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One Of His Best

Tucker’s monologue last night was one of the best of his I have seen. 

That gets to it. They want to replace this flawed society with a utopia but in order to do that they need to burn the current society down to the ground. Inflation, collapsing societal trust, economic chaos, violent crime, these are not negatives, they are means to achieving their end goal.
The problem is that there are a lot of people who are going to get burned as they tear it down. 
They don’t see you as a human being. You are simply an obstacle in their path toward creating an idyllic society, not idyllic for peons like you and me but for them. 
What do you do with an obstacle?
You remove it.
What do they plan to do with you and me?
Remove us.
By any means necessary and since they are also sociopaths, it turns out that if you suffer horrifically along the way, that is just an added bonus to these animals. 
You can’t reason with them, you can’t co-exist with them. They have declared total war on you, your family and your people. The time is fast approaching when we will find out if they will succeed or fail but either way the losers aren’t going to be around afterward. 


  1. Mike Austin

    I listened to Rush for 25 years. Before his death he seemed to be going further and further toward the obvious—but uncomfortable—mentioning of civil war. Here Tucker goes even further, talking about Louis XVI—behind whom resides Madame Guillotine and the extinction of the French ruling elites. Pretty astounding that Fox let's him get away with this.

    Our own ruling "elites" resemble not at all the Second Estate in France in 1789. As you noted, they are communists who wish to burn the nation down to create a Utopia. But then this dream falls upon the rifles of 100,000,000 Americans. Our Utopians will fail, and failing they will still hate us as Ahab hated the whale:

    "To the last, I grapple with thee; From Hell's heart, I stab at thee; For hate's sake, I spit my last breath at thee."

    Hitler stood in his bunker as his 1000 Year Reich dissolved around him, and he came to hate his own people for not being good enough for the Utopia he had planned. Our rulers are the same.

    Like the French Bourbons, our "elites" "have learned nothing and have forgotten nothing." They will take their hatred of us all the way to Hell—where they will hate forever.

  2. Anonymous

    kind of figured this out a long time ago. used to work for some liberals clowns that never asked me to any of their parties, but if they in trouble I was the first fucking one they called. funny thing is even after I left, they thought I "help" them out ? I do not know those people anymore. they in the group of people who always say "if anything happens, I coming to your house" I always asked them back "why should I left you in"? nobody is prepared for the shit show that is coming.
    best one can do is find a safer place than the cities and outside of them, like at least a half a tank of gas away from them. and in a spot with liked minded people as no one is going to stand alone
    once this kicks off. might be a good idea to make a few flame weapons before hand as nothing scares the shit out of people like a flame thrower , it is also good for groups as well !
    stay safe out there, and take a hard look at the people around you while you at it. your life just might depend on it or them

  3. Anonymous

    I figure the best way to estimate ammo required is look at how walking distance. An average person can make 25 miles per day. Assume yhey can go 12 days travel distance. Now how many zombies live with 300 miles of your home? Assume you'll beed 4 rounds to stop a zombie, so take the number of zombies in that circle and times it by 4. If you have more ammo than that its maybe enough.


  4. Anonymous

    one thing that will help with the golden hoard will be infection, it has killed more people than bullets in the last century. figure at least 80% of the people out there never got a tetanus shot in their life. and most of them never got a booster shot for it either. country folk for the most part had and do get boosters as they work with all sorts of old and dirty stuff and tetanus is no joke to them. just the simple act of keeping a wound clean and dress will give you a big step up from those that don't. even simple things like DAKIN'S SOLUTION will make a big difference in wound care.
    who was that french doctor back in the 1800's that said most kids died in childbirth because of the doctors dirty hands ? he was later found to be right, but at the time they doomed his ass for saying it. if you have a good local group, it would be a good idea to make sure the local drug store is safe
    on your hands so it doesn't get looted by assholes looking for drugs. just one of a thousand things that will make life afterwards a bit better.

  5. Mike Austin

    That Austrian doctor's name was Ignaz Semmelweis (1818 – 1865). Hundreds of thousands of women died because the doctors of his day called the washing of hands "foolishness". Those doctors would go directly from examining a diseased corpse to delivering a child.

    Good advice to get all boosters now. (No, not the Death Vax.) Tetanus and Diphtheria mainly. Get a polio booster too. And always have several courses of antibiotics.

  6. Anonymous

    had the wrong country, thanks. I know I read something about it years ago and it kind of stuck (?)
    don't forget garlic as well. it does kill a lot of infections. I remember something about a study back in done in the 1980-90"s about staph infections and raw garlic was one of the few that killed that shit. the russians used it a lot in ww2 to save the troops back then. I used raw honey myself to
    heal a spider bit, I think it was either a hobo or brown recluse, not sure which one as I smashed the damn thing after it bit me. stuff I got from the er wasn't doing much to heal it, but the honey did
    clear up after a week of that. after that I keep a couple of jars of it on the shelf.
    the list of stuff to get and keep is very long.

  7. Thomas

    Sir, if they want to create a utopia, wouldn’t that imply caring for people?

    That is why I don’t believe that they want such a utopia.

    They are simply a gang of rich, powerful criminals who want more for themselves. We are farm animals that need to be reduced and then managed to provide markets and other personal needs for THEM.

  8. Anonymous

    Good monologue.

    Only thing I can't understand…and I keep running into it, is how do people really think Obama is behind this running things?

    It seems obvious on its face that the president has been a puppet since the Reagan administration. OK, when Reagan was suffering alzheimers, they came in and took over, with Bush 1's buy in. Then Bush one became president, and kept going for one short term.

    Then it was the hillbilly from Arkansas who followed his dick around. Does anybody think he was some sort of policy wonk, political powerhouse, or international expert? No. He was a skirt-chaser and focused on that.

    Then we had George "W" Bush. Hell. He was such a transparent idiot that they even campaigned on the fact that Cheney would provide "Gravitas" (a baby sitter) so you could vote for him even if you knew he was an incompetent fool. And enough people bought into this that the SCOTUS could get away with handing "him" the presidency.

    Then you have the house-nigger and arch-fag, Obama. He was sold as Hope and Change, but he did not do crap. This man was groomed to look good reading teleprompters, and to do what he was told. When not posing, he was out indulging his sexual and drug appetites. Even people in his elite circles were know to say he should be serving them coffee, rather than be president. Obama never ran the country.

    And now they have the perfect sock puppet. Demented Joe Biden. He ain't running the country, either. But he is certainly not run by Obama.

    No. The country has been run by a single group of people (possibly containing competing factions) for at least the last 35 years. It is not the Bush Dynasty, nor the Clinton Machine, nor the Obamas. They are all just empty suits for those who DO run things.

  9. Anonymous

    I have often thought the people running the country where also the same clowns that gave us the fed.
    well, not those particular assholes, but the same type of assholes. the money people who really run things for their own gain. not ours that for sure. bozo was a clown who looked good on tv.
    I think one clue as to who is all the people who got bailed out after those clowns got in power.
    there are a lot of the same people running bozo are once again back in the white house and other spots of power. and I do not think they will give it up this time. if they will to do what they did in 2020, wonder what they willing to do now to keep the power ? and then I think of what they did to general flynn and what the doing to the j6 guys. they are playing for keeps and we better as well.
    we might not think we are at war, but they sure are with us. thing is they can't do this alone,
    the people helping them are as much to blame as the leaders are. prepare yourself for this.
    it will be unlike anything else we have seen.

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