Saturday, November 20, 2021

It Never Stops

This is pretty wholesome from Amazon. 

Capturing that key demographic of black fags who wear Nordic sweaters. Of course. These same homos probably have a closet full of Orvis and Filson gear. 


  1. I've been around blacks since my time in the USAF. Never saw one dressed like that. Dressed like Trayvon, sure.

  2. Naw, just an ugly sweater party, black style. Ya know, where you steal the ugliest sweater you can find off the back of a White dork, all the while screaming about systemic racism an' shit.

    The hispanics do it, too, calling themselves L.L. Beaners.

  3. never saw one dressed like that. hoodies and fleece are more their style. or maybe a leather(?) over it when real cold

  4. Perhaps this is simply an attempt to demonstrate to Black males the ideal of responsible fatherhood and how, through the emulation of White civilization, Blacks can have male relationships that don't involve violence. Good luck with that... but credit should be given for the attempt.