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A Witch!

The Zman posted a hilarious but also very useful double length podcast last Friday: Witch Hunting

Listen to “EP 208 Witch Hunting” on Spreaker.

In general you should avoid interacting with lefties but if you have to the Zman provides some great tips for not getting ensnared in one of their spells aimed at disarming your arguments. Plus it is chock full of light-hearted misogyny aimed at the screechy divorced late 30s HR woman who lives to make other people as miserable as she is.
Make Witch Burning Great Again! 

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  1. Last Days To The Rodeo

    One of his best! With the holidays coming up, lots of good tips for those friends and family members that resemble some of the witches he mentions. I have an "Uncle Blowhard" that he described to a tee. Almost like he has been to my family gatherings.

    Thanks for the follow-back on Gab.


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