Sunday, November 21, 2021

An Amusing Twist Of Fate

Something I was musing on. When Gaige Grosskreutz was attacking Kyle Rittenhouse and pointing a pistol at him, and Kyle fired, Rittenhouse was on the ground shooting up. The shot took off most of Gaige Grosskreutz's scrawny little bicep but if the round had been a few inches to the right it would have hit him in the chest. Those couple of inches are the difference between a man with a lengthy criminal record needing help opening jars for the rest of his life and being on a slab next to his two commie buddies. 

The amusing part? If Gaige Grosskreutz had died that night in Kenosha, he of course wouldn't be around to testify in the trial of Kyle Rittenhouse and it is clear that his testimony that he was shot after he pointed a gun at Kyle was the most damaging testimony to the prosecution's case and that if he had died that night, Kyle might not have been acquitted on all charges. 

I find that funny as hell. I doubt he does but fuck that guy.



  1. And for what remains of his wasted life, Gaige Grosskreutz will always remember his night of terrible folly. Every time he looks into a mirror he will see Kyle.

  2. My question is that now that Mr Rittehouse has been found innocent of 'provocation', will we now see lefty charged for assault w a deadly weapon...?
    How about theZiminski beingcharged for loosing a round "recklessly" into the air...?

    How bout the jump kick guy for attempted murder ?

    I know, i know...

    Those will be right after binger (prick) gets reamed and (if there were justice, executed) for deprivation of rights under color of law (Art 18 ?) & conspiracy ...

    Oh and lest i forget, drag all the 'heroic "victims" ' thru the civil system, along with their vocal families'/estates until theyre homeless...

    Not feelin very forgiving today...

    1. Zero chance of any of them facing any consequences.

  3. What are the chances that 2/3 people the Kyle shot in self defence were jewish? What are the chances?

    1. The odds that in any group of subversive commies 2/3 would be Jewish? Pretty high apparently.