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The Endless Lies

Good post and an important one to understand from John Wilder this morning: Manufacturing Consent: Say No

The title of the post comes from the book of the same name by two Tribe members, Edward Herman and Noam Chomsky. The book was assigned to me in college but I didn’t read it because it was obviously commie propaganda but I should read it one of these days. It is classic leftist strategy, accusing their opponents of what they are doing. JW points this out:
That doesn’t mean that they were wrong – the media was quite busy Manufacturing Consent, but the consent they were manufacturing for was Global Leftist State Control, the same people who bribed the Boy Scouts™ into giving up long held positions based on morality in exchange for big bux from corporate sponsors.

We see that today, as well.  News is elevated when it serves the purpose of the Global Leftist State Capitalism.  News is depressed when it doesn’t. 
If you are reading this, you probably already understand this but most people, in fact almost everybody you know, doesn’t. People who watch Fox News and think Tucker is saying stuff that isn’t preapproved by someone at Fox or anyone who watches CNN and takes it seriously don’t get it. People who complain about the media but then shell out money to watch movies and sports don’t get it. 
The system didn’t happen accidently, it was carefully crafted over the course of many decades to get us where we are today. Now their work is nearly complete. Everything our people once thought they could rely upon has been turned against us. The media, Hollywood, almost every church, sports, the Boy Scouts, the military, the government itself formed by our forefathers. 
Just understanding this is a huge step. It reframes everything else you think when you realize that it is all propaganda and the only reason they allow you to see it is because they want you to see it.

Read John’s entire post and share it with your normie friends. Sharing is caring and is one of the few ways we can get around the system.

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