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What Kind Of Privilege Is This?

Yesterday an African male named Timothy George Simpkins shot three people at an Arlington, Texas high school. 

Yep, the little bitch just strolled out of prison after a whopping $75,000 bond and is home with his mama. He shot three people. At a school. And he walked. With a $75,000 bond.
Poor fella is claiming he was being bullied and that makes it OK to shoot the kid he was fighting, plus another kid and a teacher trying to intervene. If he had been a White school shooter, you can be damn sure no one would be making excuses for him and he sure as shit wouldn’t be free today.
According to reports, the fight was broken up and then he pulled the gun he brought to school and exhibited some of that world famous African marksmanship.
Footage on social media allegedly showed Simpkins getting into an altercation during class with another student that escalated to gunfire Wednesday.

The fight was broken up and the two students calmed down, but then Simpkins pulled out a firearm from his orange backpack and fired several shots that struck three people, according to an arrest warrant Thursday.
Mark Dice made a solid point….

White political prisoners have no rights, black kids shooting up a school get to walk in less than 24 hours.
Meanwhile a different group of Africans got into a fight, shooting ensued as it always does, but no felony charges were filed. Then two Africans got into a fight, one with a knife and one of the Africans was gutted like a trout and died but also no murder charges were filed. Why? Because the Africans were engaged in “mutual combat”.
Places with Africans are turning into something far worse than the Wild West, where at least the marshal and sheriff could enforce some form of law. Now, if an African is committing a crime, decent people just need to get out of the way and hope they don’t get caught in the crossfire. 


  1. BigCountryExpat

    RUFKM????? Holy SHIT! Talk about the imbalance of the "Scales of Justice" What's next? A "Whypeepo Hunting Pass?" "The Black Bearer of this pass is authorized to legally kill -x- amount of Whypeepo as payback for the eeee-vil inflicted on their race"

    This is going the route that 13% of the nation is going to find itself AND it's (((supporters and enablers))) wiped the fuck out as a preventative preemptive measure for our own safety….

  2. Arthur Sido

    He wuz being bullied dontcha know, because he had an expensive car and fancy clothes. Oh, and he had been robbed twice at school, no doubt because he is a bitch but waved around stacks of cash at school, cash that no doubt was obtained via nefarious means.

  3. Mike Austin

    The teacher that black kid shot was white. Open season boys and girls. Prepare accordingly. But then, blacks have long been able to harass, intimidate and assault whites with no consequence. "Knock out game" anybody?

    Blacks are the reason I carry a firearm everywhere, usually openly, even to the mailbox in my apartments—which are 40 percent black. I am known as "that crazy old long-haired guy with a gun." Suits me.

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