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The Faces Change, The Tactics Don’t

Mike at Cold Fury has a post up about the least talked about but one of the most important stories in the country: the political prisoners swept up as a result of the Fed op on January 6th.

Gulag really is the right word. The people in prison for “trespassing” on property allegedly owned by We The People are in prison not for their actual “crimes” but because they have the “wrong” politics. In 2021 the wrong sort of politics is a pretty broad category. Don’t accept a man wearing panties is suddenly a woman? Do you think people who are not in danger of the ‘vid shouldn’t be forced to get an experimental “vaccine” with side-effects the media is covering up? Don’t think that diversity is our greatest strength? On and on, there are lots of things you can think that makes the wannabe Bolsheviks aroused at the thought of sending you to the camps.
As I commented on his post, gulags serve a valuable purpose for the terror regime. It is not primarily about imprisoning those individuals, although that is useful, but rather it is about terror. The gulags were the boogeyman of the Soviet Union, the threat that hung over the heads of every Soviet citizen. A bullet in the head was far more merciful than slowly starving or freezing to death in Siberia. 
The purpose of the show trials and political prisoners is simple: it frightens us into compliance or at least silence. What American husband and father wants to be locked up in a cage with the feral animals that populate our urban areas? The fear is real and just like the threats against your livelihood, it makes many men keep their mouth shut. Sure you are upset about the situation in this country but what are you going to do about it if it might mean you end up a political prisoner? Let them loot and destroy, let them win every fight. let them turn our cities into warzones because the alternative is a gulag.
You know the names or at least you should. James Fields. Derek Chauvin. Kyle Rittenhouse. The J6 Prisoners. Gregory and Travis McMichael. 
Their names are a warning to all of us from the very worst people in the world. Stay quiet and toe the line or disappear. This is exactly the same tactic the Soviet and the cronies in Eastern Europe used to terrorize and cow the population. 
The faces might have changed but the old tried and true tactics are the same.


  1. Anonymous

    people need to realize that if the feds are coming for you, at that point you have nothing and everything to lose. forget any thoughts of a fair trial from the gov't. look at what they did to mike flynn. if nothing else, they will break you and leave you broke and homeless.
    might as well go down shooting, you have nothing left to lose at that point as they plan on destroying you and any life you had. and they will get away with it too.
    fair trials are a thing of the past anymore. we are dealing with people that hate us.
    and will do anything to destroy us.

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