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Not Unhinged At All

Meanwhile on social media, the Left is having a colossal meltdown the likes of which haven’t been seen since Trump was declared the winner in 2016. Even among the frothing at the mouth, reeee-ing though, this one might take the cake.

Whoever the fuck this guy is can feel free to fuck off back to whatever shithole he came from.
Absolute lunatics and Twitter is full of them. The rivers of tears are just delicious.


  1. Mike Austin

    More evidence—did we really need more?— that such creatures cannot be reasoned with. Such a kind endeavor would be a complete waste of time. Might as well try to teach calculus to a baboon. They must be dealt with in a more efficient manner, a more permanent one.

  2. Anonymous

    seems like every time things do not go the way they want them to, it is the end of the world to them.
    most people never said a thing during the 8 years of bozo but suffered thru it, knowing his time will end. thing is after four years of trump with things running smooth and no new wars or other dumb shit happening, we end up with this shit and clown show ? I swear, they could go down the street and find bums that could do a better job of running things than these stupid fucks !
    and I still think when they pushed enough stupid shit down everyone throats that things will go the way the french did shit. after all the thing is reusable right ? in a way self cleaning too
    maybe do it over land that can be used for farming later as not to waste the blood.
    but I know forcing people to bend to their will and way is not going to end the way they think it will. and I fear that time is coming faster than we think too

  3. Anonymous

    At least one of the lefties I work with went home yesterday afraid that the Evil Nazis were going to come to her house and shoot her last night because that judge in Wisconsin set them all at liberty to kill at will….

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