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Shun That Which Is Fleeting

Pretty sobering words from the pages of Gab.

Much of our contemporary lives, most I would say, is tangled up in things that have no meaning and is focused on what will not and cannot last. We have no concept of what it is to live without the comforts of modern life. What is worse, few of us recognize that the creature comforts of modern life are a prison that we have all willingly entered and locked ourselves in.
We are so focused on shit that doesn’t matter, from sportsball to pet political projects to getting those social media likes.
Live your life right now like you think those words are true. This status quo cannot last. Tensions are too high, violence is right on the brink, the world economic system is bordering on collapse. 
Get ready.


  1. Robert Orians

    I was raised hearing stories from all the oldsters in my family from starvation and servitude after the Tater Famine to the Great Depression here in America . Grandma cutting up frozen chickens in an unheated building for 17 cents an hour and Grandpa walking the railroad tracks picking up pieces of coal to heat the house . It left an indelible impression on my young mind and I guess it's what turned me into a prepper at a young age . As you point out though shit is getting very very real here lately . As if Gawd has pulled the plug and the world is swirling down the drain . Wouldn't surprise me a bit if He didn't wash it all down with a big can of Draino .

  2. Mike Austin

    "Wouldn't surprise me a bit if He didn't wash it all down with a big can of Drano."

    There is precedent.

    That description of decline by Bosch reminded me of how the western Romans felt after 476 AD as slowly but surely the aqueducts stopped working, there were not enough soldiers, cities began to empty, farmers abandoned their fields, texts ceased to be copied, government ceased to function even locally, and hordes of strangers appeared on the frontiers.

    Any man who by now has not begun to prepare is blind.

  3. Anonymous

    Just keep in mind that it's not a question of if but when all this eventually collapses. Every passing day draws us closer to the inevitable. Remember this, everything that ever mattered no matter how trivial or significant, isn't going to matter any more when there is no resemblance of civilization. The past is gone & there may not be a future. Just prepare, for a worst case scenario and do all you can to be a survivor. Not only for yourself but for progeny.

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