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Equity Means Punishing White People For Not Sucking At Life

How often has it been said: words have meaning. Give them credit, the Left has mastered the art of manipulating language so that the language normal people use, often unconsciously, has been perverted into something very different than what regular people think words mean. The best example is “racism”, a word that once had a definitive, if silly, definition that boiled down to “hatred for a people group based solely on their race”. Now “racism” is a term that is only applied to one race and is defined in such a way that every White person is “guilty” of it simply by existing. Or “justice”, which meant a just decision based on the facts and evidence available but now means “an outcome favorable to my race at the expense of White people”.

Another word that has been inserted into our culture is “equity”. Most people think they understand equality, as in all men are created equal. We understood that everyone should have the same opportunities to succeed or fail on their own merit and effort. While we watched sportsball and The Bachelor, that quietly turned into a new word, “equity”. Equity is different from equality in where it is applied. While equality is applied at the beginning, with everyone having equal opportunities, equity is applied at the end. Because people are different, they will have different strengths and weaknesses and this invariably leads to unequal outcomes. As the undeserved hubris deeply conditioned in many non-Whites won’t let them accept that maybe they aren’t as good in some things, any variance in outcome must mean some sort of injustice and discrimination is in play. Equity is designed to pre-determine the outcome and then build the process backward to ensure that outcome is realized. 
Lana Lokteff has a good new video on the subject of equity and why it really means institutionalized racism against White people. 
The quality isn’t great, when I download videos from Bitchute and re-upload them on Youtube they are generally poor quality so I apologize for that. To see the original and in case Youtube nukes this video, go here


  1. Justin_O_Guy

    I'm waiting for the uproar demanding Equity for people like me. I Sukk at basketball but I'm just Certain I Deserve the contract. I'm not good looking but I'm sure I deserve a NFL cheerleader mistress that I can spend my NBA paycheck on.
    It's just Not FAAIIRR! REEEE!

  2. Fa Cube Itches

    People think in language. If you control language, you control thought. One side understands this implicitly. The other side does not.

  3. Mike Austin

    Not quite: Communism can be summed up in one sentence: International Jewry at work. Trotsky, Yakov Sverdlov, Grigori Zinoviev, Karl Radek, Maxim Litvinov, Lev Kamenev and Moisei Uritsky were all Jews. The Russian Revolution was a Jewish enterprise, as is everything that flowed from it.

  4. Mike Austin

    What has morphed into hatred of the White Man started in nothing but pure Envy. It is the White Man who created Western Civilization. There is no Shakespeare in Africa, no Jefferson in Asia, no Pericles among the North American Indigenous. Concepts such as individual liberty, capitalism, industrialism, limited government are all White constructs. The Whites even went around the world in the early to mid 1800s with their military power to end slavery.

    And the thanks the Whites get? "Black Lives Matter!"

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