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I don’t need another rifle. I don’t need another rifle. But I already want one.

Beretta makes some of the finest shotguns in the world. They also make some of the best handguns in the world, in my humble opinion. There is a super ugly Beretta modern sporting rifle. They even make some priced out of my reach double rifles in big game calibers. But not a regular bolt action hunting rifle. Yes, Beretta owns Sako and Tikka, and Tikka rifles are awesome, but not with the Beretta name on them. 
Price point is likely to be obscene for this bad boy, so unless firearms sales really pick up it isn’t in the cards for now but man I would love to have one.


  1. Mike Guenther

    So $1,750.00 for a hunting rifle. It is nice, but I'm gonna go out on a limb and say that it will be out of range for most hunters.

    I'm also curious how much the conversion kits cost. Barrel, bolt kit and magazine is basically the whole rifle except for the stock and fore end. I imagine the kits will be at least a grand.

  2. Anonymous

    temping, but I still love old mausers myself. wonderful old world style and workmanship in those.
    back in the 1970's got a chance to shoot a sako bavarian carbine in 7mm I think it was, I was hooked
    on the old school rifles. never had the money for one though. maybe so day.

  3. George True

    Slightly off-topic, but I have been wanting a PSA Dagger 9mm ever since reading your recent review. I had asked PSA to.notify me when they were back in stock. Well, yesterday I got an email from them that it was back n stock. I immediately clicked the link and got it ordered within just a few minutes. Woo hoo!

    The only downside is the price is now $349 instead of $299. Still, I consider it a bargain, so thanks for the recommendation.
    Now, where is the current best deal on decent 9mm ammo?

  4. Anonymous

    I just wish Ruger No 1s were still being made with long barrels in sensible hunting calibres like my beloved 7mm-08 Rem or 7×57. I nearly bought a 6.5 CM last year but at the time I didn't know the factory had made them in that calibre, and the company selling it couldn't keep their story straight about the rifle. Plus 6.5 CM – meh. I wish it could be in stainless barrel & action too – since we're talking dream rifles.

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