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How A Conviction Helps Us

The Rittenhouse trial is another in a series of dividing lines in American society. To me, anyone who thinks that a kid who was 17 at the time, under attack by people burning and looting an American city, who used lethal force to defend himself from three adult criminals should serve a single day in jail is an immoral person unworthy of being afforded basic courtesy and dignity. Such a person is a moral monster.

Recalling we are in a war for survival, we must always be examining every event with some level of dispassion. We must always ask: How can this event advance the cause? The Zman made a few points today in his post, Rittenhouse Trial, that I believe bear pondering. Specifically he said: 
This trial is probably a pivot point. The good men looking away do so with the certainty that their fellow citizens on the jury will do the right thing. They still trust the system even though they see the systemic corruption. If the jury sends this young man to prison many more eyes will be opened to the reality of this age. Not all, as some people put all of their efforts to remaining blissfully unaware. Theirs is a life of willful ignorance and a selfish disregard for the suffering of others.
And then….
For those who have made the journey to this side of the great divide and see things as they are, this trial is just another opportunity. If the jury does the right thing, then the issue is why this kid was persecuted by these ghouls. If he is found guilty then the issue is the grotesque injustice at the hands of a savage mob of fanatics. The dissident is an opportunist, using every event to press a partisan case. The Rittenhouse case is just one more story in a long struggle for Western civilization.
That is critical. We often fall into the trap of seeing things in isolation. We must instead view this trial in light of all else that is going on: the replacement of heritage Americans, the endless pushing of degeneracy, the systematic dismantling of the economic system, the demonization of White people. 
Should Kyle be found guilty, our rage will be justified but rage alone won’t accomplish a damn thing. We must channel that energy into using the injustice to hammer the conditioning of those who are drifting our way but not quite here. I appreciate what the Zman said: The dissident is an opportunist, using every event to press a partisan case. That is well put. 
Think about prominent black or Jewish advocates. For the black advocate, everything is an example of “White supremacy” keeping the black man down, even when no White people are involved in an incident. A black guy shooting into a crowd of other blacks is blamed on Whitey because they are always on message. The same is true with pro-Jewish groups. No matter how justified the criticism, any critique of a Jew or of Israel is handled the same: accusations of “antisemitism”. 
The dissident must always be on message, and see the opportunity in every event, even when we are raging at the injustice. 
The Covington Catholic kids were a good example. These kids were just minding their own business while lunatics were screaming at them and they were vilified by the media. As the truth came out, it was a great opportunity to show again how the media is biased against heritage Americans. It nudged more and more White normies awake because they realized that it could have been their sons being slandered and threatened. 
The trial of Kyle Rittenhouse, should it go sour, will be a way to remind normie White parents that their kids are supposed to allow themselves to be beaten or even killed and that to defend themselves or stand up for what is right might mean a prison sentence. We all like to shit on normies but that isn’t the right tactic, not in every circumstance. More about that in a post coming soon….
Should Kyle be convicted, be prepared to talk about how he was just a regular kid trying to do the right thing, wonder out loud if the justice system even works for us anymore, talk about the corrupt media and government working hand in glove, make note that the state seemed more enthusiastic about prosecuting a 17 year old for defending himself than it was in protecting the people and businesses under attack by Communist agitators. Be smart and be strategic. Use this for whatever positive we can get out of it. I still, probably naively, hope for a just verdict likely tomorrow but however it turns out, we need to use it to our advantage. Our enemies certainly will. 


  1. Brian E.

    Given the unfortunate likelihood that 1 or more of the jury will be intimidated enough by the protesting mobs outside – or the fear of more Burn Loot Murder shenanigans should Kyle be acquitted, I fully expect a hung jury. I pray for our Nation and what’s left of our Western heritage. I’ve come to believe (and hope to be proven wrong!) that this latest clown show is but the latest act in an on-going show of the decline of our culture – as it circles the drain of history. …and I’ll stop here before I mangle any more metaphors. 😉

  2. Mike-SMO

    I agree that it would seem "right" for Rittenhouse to walk after this legal attack.

