Tuesday, October 5, 2021

Speaking Of Good Enough

Good video from Alpha Charlie Concepts on building a reliable, functional and accurate DMR without breaking the bank. I bet this guy is a lot more dangerous than some LARPer with a several thousand dollar rifle. 


  1. Socialist distancing ! He was tearing me up ! Great info and on camera persona . I feel my lazy butt getting motivated . I'm in a very jungle like area with sudden hills and deep soil valleys with weeds standing 15-20 feet high where the trees don't cover . I do prefer the 30 caliber boolits though because they cut the weeds and stay on course much better than the .223 on any shot over 50 yards .

    1. I really like his videos. He is somewhere near Carolina or TN or something, up here we have a lot more wide open and flat spaces so I like something in a reach out and touch 'em caliber like 6.5 Creedmoor.

    2. I'm in Carolina and most of the area outside of towns are covered in forest, off the beaten path, often covered in undergrowth below the trees.

      You're not going to have too many shots over 50 yards, so 5.56 is good enough. And trekking up and down hill and dale with an AR plus load out is preferable to carrying something in .308 plus load out.

      Between my AR and my AK, I'd much rather carry the AR.

    3. That is a big reason why I sold off my AK and went strictly with AR-15s, I am not a 20 year old anymore and the AK plus ammo is just a lot heavier to lug around.