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Absolute Clown Show

I haven’t watched any of the Rittenhouse trial because it is just to cringe but I did see the prosecutor with his faggy styled haired with an AR-15 yesterday and it was just a farce. Dana Loesch on Fox News ripped him for it, not least because the guy had his finger on the trigger and was flagging the whole courtroom. It was probably empty but the bolt was closed so who knows? Alec Baldwin anyone?

The judge should have had that idiot arrested for flagging the courtroom.
I did catch a clip of him speaking and he was talking about the ammo being full metal jacket as if that was significant. Chief, almost all .223/5.56 is FMJ. I have several thousand rounds of it and all of it is FMJ except for a few hundred rounds I specifically sought out and paid more for that is soft point or ballistic tipped. 
Again, an absolute clown show and that gives me no confidence in the verdict being anything resembling just.


  1. Anonymous

    well, my mom told me long ago, common sense is not so common really. it seems like they want to fuck this kid ,but they not sure ow to do it legally or something like that ?
    and I think they picked these clowns because of their ideas rather than what they know .
    pc clowns who will do as they are told to do. somebody is behind this goatfuck and we need to find out who is pushing this shit forward.
    there has to be some group or groups of assholes pushing this crap. if they making lists of us, it is about time we made a few of our own of them.

  2. Skipperdaddy

    He broke so many safety rules, in a court of law no less, it is amazing to me that judge didn't rip his ass a new one on the spot. Obviously this dumbass is not qualified to open his dick hole about any firearms. If I had been in that courtroom in any capacity whether juror or spectator, I would have had to speak up. All stop on the safety issue. Something along the lines of “are you fucking retarded? ( rhetorical) Stop pointing that GD weapon!” Unbelievable .

  3. Mike Guenther

    I did notice that the defense lawyer before he picked the weapon up, had it double checked and looked himself. And as he was demonstrating with it, he made sure not to have his finger on the bang switch and was very careful where he pointed it.

    The memes of the prosecutor aiming the weapon are going to be epic.

  4. Troy Lee Messer

    Here it is the end of the day without a verdict. That means some cocksucker(s) is/are voting to convict.
    My very fallable instinct is telling me that it is that it is 10-2, guilty-not guilty, respectively.

  5. Troy Lee Messer

    …well, my mom told me long ago, common sense is not so common really…

    I hate the concept. 1) It isnt fucking common. 2) it is very specific.
    One time I was working with some electrictions, and one started off, " well its common sense that…" and I interrupted, "if you are a competent electriction it is common sense. If you have to have an electrictions training to know X, then it isnt that fucking common."
    I remember cooks, "its just common sense that you dont add A and B." well maybe if youve been a fucking cook for 20 years. I, who am only qualified to open Chef Boy-R-Dee cans, dont have any sense regarding cooking.

    So I think the concept is dumb. I think what people mean you ought to know or a fundamental use of logic.
    Most people are idiots (MPAI) which is oxymoronic or anthethical to the concept of common sense.

    /rant over

    Again, an absolute clown show and that gives me no confidence in the verdict being anything resembling just…


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