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Prioritizing Mental Preparation

Piggybacking from my post yesterday, Forced Compliance, that looked at the zeal from the Left to do anything necessary to make you submit to their demands, no matter how unreasonable or ridiculous. They are quite willing, eager even, to employ any means they deem necessary up to and including driving you from the society your family built and that you help sustain and starving your kids.
An important side point is that they are relying on you taking whatever they dish out. Despite the bullshit rhetoric about “right-wing violent extremism”, they are counting on White men to meekly accept whatever they push, and for good reason as that is precisely what we have been doing for decades. But not forever.

A common theme on this page is that pushing people into a corner, making them desperate and taking away the reasons they behave is a great way to get serious backlash. Yesterday a video was making the rounds of a subway in New York City and an African man punching a White woman right in the face. It was the kind of video that makes you want to say forbidden words. What was almost as bad as the brutal assault on a much smaller woman was the utter lack of reaction by anyone, especially this guy..

Already in this video, the African man is up in this White woman’s face shouting at her and everyone ignored him. He punched the White woman and the guy just stood there with that stupid fucking look on his face. First, he should have interposed himself between this much larger man and the woman before she got hit and second after he punched her he should have beaten the hell out of the guy, or at least tried. He is a decent sized man, you would think he could toss a punch or three. A few decades ago you didn’t hear about these sorts of assaults happening because blacks knew that White men wouldn’t tolerate it. So what has changed?
For certain men are not as prone to and experienced in fighting. By the time I was in school fighting among male students was almost unheard of, while in earlier eras it was far more common. Most of us didn’t even really know how to fight. That isn’t all of it, I am much smaller than the African thug in the video and not a great fighter but I would have done something, even if I got my ass kicked.
What has mostly changed is that we are conditioned to passivity. Call 9/11 in case of trouble, get a mechanic to fix your car, watch TV and the internet. When something goes wrong, our Amish neighbors just get after it, even if they screw it up. English people don’t. A few years ago we had a “Derecho” that caused a bunch of damage to houses around here. That same day Amish crews were fixing roofs while English people waited passively for weeks for the insurance adjuster to show up.  
A guy sees a woman punched and his instinctive reaction as a European man is buried under a lifetime of conditioning. Let the police handle it, someone else will deal with it, don’t get involved, you might get in trouble. 
This is not accidental. Passivity has been intentionally ingrained in our men from an early age, from Dr. Spock teaching parents to withhold strict correction of children to public schools full of female teachers who are trained to see normal male traits as abnormal discipline problems to be stamped out and medicated. The mass media is just as bad, replacing men of heroism and action with men who lack moral grounding and courage. Apart from superhero movies of a few years back, how many films feature ideal White men who exemplify courage and initiative? 
It is because of this that I constantly talk about breaking the conditioning and hardening minds and hearts, as well as bodies. In the face of people willing to starve your family to force your compliance, your resolve must be absolute. I really liked this meme tweeted out by Fenix Ammunition

Along with this statement:
Leftists who say things like this should consider a deep dive into what Bosnia looked like between 1992-1995
They should understand what a man desperate to feed his family might be willing to do and how they might choose to do it to based on the events leading up to that desperate situation.
The percentage of people on the /otherside/ that can be reasoned with is shrinking very rapidly and soon will disappear entirely. Perhaps it is just my partisanship showing but that is the result of their choices and the manipulation of the elites, not because /ourside/ is somehow worse than we were 20 years ago. Most of the “extreme” positions and opinions I hold were very common just a few decades ago. 
When you can no longer reason with people and in fact find yourself in a place where your suffering brings them pleasure, it is inevitable that things will deteriorate. Like a man wandering into the desert, they have gone too far to come back. 
Start to make a mental list of things you think are currently off the table. Then start putting them back on the table on a contingent basis. Your enemy won’t hesitate to do whatever it takes. If you hesitate? 
You die.
** EDIT ** I am getting a lot of pushback in calling out the cowardice of Captain Stand There in the video so I will flesh out my statements tomorrow in a separate post. Call me old fashioned but I wouldn’t be able to stand mutely aside if a black guy hit a White woman. 


  1. LGC

    In this rare case I think you are wrong about the guy on the bus. He evaluated the choices in front of him, decided they were all bad, it wasn't affecting his tribe (he clearly didn't know the woman) and did the math and said "I'm out". MGTOW.

    So everyone is going to record a white man punching a black man on a bus who "did nothing wrong". Yeah, that's going to end badly (see Kyle).

    Woman have spent the last 50 years showing how they are strong independent woman and don't need a man. Well ok woman, do it up, we're waiting…. Sorry women burned that bridge. (also the woman should have learned long ago to keep her fucking mouth shut unless you're willing to back it up. ESPECIALLY among the feral. (which if she's riding the bus, she should know).

    The man did the right thing in today's environment. But he's learned something hasn't he? I doubt he rides the bus much more. And he's never "turning his back". And while society has limited all of his small choices (talking him down, facing him down, punching him down), then at some point, they are going to come after his own and he's only going to have one choice left. And once he steps over that line…..his old life is gone and he ain't stopping.

    Also, see Remus', "stay away from crowds". You should be out of the cities by now. If this is how it's going now, what's it going to be like when the food gets low on EBT day.

  2. Anonymous

    Sorry Arthur – I agree with LGC.

    I've been informed by the celebrated diversity champions at work, you know the mentally-ill, childless, loudmouth victims, pan-sexual, gender-fluid blue-or-green haired 40+, single-mommy-turned lesbians on the fast track to management that in their "lived-experience" I am – quote – "cis-het, male, stale & pale, privileged dinosaur". Yep, that's me in a nutshell – straight, white, married, professional and over 50 with a mortgage. Hmmm, okay. I shut my mouth & write the insults down verbatim in my diary, complete with time, place and the names of everyone who witnessed the outburst. My approach is to not react at all, stay as calm as a pond, and make my case as air-tight as I can. The other men my age are all working together on this as we know individually we are defenseless, but when we stand together – they fail. They are coming for me – and the rubble shall bounce, as Vox says.

