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Rent Free, 24-7

After the election of George W. Bush, most people stopped talking about Bill Clinton. He faded away into the background a bit and spent his time in his real passion, flying to Epstein’s Island. When George W. Bush left office and was replaced by Barack Obama, he quietly went away too. Other than their opulent purchases, the Obama’s were pretty quiet after they left the White House.

Then there is Trump. 
For four years he was all anyone talked about. A year later in the first “election” since 2020….and he is still all anyone is talking about. 
Last night the Virginia governors race was the big prize and some dorky looking Republican named Glenn Youngkin won. The GOP looks to maybe win back control of the state legislature and maybe even the governorship of New Jersey. Nice wins I guess but it doesn’t do a damn thing to change the path we are on. These little elections are just games we are allowed to play. Hooray our side won! Boo our side lost! Elections are about as meaningful as high school football games.
Even still, the spin from pundits on both sides can’t help but reference back to the Orange Man. The first leftist outlet I checked had a column from wizened old bat Eleanor Clift at the Daily Beast: Youngkin Wins—and Trumpism Is Back With a Vengeance
Trump “lost” Virginia bigly in 2020 thanks to a horde of foreign born workers and court mandarins in Northern Virginia “voting” for Biden. 2020 was the fourth election in a row that once reliably red Virginia voted Democrat.
As is often the case, most of the state voted Republican while the urban areas voted Democrat. Thanks to the exploding size of the Federal government, there are more than enough people in Northern Virginia to swamp the rest of the state.
Big “win” in 2020 for the Dems but just a year later they lost the governorship and maybe the legislature. That has them in a panic, just thinking about the prospect of another Orange Satan term in office gives them the vapors. 
I am not under any illusion that Trump will win if he chooses to run in 2024. The demographic shifts as a result of four more years of old White voters dying and new non-White voters turning 18, coupled with the refined cheating methods of the Left, ensures that no Republican will win again and especially not Trump. In fact I kind of think that the Dems let this election play itself out in Virginia and New Jersey to be able to say “see, the elections are free and fair after all!”. So no, Trump is never going to be President again. 
But if he runs again? It will definitely be an amusing sideshow as we watch our civilization slowly self-immolate. Trump exposed a lot of stuff to the light and people are waking up to how fake and gay the whole corrupt system really is. It has been if nothing else very useful in red-pilling people. 
A great reminder came up this morning of the unmasking of a group that many of us thought was solidly on /ourside/: elite religious conservatives. Far from being the stalwart defenders of the truth, most of the top thinkers, academics, clergy and other prominent figures have been shown to be among the most cowardly people in the country. Catholic Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò is pretty based, and evangelical pastor John McArthur openly defied the state of California and won. Doug Wilson up in Idaho, kind of a fringe figure, is mostly holding firm. The rest? Cowards and lickspittles. 
A guy on Facebook, my boy Joel Stolzfus (give him a click or two) provided me with a great reminder of this fact today. He linked to an article at First Things written by a guy named John Murdock, an online magazine which purports to be a conservative, mostly Catholic publication . The post is titled Blessing Biden and consists mostly of John wringing his hands and shedding cyber-tears because people are chanting Fuck Joe Biden/Let’s Go Brandon and otherwise saying mean things about Biden, a man who supports infanticide. He thinks we should be chanting “Bless Joe Biden” or some other nonsense. But as my friend Joel pointed out, our boy John was singing a different tune a few years ago when Orange Man Bad was President: Should Christians Associate With Donald Trump?
No chanting of “Bless Donald Trump” in 2017, this shithead thinks Christians shouldn’t even associate with him. What changed? 
Nothing. The Scriptures he quotes in the first article and the different text for the later article haven’t changed, but John applies them differently because his audience is mostly made up of people who fancy themselves Christian intellectuals who find Donald Trump distasteful and more importantly find those who supported Trump to be at least as distasteful, if not downright revolting. Winsomely calling for tolerance of Joe Biden is acceptable, and posting a sneering virtue signaling screed against Trump also wins him some points. 
The list of cowardly Christian thinkers and leaders is long. Russell Moore, Rod Dreher, Tim Keller. On and on. Many of them are men I once respected but the list of prominent Christian conservatives that I can say that about is pretty slim these days. 
What is also obvious is that these men have always been hustlers and cowards. Trump simply exposed them, just as he exposed the media. At one time people in America trusted the media but that ended a long time ago, Trump simply was the final nail in the coffin. The same is hopefully going to happen with the professional religious hustlers who make a nice living from the labors of others. Trump for his faults exposed them and now it is time to stop supporting them.
Without Trump, what the hell would we have been talking about for the last five years?


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