    The entire prosecution was a threat to anyone who might be tempted to resist a Democratic/Progressive/Bolshevik attack. Kenosha (city and county) had been Democratic but swung right for President Trump. Those "White Supremacists" had to be punished. Jacob Blake was a fulltime screw-up who had been thrown out of his family's Illinois home. He was wanted on a felony warrant. When the police showed up he was uncooperative and tried to bull his way to his Baby Momma's car containing two children. The police didn't want to wrestle with the knife and just shot Jacob, a lot. The Kenosha burning and looting were organized because of that shooting. See?! If it wasn't for the police, Jacob could have been turning his life around, burning, and looting with all the other Party members. Jacob and the three shot by Rittenhouse got what they deserved.

    I would be worried if the Rittenhouse "self-defense" shootings could be twisted into murder convictions. I would hope that the "normies" on the jury would not be that foolish. If they are, there will be much more of that directed against the White population. We have a Soros-Democrat Prosecutor, and I would hope that he would be somewhat restrained by the laughter of a Kenosha jury.

  3. Richard Gilbert

    Early on someone posited that the Ziminski couple fit the profile of a spook team, the way they moved in and worked the crowd together…
    And happened to be at the right place & time to brandish and fire a round to spook KR…maybe they brought the pedo to the party and sicced him on what they assumed to be an easy mark…?

    Coincidentally a fed drone was loitering to get hi-def footage for a slam dunk …

  4. Anonymous

    If we had a sane country, I wouldn't mind making serving at least once on jury duty a requirement to be allowed to vote. And make it something you can have arranged for a set date. One of the annoying things about jury duty is the sheer randomness of it. They expect people to just drop whatever is going on in their life to sit in some court room for very likely less than they make at their day job. Might be fine for some wagie working at walmart but a guy running his own business? Nuh uh.

  5. Troy Lee Messer

    …Should Kyle be found guilty, our rage will be justified but rage alone won't accomplish a damn thing….

    No offense but, so far, our side is 100 coward ass pussies. We bleat a lot. We know that we are going to have to fight, like kinectically. We KNOW this.
    Please, I dont want to hear about whining about losing all your cheap made chinese shit, your new Xbox. your new pickup, tv, etc. Fuck your stuff.
    I am a scrawny old man afraid if getting raped in prison. I have a new grandaughter. yes i want to live to see her grow, but if I have to die to see she lives in a world where she cant be raped and rioted by fucking niggers at will, then so be it.

    I have crossed that Rubicon. I am not afraid of prison anymore. Most Boomers will not. They love their stuff too much.
    So unless our side gets its collective shit together and fight, which may might mean you lose your life and your stuff or going to prison, it deserves what it gets good and hard.
    And well deserve history's scorn., "I dont understand, why didnt they fight? They had all the guns. Didnt they read their Solzhenitsyn. They brag about being Christian, why did they just cower online?"

    .1 they are not afraid to go to jail, we are
    2. They arent afraid to break things, we are.
    3. they arent afraid of losing their jobs, we are.
    4. they aren afraid of losing the shitty, chinese made chattels. We are.
    5. they aint afraid to get their hands dirty, we are.
    6. they use the law as a weapon, we let them.
    7. they organise and assemble, we dont even have a fucking clue.
    8. They fight, we dont.
    9. They will get in their congressmans face, we whine about bad manners.
    10. They are not afraid to use language, Whites are too cowardly even enunciate the word nigger, must less use it in context.
    11. They get to be openly rascist, whites cower and say "n-word." (Note rascism is not a sin).
    12. We talk Christianity, we dont ACT Christian. Christ was NOT non-violent.
    13. They help thier fellow marxist, our side "if you failed, its your fault get off of my lawn."
    14. They use violence to inimidate, we are too chicken shit, except Saint Rittenhouse, to use violence to defend ourselves.
    15. They use rhetoric, we respond with dialectic. (Hint: Your average normie is a fucking consumerist moron. Rhetoric works, dialectic just blows over their head.)
    16. They plan, we dont.

    How can you not conclude our side isnt a bunch of ineffective cowards?
    Look I love White people. We are the smartest, best looking, hardest working, peaceful people. Everyone want to live with us because of that. But Whites are now nothing more than sheep willing to get sheared.
    I know this isnt going to be a popular opinion, I dont give a shit. But until our side nuts up and takes some collective action, we we deserve and earn extinction.

    /rant over

  6. Mark Matis

    They are behind most of the evil in this world today, and have been for at least the past 100 years. They helped their Messiahs – Lenin and Stalin – murder FIFTY MILLION across Russia and Eastern Europe. But those surely do not count, since they were mostly only Goyim, eh? Bernie's campaign claimed the gulags "paid a living wage." Bernie never repudiated that claim. Have the Jews repudiated Bernie? And where was the Jewish "Schindler" to help the Goyim avoid the gulags? NONEXISTENT!!!

