Tuesday, November 23, 2021


Hey remember like a couple of hours ago when a black guy with a mile long rap sheet, a dude with black nationalist sympathies and a supporter of black Lives Matter, ran his vehicle through a crowd of White people in Waukesha, Wisconsin, killing a bunch of old White women and terribly injuring a bunch of other White people, including children? The media seems to be doing their best to find other stuff to talk about.

And remember how studiously the "conservatives" in America avoided mentioning it because it would require them to confront the issue of race? Hell, even in my news feed of /ourguys/ and naughty talkers it is barely showing up. I guess intentional, malevolent black on White mass violence is so common we barely even notice.

It is so tiresome but if you have normie friends and family, especially this time of year, it is worth tossing out there some sort of reminder about what happened in Waukesha and pondering why it seems to be intentionally being swept under the rug. Maybe a follow-up question like "I wonder if the news coverage would be different if it was a White guy who drove through a mostly black parade in Detroit?" 

It probably won't do much, more on that soon, but it might be worth the reminder.

On the other hand, the jogger trial in Georgia is wrapping up. Should that one go against the narrative, they aren't going to be able to rein in the savages. 

Like Ron sez, heads on swivels boys.


  1. The 80 person mob who stole thousands in merchandise at the Nordstrom in California - no mention at all of the race. If they were white it would have been highlighted and close up pics of their faces would have been blown up on TV, heck if they were white the media would have tracked down the perps for the cops.

    1. Not to defend the media but I am pretty sure almost everyone in America, even the most diehard lefty, knows that they were all black without even seeing the footage.

  2. they are trying very hard to down play and even hide this. but for anyone who had to spend any time around them knows, it not much of a reach for them to do shit like this.
    I grew up watching the show like the one caught on cell phone in philly last week. I got news for ya, they have being doing shit like that for fucking years now ! three or more seems like the magic number for them to act out. doesn't look like it changed any over the years. every now and then you find a bold one who tries to do shit by himself, but for the most part it is the groups you have to worry about.

  3. Bail just set a $5 million dollars cash bond. A sixth person died, a child. And total injuries has risen to 62 people.

  4. Oh, people are waking up. Faster now than ever.