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This Is Not The Way

Lots of people have tried to create new social media platforms, Minds and MeWe and Parler and Telegram. Bitchute and Odyssey. On and on. None have taken as many hits and kept on growing like Gab. I have been on Gab with my current account since February of 2017 and an older account back in 2016 right when Gab went into beta release. I believe in what Andrew Torba is doing and most of what he has planned for the future and I back that up by being a financial supporter of Gab and plan on continuing to pony up a little dough to keep the lights on and the lefties triggered. 

But not everything. Torba is a very vocal and devout Christian, which is of course fine and laudable depending on your own religious leanings, but I think that sometimes he lets that override common sense. A few weeks back he penned a blog post calling for the creation of a “parallel Christian society”

Building Technology To Power A Parallel Christian Society

I’ve recently been writing extensively about what I call a Parallel Society. This led one of my close friends to point out a book to me by Rod Dreher called The Benedict Option: A Strategy for Christians in a Post-Christian Nation. It’s a fantastic read and brilliantly captures the spirit of what I have been trying to do with Gab for over five years now.

Right out of the gate that set off alarm bells. Fantastic? Brilliant? Dreher’s book The Benedict Option was silly and basically trash (see my review here) and Rod is the very epitome of the cucked, soft, effeminate Christian intellectual. He looks like this in most pictures:

He is a real life soyjack.

No surprise he has me blocked on twitter and I have been blocked from commenting at The American Conservative for many years. He wears those faggy glasses and styles his hair like that on purpose and it makes him look like he wishes he had something else in his hand about to go into his mouth instead of oysters. I used to read his columns year ago until every column became an ad for his book. Taking Dreher seriously is a sign of intellectual immaturity. 

Anyway, he put out a post yesterday to clarify a little bit.

My problem with this is that it makes some erroneous assumptions, first and foremost that being a Christian means you are on /ourside/. That is most decidedly not the case. Rod Dreher is considered to be a “Christian intellectual” and he is definitely a cuck. Someone like David French is also considered to be an evangelical intellectual and that guy hates us. Francis Collins who just resigned as the head of the National Institutes of Health has been lauded as a leading light evangelical in spite of his support for fetal tissue research and compromise on matters of sexuality. 

In the last few years more and more “conservative” Christian leaders like Albert Mohler and Russ Moore have been exposed as being at best cowardly and at worst actively anti-White. Most black Christians are diametrically opposed to what Torba stands for. Nearly 90% of professed black Christians voted for Obama, Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden. Mestizo Christians who tend to be Catholic still vote in a majority for the Left. Most “mainline” Christians vote Democrat as do Roman Catholics as a whole and the various Orthodox churches…

The conservative Christian groups like the Southern Baptists and some Pentecostals are strongly conservative as are fringe religions like the Mormons but even a quarter of Southern Baptists identify more strongly with the Democrats.

Even in the most conservative wings of American Christianity most average church-goers and even more so the clergy are at best still gulping the blue pill. They are cowed by the idea of being thought of as racist and would never openly declare their racial solidarity even as their black and mestizo fellow Christians do so. They still pretend that Martin Luther King Jr, adulterer and Marxist, is someone worth of adoration. The denominational organizations of these churches are cucked and getting worse, the Southern Baptists are unrecognizable at the top levels from where they were a decade ago because like all institutions their number one priority is self-preservation. 

So being a Christian is hardly a significant marker of being on /ourside/.

The other issue is also a big one and that is the problem with further subdividing our already far too small ranks. Whites have been pitted against one another for centuries and one of the main dividing lines, at least for purposes of defining one side against the other, is religion and specifically different flavors of the Christian faith. We don’t need any help with being divided against an enemy that might not like one another but are united in their hatred of us.

I don’t think that is Torba’s intent but as someone who is especially zealous, having called himself a Christian for a while but being baptized in March of this year, he is still caught up in the fervor of conversion it seems and thinks that a parallel Christian society is the answer. It isn’t. 

