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Israel First

Well if this doesn’t make you enthusiastic about voting Republican next election, I don’t know what will.

Sure there are a million things going wrong in America, impacting actual Americans, but the GOP will make it a priority to prevent boycotts of a foreign nation. That should help the Republican middle and working class base!

Seriously, there is a reason they are called The Stupid Party. With a little momentum coming out of Virginia, they could build on that and position themselves as the party of parents and freedom in 2022. Instead they seem to be angling to be the party of standing up for Israel. 
What a pack of idiots.
Just in case you forgot that voting is fake and gay and that most Republicans don’t give a shit about you.


  1. Arthur Sido

    Who said it was difficult for me to understand? I understand perfectly well, the GOP establishment cares more about Israel than it does the U.S., that isn't in much doubt. As for the much vaunted Jewish intelligence, I have my doubts about that as well.

  2. Rando

    I'm done with the republi-cucks. If I ever vote at all it's gonna be focused on local elections. The only thing I'm torn about is DeSantis. As much as I loathe his rabid zionism I do appreciate that he has been resisting the vaxx mandates. A lot can change by Nov 2022 though.

  3. Mike Austin

    Reed goes off his meds again. He is as described by Ol' Remus: "Sometimes Reed doesn't see the engine light go on."

    The Jewish Question has nothing to do with IQ. Since the several Jewish Diasporas—587 BC, 70 AD, 136 AD—what was left of the Jews over the course of almost 1800 years migrated to dozens of nations. In almost every case, the Jews were expelled or worse for undermining and perverting the native culture. It was not until Spain kicked them out (1492) that she enjoyed her "Golden Century" (1492 – 1648). Jews were welcomed into the US, and their 'thank you' was feminism, pornography, Hollywood degeneracy, financial meltdowns, Big Tech censorship, Mossad spying operations and on and on. They are as Christ described them 2000 years ago—"white washed tombs".

    Whenever I think of the Jews and of Israel, I think of the USS Liberty.

  4. Mike Austin

    Scott is about as cucked as can be. Beside serving the interests of a foreign nation—what used to be called Treason—he is using donated funds to aid the campaign of another cuck, Lisa Murkowski. He is a true worthless piece of shit.

  5. Bear Claw Chris Lapp

    I am glad you added this; "Just in case you forgot that voting is fake and gay and that most Republicans don't give a shit about you".

    Because as I was scrolling down my first thought was to ask you if you still believed in voting then I remembered your comment from yesterday.

    It truly is strange how clueless they all act because I don't know if its real or just hopeium on their part.

  6. Skipperdaddy

    The whole system is compromised and rotten to the core. It has become a hornets nest of self serving parasites. There is no good hornets or bad hornets, its just fucking hornets. The solution is gas and a 12 ga. Dragons Breath. Voting? That ship has sailed.

  7. Mike Austin

    They act as if they will live forever. They act as if their enemies will bow down before them. They act as if History is a "White construct" and as such is racist and useless. They act as if they have a massive lead in intelligence over the hoi polloi. They act as if they can easily get our guns. They act as if the armed Praetorians of the State will of course protect them.

    None of those assumptions are true. Theirs's is a land of fantasy and pretend. But reality—a bitch red in tooth and claw—will have none of this. When the end comes for these imbecilic parasites they will be shocked and absolutely surprised. Like the passengers on the Titanic, they think their Ship of State to be unsinkable.

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