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AK Owners Rejoice!

It sounds like the rumors are true.

This makes a ton of sense. I don’t have access to their sales data but I would bet that PSA is selling at least as many AK variants as ARs these days. That would dry up pretty fast if you can’t keep ammo for the AK platform and with the looming steel case Russian ammo ban, someone needed to step into the gap. Better an American company than some random Eastern European outfit or worse the Chinese.
It won’t be until 2023 according American Partisan and will just be the Russkie rifle rounds for now (7.62×39, 5.45 and 54R) but that might change. 
Anyway, much respect for Palmetto State for making another big investment to bring a much needed product to the American marketplace. Some snobs grump about PSA being for “the poors” but while the high dollar brands are catering to guys fapping over how dope their set-up looks on the ‘gram, PSA is arming Americans. 

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  1. Anonymous

    maybe I got lucky, but I never had a problem with anything they made that I bought from them.
    I did upgrade to larue triggers after they went on sale a couple of years ago. and I built a few over the years and they all worked the way they should. if they going to make ammo, I expect it will work as well as any other ammo. but then again do not expect match grade results from bulk ammo either. I did get some very nice groups from some radway green ammo back in the late 1990's though.

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