    The Jews run the Media and the "education" systems in the West – just as commanded by their Messiahs. THEY are the sewage behind CRT and BLM and Antifa. Smash them and the shit stops real fast. Not even one minute before then, however!!!

  7. Anonymous

    I'm very skeptical about the notion of 'normies' being swayed by current events. Just like it has been in recent elections, we are so polarized as a people that minds are made up well in advance. Changing a mind is like pulling teeth. I have not heard of a soul saying that they won't form an opinion about the Rittenhouse situation until all the facts are known. I acquitted that kid in my mind the very night of those riots. Every lib I know had him convicted, hung, drawn and quartered at that same moment.

    I see my clueless lib DIL's as instructive examples. They grew up in relative Whiteopias where the only 'diversity' was a token black or two, always docile due to being so badly outnumbered. Their deeply ingrained attitude is, "Why, they're just like us!" No, pigeons, they are NOT "just like us". But until one or both of those naive girls gets her ass beat by a babbooness for no reason, or gets raped by one of Obama's dreamers, they are not going to let any small ray of light shine into their eyes wide shut.

    Like the old guy says above, we on /ourside/ are going to have to be dragged, kicking and screaming, into the fray, having so very much to lose. It seems inevitable, and likely is. It is also inevitable that when the Saxon learns to hate, there will be no going back. Right will ultimately triumph, but it's going to be ugly. Very ugly.

  8. Anonymous

    The one last hope on Mr. Rittenhouse's side is the judge. The judge, under the law, is the: "Thirteenth Juror". He can vacate the guilty verdict, if there is one. In this trial, he has obviously shown himself to have nothing but disdain for the prosecution and their bumbling antics. Still, I see a hung jury due to some craven fool not wanting to serve justice. If it hangs, then the ball is in the DA's court as to whether they will try this fine young man again. Bleib ubrig.

  9. jl

    Yes Sir, hammered that nail right on the head! Wish I could disagree but sadly I cannot, on any point. We're most certainly fighting against the tide.

  10. NorthGunner

    Arthur you said,
    "..Think about prominent black or Jewish advocates. For the black advocate, everything is an example of "White supremacy" keeping the black man down, even when no White people are involved in an incident. A black guy shooting into a crowd of other blacks is blamed on Whitey because they are always on message. The same is true with pro-Jewish groups. No matter how justified the criticism, any critique of a Jew or of Israel is handled the same: accusations of "antisemitism"."

    Speaking of the the parasitical perpetually offended and always shoving their victim narrative persona in everyone's face, check out the below video if you haven't seen it before..definitely opens the eyes to them and their nature:

    Israeli Minister "We always use the anti-Semitism trick or bring up the Holocaust."

    Now consider that when thinking about Nadler, Feinstein, Schumer, Schiff and others….


    And IMHO, the 'Rittenhouse Trial' is just more 'Kabuki Theater' put on to entertain and distract folks from what the parasite class is always up to.

    NorthGunner – The Truth Is It's OWN Defense!

  11. grey

    I don't see anything wrong with your comment. Communists have always been more organized, structured, hive minded and ruthless than the opposition. Look at what lenin did with relatively few compared to the mensheviks and the socialists.

    Communists have also always been better with propaganda and brainwashing and infiltrating and seizing the courts, police and military. They understood early that they have to get control of education.

    lenin called his major opposition mensheviks (minority) and the name stuck, so everyone thought they were in fact a minority. Lenin also understood the use of slogans and repeating lies over and over until the lies become truth. Remember peace, land and bread? People fall for that kind of thing. American conservatives can barely agree on basic principles.

    The resistance to the communists/NWO globalists is full of fifth columnists anyway.

    I don't think the situation is hopeless but it isn't all that good.

  12. 5stonegames

    Good rant Arthur. Once the Right stopped accepting rightful authority and made "me and mine" the key value, they succeeded control to the Left.

    Do you want a good civilization? Its your guys job to enforce moral standards. At gun point.

    The Left does this though the model they want is bad the Right must do this as well but for a good values.

  13. Mark Matis

    How do you expect them to stay there? And even if they do, what will keep them from screwing the world over without moving? Do you think Soros had to be in the UK to destroy the Bank of England???

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