Thursday, October 21, 2021

Welcome to Kinshasa, Pennsylvania

A news story that hit the airwaves and then rapidly disappeared down the memory hole (see: Rape On The Train) involves a woman being assaulted on a public transit train while bystanders apparently didn't do anything to help and instead made some home videos. 

More details have emerged and I couldn't be less shocked to find that the accused rapist is a fella named Fiston Ngoy and looks like this:

Not only that, he isn't a garden variety African living in America, he is a fresh off the boat African...

Well of course he is! 

Fiston apparently came here on a "student visa" because of course we need more scholars from the dumbest populations on earth to come to America and then invariably overstay their visa. We also know that he should have been deported already:

Tucker Carlson Tonight has confirmed that Fiston Ngoy, who was arrested last week for allegedly raping the woman in a brutal attack on a SEPTA train in front of other passengers, came to the U.S. legally in 2012 on a student visa.

However, the 35-year-old Congolese national's visa was terminated in 2015 because he failed to remain a student. 

Meanwhile, court records show that he racked up "multiple arrests and two misdemeanor convictions, one for controlled substances and one for sexual abuse." Ngoy pled guilty in 2017 in Washington D.C. to the sexual abuse misdemeanor and was sentenced to 120 days in prison and nine months probation.

He was put in immigration detention in Jan. 2018. However, he was never deported because he received a "withholding of removal" from an immigration judge in March 2019 after the Board of Immigration Appeals found that his misdemeanor sex offense was not a "serious crime" that would have made him ineligible for such a stay.

As a result, Ngoy was released and only had to report into Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) under an order of supervision (OSUP). The Department of Homeland Security says OSUPs involve conditions being placed on those who have been temporarily released from custody, typically involving regular check ins.

According to the same story, the assault lasted six minutes and bystanders took out their phones to record a man raping a woman. Think about that for a second. It also makes me wonder, a lot, about the race of the woman being raped and if no one intervened for that reason.

I am assuming he is from the DRC, the "Democratic" Republic Of Congo. Not the first time a Congolese has appeared on these pages, three years ago I wrote about the ungrateful bitch of an African named Therese Patricia Okoumou who climbed on the Statue Of Liberty to protest having a better life here or something: The Gratitude Is Heartwarming

As BCE and others have pointed out, the Congo is known for loving them some raping and they are bringing their love of murder, dismemberment and rape to the U.S. To reiterate, bringing third world savages to the civilized West doesn't civilize the savages, it just makes Western civilization more savage.

The capital city of the DRC is a festering wound on the banks of the Congo River called Kinshasa, a sprawling dump of some 15 million people. Go to Google maps and turn on satellite mode and look anywhere you like in Kinshasa. I picked two places at random but the whole place looks like this:

Shacks made of rusting metal, dirt yards and "roads", an utter shithole. There are a couple of small neighborhoods that look less shitty like where the embassies are located but otherwise anywhere you look is just like that. You can zoom in on most cities in Africa and see the same thing.

Lagos, Nigeria:

Mogadishu, Somalia

Harare, Zimbabwe

It is not just in Africa itself. You can look at Port-au-Prince in Haiti, not metal roofs because they don't have access to the metal sheeting but concrete, poorly made which is why so much collapsed during the earthquake. Everywhere with anything valuable has bars on the window, tall concrete walls topped by razor wire and broken glass and metal security gates.

Or even in the U.S. where Africans are concentrated, like Detroit.

Notice all the gaps with no houses, those are where abandoned homes were razed and nothing has replaced them because who in their right mind builds a house in Detroit?

These all have a common thread linking them together: a critical mass of Africans. 

I don't really blame the Africans for living like this, it is apparently the best they can do apart from intervention from White people. Left to their own devices, no matter the infrastructure they inherited, this is always the end result. Almost no people group on earth is capable of creating and then sustaining the sort of civil Western society we take for granted and this is particularly true for Africans. 

So it really isn't their fault. 

But it also isn't my fault. 

When the country my people built is flooded with people who have utterly failed to maintain the basics of civilization wherever they have the opportunity, it invariably turns the country we built into the same sort of place that they fled. We always are lectured about them coming here for a "better life" which they certainly have in America but no one seems to wonder about the lives of the people already here. It doesn't take much wondering, we know that the result is poorer, dirtier, more violent, less free than what we had in the past.

The near future of America is going to look a lot like the current state in Kinshasa and Lagos. You can't import the world without inheriting the world's problems. Most of these new "Americans" are going to end up in the big cities like Philadelphia, turning them into no-go zones.

Have I ever mentioned that you need to get away from those cities and suburbs?


  1. philly has being a shithole for the last 30-40 years. soft on crime was the normal after the likes of
    rizzo. chief of police/ goon squad cops. the epa shut down the factories and people left who could
    what is left is the sick, old and don't care. oh, and the yuppies downtown and doctors and profs
    who make insane money and have private guards. lot of south philly toughs who will not move.
    but by and large a city that is dead.I only stayed because of my parents live there, after they passed, it was time to get out of there. got a request to do a surrey about why I left there,
    got a 20 dollar gift card, I wrote down 2 reasons, one I am the wrong color to live there and crime
    is out of control.

    1. I was only ever in Philadelphia on business and it has been a while but that whole region is a shithole.

  2. yea, about 70% of what factories that where still there shut down in the 1970-80's and then the navy yard shut down and was sold to whoever. the big employers left are the schools, uop jeff and temple
    here a fun fact the u of p has the 4th largest police force in the state of pa. can have little buffy and todd getting robbed, raped or whatever while they there. oh, wait. they do get the philly
    treatment. and temple is fucking worse ! if parents only knew the real crime stats of those area's
    they never send their kids there ! and all that for what 50 grand a year ?

  3. Wherever goes the negro, also goes Africa.

    As for the black rapist: Imagine the Hell for a white guy if he had intervened: interrogated, called racist, attacked, ruined financially and probably jailed. Nope.

    The negro is the reason I am always armed---always. Being in Oklahoma makes that easy.

    1. You can take the African out of Africa but you can never take the Africa out of the African.

  4. Given the out of control nature of the African and the total abdication of duty by the justice system; one can understand how lynching looks more and more reasonable.

    1. Lynching is one of the great articles of faith of the Left but more blacks by huge margin are killed by other blacks every year than were killed by unjust lynchings

  5. Welcome to 2021, where when Leftist people are arrested, they're turned back into the street, and when people try to stop crimes, they're sent to prison.


    1. Which means of course that there is no "law" as it has been properly understood since Hammurabi. The "elites" do as they wish; the hoi polloi suffer as they must. The answer to this inversion---or better, perversion---of the law? It is not in more laws, more threats of legal action, more judges and politicos of a certain mold. Nope. A complete waste of time. Appeals for "justice" place the appealer in the role of the Melians (416 - 415 BC). The current regime apes the role of the Athenians in that famous dialogue.

      In a lawless society any recourse to the law for succor is darkly humorous and absurd. Even Kafka would be confused.

    2. Makes one wonder how long people will keep pretending that the "justice" system is working and when they stop how long until they take the law into their own hands?

  6. I've wondered the same thing. Certainly more and more understand this every day. We are seeing movement of populations from lawless states---Oregon, New York, California and such dystopias---to states where some form of law is still recognized at some level. Even in the gulag states outside of those huge Democrat run sewers, there live Americans of the old type. They are behind enemy lines.

    What will be the next "shot heard 'round the world"? We will only know when it happens.