't bought a gun yet but is on our side, a weapon not registered to him might be the perfect gift.

  5. Anonymous

    Great perspective. Ashido, could you make a video or include the case of Richard Hauptmann, the man falsely accused of the ritual murder of lindbergh's son, Hearst newspapers provided, somehow, his lawyer and a large crowd of communists were outside the courthouse trying to intimidate anyone who claimed otherwise. He was also executed almost immediately after the trial, because of this case we don't execute people right away. Fairly relevant. See all those "communists" outside the courthouse in photos!

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