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About Backing The Blue

Conditioning is a powerful thing, especially when it comes at an early age. One of the most powerful conditionings White people of middle-age have carried with them into adulthood is a reflexive respect for authority. We automatically respect people like teachers and clergy and especially cops, because we were taught to do so as kids. When you see someone with a “Back The Blue” or Fraternal Order of Police sticker or some sort of cop booster license plate, it is invariably on a car driven by a middle aged to older White person. 

This won’t keep you from getting a ticket Boomer.

We were taught that cops deserve respect and the benefit of the doubt, often straying way over the line where we make excuses for cops even when they do something indefensible. They have an incredibly difficult and dangerous job, they are who we call if there is a serious problem, etc.
Many cops are decent people. They joined up for the “right” reasons and do a necessary job that most people can’t/won’t do for themselves. But they are also just people. Just like there are awful people who are teachers, or clergy, or veterans, there are also lots of awful people who are cops. That means people who became cops because it gives them the ability to bully and assault people and get away with it. It also means people who became cops for whatever reason and then over the years became bitter and jaded and take it out on citizens. 
A hot topic on /ourside/ has to do with what local cops will do if things really go sideways. It is safely assumed that Fed LEOs will do whatever they are told and likely won’t be on /ourside/ but what about local cops? I have a number of local LEOs who are customers and in my conversations with them, lots seem to be of a similar mindset with me, at least as it pertains to government and the 2A. I suspect a lot of them are also race realists, seeing the enormous disparity in crime by race up close and personal.
So what will they do if they are given un-Constitutional orders to enforce gun laws that infringe on the 2A? Well so far they seem content to enforce those laws.
Tim Pool had an interesting conversation with Justin Nazaroff, the owner of Fenix Ammunition about this topic and why many people who once would have been totally backing the blue are really rethinking their position.

My mantra is always this: 
I back the blue as long as the blue backs me. 
If cops are abusing their position or enforcing laws that are obvious violations of the U.S. or the Indiana Constitution? Then they don’t get a free pass because “they are just doing their job”. If a law is unjust, it is unjust and I don’t care if it passed the Indiana Assembly or the U.S. Congress with unanimous votes. Rights that are inherent to my humanity like the right to self-defense or the right to free expression are not negotiable or subject to the whims of elected officials. 
I hope most local LEOs are already thinking about these questions. The time is coming when they are going to have to make a choice and they need to recognize that the people they might be called upon to persecute are also the people who generally have been their most outspoken supporters. I am not sure that will matter to a lot of them but it should. I stick up for cops, probably more often than I should, because I hope that many of them are on /ourside/. What I don’t know is if that matters or not but if you turn on people who supported you, it doesn’t make sense to think they will keep supporting you.
There are hundreds of thousands of local cops in America, all with some training and many are vets with military experience. It would be great to have them backing us up but if they choose the other path? They don’t get special treatment because they wear a badge.


  1. Anonymous

    If cops turn on us they will still get special treatment because of their badge; it just won't be the special treatment they wanted.

    I am not particularly confident that the cops will do what is right. Most will just keep doing what they are told until the paychecks stop coming, or things get too hot for them to continue. After all, what good is a paycheck if you're not alive to cash it?

    I think the best we can hope for is maybe in a red county the sheriff will not risk antagonizing the locals so he can secure reelection. Then the city cops follow suit. That's what I'm hoping for in my local area. But if not, then I'm gonna start spraying great stuff spray foam into the tailpipes of every cop car I see. They can't do anything if they don't have a vehicle.

  2. Arthur Sido

    The most likely outcome is that they just quietly don't do anything, at least in local jurisdictions. In the urban areas they will be too busy trying to avoid getting smoked by the diversity to worry about us.

  3. Mike Austin

    It's from Haaretz. I wish the Jews could just STFU about something that happened 75 years ago. It seems there is no escape from their whining. Are they the only people in History to have suffered? Certainly the local police force helped the Nazis. Who did not? Bakers, teachers, taxi drivers, plumbers—everyone did.

    Grabowski is a co-founder in of the Polish Center for Holocaust Research. Who would have guessed that!

  4. Anonymous

    the sad fact of human nature is the fuckers will damn near do anything asked or told to do for the paycheck. just take look at what is going on in oz. and I be willing to bet the cop who got fucked over st floyd of dumbfuck thought he was doing the right thing too at the time.
    the thing is ,the assholes in power can't make anything happen without local help. the cops.
    and a lot of cops support gun control as well. they think only they should have weapons, not us.
    so, be careful in any dealing with the local police regardless of where you live.
    most of the time, they just make a bad situation worse by being there.
    we are getting to the point where life is not going to get any better until a lot of assholes are taken out and shot in the head in the streets. and there are a lot of assholes who need just that.
    and people wonder why guns are selling like hot cakes and ammo is hard to find ?

  5. Skipperdaddy

    I’m kinda leaning toward the Oz scenario as well, for the LEO role that is. Citizens, not so much. Thats gonna go a lil different. I think they will tribe/gang up as well and look to “liberate” resources for themselves and their bosses. As been said repeatedly, no one is coming to save you. That goes for the Fuzz as well. Yea, I said it, “Fuzz”.

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