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At Least We Don’t Have Mean Tweets

How it started….

How it is going….

The cope being generated by this is off the charts. 
For the record, I am in favor of banning all travel from Africa forever but I don’t get to make those decisions. Also most of Asia and South/Central America.


  1. Mike Austin

    How about: 1. Ban all foreigners entry; and 2. Kick out out all foreigners who are here; 3. Deny citizenship to all those born outside of the US? The reasons these interlopers are here would be rendered irrelevant. When we get things sorted out here in OUR country we could—maybe—reconsider such Draconian rules. Maybe.

    I would give xenophobia an entirely new and deeper meaning.

  2. Skipperdaddy

    I’d be happy if he just shut the Mexican border. Out of all the bullshit dragging this country down right now I think the border invasion is going to be the the straw that breaks the camels back. All by design.

  3. Mike Austin

    Latin Americans are "easy to control"? I'm half Mexican and have spent 14 of my adult, working years south of the Rio Grande. I've seen civil wars in Guatemala and El Salvador, a counter-revolutionary movement in Honduras, a revolution in Nicaragua, yet another civil war in Peru, and various civil uprisings here and there. Most of these were off the radar and astoundingly bloody—Guatemala in 1983 – 1987 and Peru in 1987 especially so.

    If things get spicy here, expect Latinos to behave here as they behaved in their home nations. Many will be on our side; the rest will simply participate in the anarchy. Latinos absolutely hate the BLM types—if you know what I mean.

    Fun times ahead.

  4. Arthur Sido

    Read the whole thing: "they think will be an easier to control foreign population". They are already finding that the various third world types are a) not so easy to control and b) hate each other.

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