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Back In The Saddle

The time for giving thanks and all of that crap is over. Back to the bad news. 

As others have observed, it has been eerily quiet but that can’t last. Long holiday weekends are a great time to spring something on people and we might have a contender….

Variant seems to be most heavily mutated so far in outbreak

The World Health Organization is holding a meeting Friday to discuss the dramatic rise in COVID-19 cases in South Africa that has been blamed on a new variant of the virus.

Joe Phaahla, South Africa’s minister of health, identified the new variant as B.1.1.529, and said it seems highly contagious among young people.

The BBC reported that the new variant seems to be the most heavily mutated so far in the outbreak. James Gallagher, the health correspondent, wrote that one scientist described the variant as “horrific.” He said the meeting of the WHO will likely result in the variant receiving a Greek code-name, like the delta variant.
Just when it seemed like the coronavirus thing had run out of steam, here comes a convenient new strain that of course is side-stepping the “vaccine”. What a shocking revelation!
I am not sure that the Biden regime has their shit together enough to try new lockdowns but you can be sure they will give it a try. 
Meanwhile in the City of Brotherly Love two days ago:
Chicago gets the most attention, and with 781 homicides this year and counting you can see why, but Phillie is quietly setting a new murder record…
Police say the 55-year-old woman was shot three times in the chest. She was rushed to an area hospital where she was pronounced dead.

The woman’s killing marks the city’s 500th homicide this year. The grim milestone ties the record of the largest number of murders in one year, which was set back in 1990.
I assume they will manage at least one more murder before the end of the year to set the new record. My own state is trying to keep a respectable pace:

A shooting at a northwest side apartment complex early Friday morning left a man dead, police said, and tied Indianapolis’ single-year homicide record with a month left in 2021…

… The killing marked the 245th homicide in Indianapolis in 2021, tying last year’s record. Earlier in the month, the city set a new criminal homicide record.

The death also ended a nine-day period in which there were no homicides in Indianapolis, according to an IndyStar analysis of homicide data. It was the longest period so far this year without a homicide, tying a similar streak in mid-September.
Indianapolis used to be considered one of the very best large cities to live in but as blacks are completely out of control down there, it isn’t so safe anymore. Sure they mostly shoot each other but you never know when a stray round might hit you. Best to just stay clear. 
On the bright side, it is Blaque Friday and while you obviously shouldn’t be going to any stores today (see: Remus, Ol’ vis a vis crowds), there are a million gun related sales going on.
Fenix Ammunition has all of their stuff on sale 10% off with code: TITUSNATION The owner of Fenix is pretty clearly one of /ourguys/ in most respects so even though it is a little more expensive, you should try to support one of our own. 
Norma Ammunition also has pretty good deals on ammo. I haven’t shot their stuff much but I have a bunch on the shelf and they offer free insured shipping on orders of $150 or more, so that makes their per round price pretty good (for 2021). 
Palmetto State Armory has a million things on sale, some pretty good deals on a back-up AR if you don’t have one and if you don’t, shame on you. If you are an AK guy they have a grey basic AK on sale for $629 and free shipping which is as low as I have seen in a long time. 
American Partisan has a deal listed for ReadyWise food storage you can check out.
Pretty much anything you can imagine is on sale somewhere, if it is in stock. If you see something especially juicy, toss a link in the comments.


  1. Anonymous

    The elephant in the room just gets more voluminous and more melanin-enhanced as blacques gon' wild do dey thang. You used to hear the likes of the Right Reverend Jesse Jackass bemoaning the fact that young blacques were culling their own, but even he has given it up as hopeless. So why shouldn't we?

    Since every hoodrat is almost certainly collecting some sort of goobermint assistance, either directly to his bad self or through his single mama, I sure hope someone is keeping tabs on their numbers and halting the gravy train each time another homeslice is made "good". Wouldn't want to be wastin' dat sugar on no deadified niqqas, yo'.

    Kudos to ya'll, Gorilladelphia on dat new Whack-a-Mole high score. And word to yo' mother, Shitcongo, ya'll got some stiff competition in the shooting arcade.

  2. Anonymous

    the problem with them shooting each other is, not all of them die off. they end up sucking money like crazy in a ICU somewhere. used to work at HUP hospital and there where a lot of them there for a long time until they either passed on or got shipped to a home somewhere. one weird thing that did happen was when john doe came in and passed they went straight up to the or to strip mined of organs. something they so not like taking about though,,,

  3. Mike Austin

    Oh no! Another COVID variant! Call out the Karens! Hurry, put on your masks! Social distance! Shut down the economy! Quarantine! Get the fifth shot! Get another booster! And another! Bill Gates, please help us!

    My Holiday message to the entire apparatus of the US Government—especially the CDC and its dwarf Fauci: Go have sex with yourself.

  4. Arthur Sido

    In general White people are pretty safe in America, as long as they stay clear of concentrations of blacks. Where I live everyone has an arsenal of firearms and everyone is White and no one ever gets shot.

  5. Anonymous

    one of the many joys of leaving the city is leaving that stupid shit behind. well, that and going shopping and not have to worry about getting robbed or anything stolen from you either. when moving our stuff, we had to keep one guy outside with the truck to keep "people' walking by from stealing whatever they could. YES. this does happen everyday there. any pluses from living in a city has bein long gone with the kind running around. most of the people working high paying jobs live in the burbs
    and drive in every day they work. funny thing, after I left philly, I got a survey in the mail asking why I left ? so, I told them 2 reasons, crime and I am the wrong color to live there.
    seems like they getting upset over losing their tax base ? "they" don't pay taxes.
    so now I am up here with the trees and all the deer hunters, I feel very safe here.
    everyone is armed here. and there are a lot of veterans too here.

  6. Anonymous

    germ warfare like gas attacks are terror weapons- inspire terror so you STOP THINKING. if you think about it , they are very easy to get around.

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