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Mass Shooting Alert!: Spookacular Edition!

Well, it was a busy weekend for the various spooks and assorted miscreants over the Halloween holiday!

Nine wounded and one dead in this one. The police have already made an arrest: Keuntae McElroy. Keuntae you say?
Well that sounds like good clean Halloween fun. Seven shot, two fatally so far.
Police have some suspects:
The first shooter is described as an average-sized Hispanic male with facial hair – wearing a red hoodie, a black flat billed hat, and dark pants. The second shooter is described as an average sized light-skinned Black or Hispanic male wearing a yellow hoodie and ski mask.
Flossmoor is a town in Cook County, so adjacent to Chicago. 
Investigators determined the shooting was a targeted isolated incident. Police said they believe that there is no continued threat to the community.
That is usually a give away that it is gang/drug related.
Oddly enough only 31 people were shot as of the latest tally in Chicago over the weekend but it was pretty cold. 
By my math that makes at least 35 people shot in mass shootings over the Halloween weekend but there is almost no coverage in the news. For the life of me, I can’t figure out why….


  1. Anonymous

    Mass shootings and killings are part of their culture. The media wont ever talk about them because it goes against the narrative that only whites commit mass shootings.


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