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American Partisan, New And Improved

The fellas at American Partisan have given their site a whole new look..

The old site was a bit cluttered and often featured older articles so this is cleaner. The tickers are a little busy and distracting but I like the thought process behind them and some of the graphics are a bit too large but it is a work in progress. It is easy to just leave your site as is so I appreciate the work they put in.
I might question the inclusion of the Jerusalem Post in the news feeds but I guess knowing your enemy and all that is good.
Anyway, check the new site out. There is almost always something new each day that is worth reading, it should be one of your daily stops.

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  1. The Insurgent

    Damn good web site! Keep in mind, no matter how insignificant, the info AP puts out could save your ass & a trip to the dirtbed. At this moment in time, we're playing for keeps & winner takes all. The losers are going to be shit-out-of luck. I'm going to win. Are you?

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