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On The Other Hand

Some Africans seem to have figured out this crime thing.

Oh, so THAT is why they wear the baggy pants. But if it really is impacting their margins, that is pretty significant. All retailer experience “shrink” which is a polite way of saying shoplifting but this is something on a whole new level.
Maybe they are getting external assistance but some of this is pretty well planned out. You send in a few girls to scout it out and find the most expensive stuff, they relay the locations and you are in and out in seconds. Of course if security tried to intervene it would have been racist, and if security pays too much attention to people of color, well that is also racist. 
Shoplifting isn’t hard if you are brazen. It isn’t uncommon for people to just flat out walk out of the store pushing a cart of stolen merchandise and assume the old guy who is the greeter isn’t going to do anything, or if they have security that you can overpower them easily. 
The cost and potential liability of loss prevention efforts is quickly becoming not worth it. We already see many urban areas with few to no retailers and that is going to accelerate. As the thieves are already moving into the suburbs, more stores will opt into an online only model. Of course that won’t stop these gangs from targeting Amazon and UPS delivery trucks. You can’t win. Close your stores and you are racist for not serving the black community. Have stores but lock up high loss items which also tend to be items coveted by blacks? Also racist. 
We shouldn’t have to live like this.


  1. Mike Guenther

    As a site superintendent doing retail remodeling/store expansions all over the country, I can tell you that it matters which part of the country you are in. For example, large stores in Texas have undercover LP people randomly walking the stores in their region. I've witnessed them jacking thieves up and hauling them to the back room to wait for arrest.

    In Florida, I've seen and helped a store manager chase down a shoplifter and grab them for police.

    A Macy's I was working on in VA Beach, had a LP office with a bench bolted to the floor and eye bolts on the wall to hold shoplifters.

    But in some of the urban areas, there is no LP and thieves pretty much can walk out with whatever they want.

    Suits against Home Depot and Walmart for injuries incurred during apprehension cost them several millions of dollars each.

    The corporation we did work for is the major Pharmacy/retail drug giant. In the urban areas, unless a thief tries to steal from the pharmacy, they are bound to get away with it. The "good" drugs are locked in heavy safes bolted to the floor and it's a drawn out process to get them opened to fill a prescription. (It takes about 15 minutes to get one opened by procedure.)

  2. jl

    Unless something major changes, and quickly, I can see the Bay Area in CA closely resembling Johannesburg SA within the next 5 years. The wealthy techies and real estate moguls will be ensconced behind gates and walls, with 24hr armed security while the rest of us tempt fate every time we walk out the door. It's getting pretty spicy out here… and still virtually impossible to get a concealed carry permit. I think the only thing more difficult to obtain than a concealed carry permit out here is a U-Haul rental to get out of Dodge!! Following Ol' Remus' advice to avoid crowds is difficult when there are crowds in every direction for 100 square miles, but I do my best and have highly tuned situational awareness, to the point my family and few friends think I'm getting too paranoid… No such thing in these crazy days, IMHO.

  3. Anonymous

    what we are seeing now is just the start of it. expect them to get better at this type of ops.
    this is just going to get worse as they get better at it. any place with items of value will be a target for them. when things get tight, they raid food stores as well. meat shops better get ready as they will be next. plan on it. not everyone wants a name brand coat, but steaks or a case of food ?
    they already stealing tide and gain by the cart load. they go after meat next.

  4. Mike Austin

    Imagine hordes of these sub-IQ savages in "technicals" coming your way. Once the crowded urban areas are stripped clean with no profits, food or Louis Vuitton to be had, these locusts will move into the suburbs—the havens of the rich and powerful. Some will be bought off through protection money; some will be hired as "bodyguards". Think Somalia in the 1990s.

    What can stop them? Watch "Blackhawk Down" for some ideas. Happy hunting.

  5. Anonymous

    check out your history. this is how it always ends up. unless, people put a stop to it. and most do not have a hard enough heart to do that, so far. that may change if they live thru it.
    nothing getting raped to change the mind of stupid liberals, if they live thru it.

  6. Arthur Sido

    My first job out of college was in retail management and my boss at the time used to manage a K-Mart in East St Louis. He told me they followed a shoplifter-American out of the store one time and the guy turned around and popped a couple of caps at them. He told me this story in 1995, I can't imagine what it is like now.

  7. Arthur Sido

    That will be true in most of the affluent suburban neighborhoods, the rich behind walls, the working class (what is left of it) having to fend for themselves. Not a pretty scenario for anyone.

  8. Mike Austin

    Every liberal that succumbs to this savagery is one fewer we will have to deal with when things are "settled". When a man fears the savage more than he fears the government, it will be showtime.

  9. Anonymous

    yea, they really do get off on having power. and doing shit like this and other things of horror is a big win for them. sticking it to whitey type of shit. like beating helpless people until their arms are tired. remember that kid that was tied up and tortured for hours ? shit like that they love doing.

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