Religious faith is one of the most important identifiers of a person. I get that and spent many years writing about it. But what Andrew Torba needs to figure out is that your religious faith is not the only important identification. Blood is blood and White Christians often have more in common with agnostic, atheist or pagan Whites than they do with the most devout of their non-White Christian brethren. As a former Christian, my concern in looking at someone else is whether they are on the side of my people, not with their religious preference or lack thereof. I welcome the Protestant and Catholic, the Mormon and the pagan, the atheist and the agnostic, whatever your religious faith, provided we share the desire to protect our blood and preserve our civilization. If you oppose that, if you say that defending my people is somehow “racist”, then you have declared yourself to be my enemy no matter where you spend your Sunday morning. 

If you are on /ourside/ I don’t care if you worship Jesus or Odin or a tree. If you are not on /ourside/ then I don’t give a shit about how good of a Christian you are.

Being pro-White, pro-liberty, pro-freedom is far more important than what or who you worship on your own time. I respect and even encourage people to explore their faith but never at the expense of our unity as a people. We already have plenty of things dividing us and plenty of enemies looking to exploit and expand those divisions.


  1. ChuckInBama

    Very well said, sir ! My neighbor, whom I have known for twenty years now, is a rabid Southern Baptist that exhibits the same self-righteous smugness that a dyed-in-the-wool liberal has, yet refuses to see that there is no difference. It's that belief that he exhibits the highest standard of the way a person should live their lives. That if you do not believe as he does, then you are a lessor being. The only word I can use to describe it is fanaticism. And I firmly believe that religious fanaticism is dangerous no matter the religion being followed. Being a Christian doesn't automatically make you a better person, and if you think it does you'd better re-read the Bible. I don't know where I belong on the religious org chart, but it is certainly not with any of them that feel they are better that someone else just because of their beliefs whether political or spiritual. If that's the way they roll, I'll just worship a tree.

  2. Anonymous


    You are on my list of frequent blog stops. You write in this post that you are a "former Christian". In your previous blog, as recently as 2018, you professed faith in Jesus Christ. Can I ask what happened to change that? Not accusing are proselytizing, just wondering, as I have found my faith growing over the same time period.

    If you have addressed this prior, please direct me to the post. Also feel free to tell me to mind my own business.


  3. Annie Oakley

    In my area, a lot of the women wear those I love Jesus T-shirts or I'm blessed. Makes me sick.

    They all look the same. Fake nails, pancake makeup, that Kate plus 8 style haircut, the $600 Dooney or Michael Kors bag…(the back of the neck looks like a cow chewed their hair off). Lest I forget, that $1200 Iphone.

    These are the phoniest F**** I've ever seen. Anti-white, back stabbing, niggerball lovers. As long as y'all are Christians, you're ok with me.


  4. Arthur Sido

    Not directly but I guess the main factors are that I just came to the place where the Bible was simply not reliable as an authoritative source and the notion of a just and merciful God creating people specifically for the purpose of many of them going to hell was incompatible. I have long been highly critical of institutional religion and that sort of moved into rejecting organized religion as a whole and that includes Christianity.

  5. Arthur Sido

    In general based on what we read in the Bible, Christians should be the best witness of their faith by the life that they live but in general most seem to be a huge hindrance, and I include myself in that criticism when I was a Christian.

  6. Mike Austin

    Saint Francis: "Preach the Bible always. If necessary, use words."

    To judge a Christian by his actions is not rational. You have no idea of the condition of his soul, of his road from Lucifer to Christ. That is God's responsibility and no one else's. Some Christians who struggle daily—hourly—with their lives as the world sees them, are in better spiritual shape than the squeaky clean do-gooder who congratulates himself on what a fine and decent fellow he is. The Christian, as awful a man as he might seem to others, is on the path that leads to Heaven.

    To have once accepted Christ, but then to deny Him: Wow. I have no words. None that would be listened to.

  7. Arthur Sido

    A few years ago I would have shared those sentiments. Now? I just don't find them compelling at all but my point here is not to argue theology or apologetics. Do as you wish, believe as you will, as long as you stand with my people it doesn't much matter to me.

  8. Mike Austin

    I get that. Our enemy hates us no matter if we are Christian or not. I hate them back—after a fashion—but usually just laugh at them. My, my! They absolutely hate to be mocked. It sends them into a rage.

  9. John Wilder

    I don't shoot Right. I do believe that Christianity will be a part of any reasonable future. I do not know if any of the mainline denominations will make it in currently recognizable forms . . .

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