    The video doesn't play, so I cannot respond to the exact situation shown, but my response to these situations is to utterly ignore it as much as I can, because chances are "M'lady" provoked it. I'm not white-knighting for any drama-lama girl or woman. If I'm not related to a woman in distress or in a relationship with her, she can FOAD – unless it was a granny or helpless senior citizen. A woman would not offer ANY help at all to ME if I was getting attacked, other than video it and post it to tik-tok or some asinine website for attention and "likes".

    However, if my wife, sisters, nieces, mother or a female friend was being attacked that is a WHOLE different kettle of sand-trout. I would defend them to the very last breath, to the death if it came to that.

    Some random female? Why should I risk my health, freedom or possibly my very life for said rando? They are all strong, independent creatures who can handle her own business – afterall they all need a man like a fish needs a bicycle. If I was lying prostrate bleeding to death, she'd have a great story to tell at parties and to OHS at work how she is a survivor and the trauma of being counselled for not doing her job is "triggering" or whatever.

  3. Anonymous

    the main reason to get out of big cities. the protected class can do no wrong. if you try to do the right thing, you are going to get fucked big time today. a long time ago, when I was working 3rd shift
    at a downtown hospital and I HAD A CCW, a bunch of inner city clowns came in the train car making noise and acting like assholes. I pull out my sig 226 and checked the mag and slapped in back in.
    they left, and the couple down the car moved closer to me. and that was in the early 1990's
    it is the fucking cell phones. if you do anything to a poc it will be recorded and used against you.
    time is coming when if you do decide to strike back, go all the way as they would if the tables where turned. back when I was a kid, we had problems with them as well. YOU HAD TO STAND UP TO THEM OR THEY MADE YOUR LIFE HELL. rules are for fools in a ring, fight to win. there are no rules.

  4. Mike Austin

    To attempt to defend a stranger against a black assailant is simply asking for the sort of trouble that can last for years, cost you tens of thousands of dollars, land you in prison or take your life. You cannot possibly derive any benefit whatsoever. And everything will be on YouTube. It has nothing to do with bravery or cowardice or passivity. What if that man "who did nothing" had at home a daughter and a wife? Should he have risked all of that just to try to be a "White Knight"? We no longer live in such a world. In reality, he "did something": he saved himself and his loved ones from untold grief.

    And let us not commit the logical fallacy of using this incident as somehow indicative of the entire nation. It happened in New York City. What type of folks live there? Are they the same type of folks who live in, say, Oklahoma City? Those who choose to live in that barbarous pest hole also choose to put up with exactly what is seen in that video.

  5. Anonymous

    There's no percentage in coming to the aid of a damsel in distress today, as the other commenters have pointed out. Years ago, when there was a sharp right/wrong divide, no gray areas? Sure, I'd have gotten involved. But between negrolatry run wild, toxic feminism and leftist control of the media, I would not have intervened, either. In fact, I would have turned my back to the scene, KNOWING that the cameras were out and rolling.

    Fish, meet bicycle. Until today's stronk, independent wahmenz come crawling, admitting they are lost and inept without men, and until Django is put back safely in chains, any White man who intervenes in such a situation is just begging to lose his freedom, his livelihood and possibly his life. If you ain't kin, and I ain't weddin' or beddin' you, then as far as I am concerned, you're on your own, sis. Act accordingly.

  6. Troy Lee Messer

    My answer: Derek Chauvin. I am …cough…to put it mildly not pro law enforcment. They through Chauvin in prison and he was rightfully, protecting the public from a madman. So a white knight will get fucked up the ass without sandpaper.

    For me, even if i could intervene, i wouldnt, woman wanted equality. They can have it good and hard. I would never intervene on behalf of a non family female. When I was at the homeless shelter, I met a fellow veteran who got a colostomy bag for his white knighting.

    But A.S. is right, the guy just froze. I was thinking. Even if he was carrying, he didnt have a lot of options. As a scrawny old fucker who carries, I dunno what my options would be. There arent many ootions.

  7. Troy Lee Messer

    Behind white guy is another large male negro. that, alone, is a tactical nightmare.
    IMHO, the take away is dont live where there are negros. Avoid public transporatation. live in a constitutiinal carry state.
    But in a sane world, after a crowd was no longer at risk, this negro would have been foound and given the treatment the cops gave Kelly Thomas.

  8. Mike Austin

    In New York City? And if he refuses? Then what? And if he attacks you? Then what? And if you kill him? Then what? And if he was unarmed? You are going to prison, which is 60 percent black. You will be known among the 'brothers' as "that white mofo who killed a nigga." Good luck. Oh…and how will your loved ones fare with you in the Big House?

    And you pulled your gun out and threatened a man who was not threatening you. What would Jeff Cooper have said about that? Or do you simply assume that New York City gun laws are fine with that?

    Nothing changes from what I wrote above in my first comment, except you have probably made it worse for yourself.

  9. John Wilder

    I don't live in a city. I don't go to cities, and I don't hang around in crowds like this. In Modern Mayberry, the answer is that this wouldn't stand in any crowd around here.

    Again, I don't live in a city. There are reasons for that. This is one of them.

  10. Rando

    In a sane country savages like that wouldn't even be allowed to step onto the bus in the first place. There's a reason mass transit is generally unpopular in the USA. It didn't always be that way.

    It's a difficult call to make. As other poster's have made clear, we now live in a country that punishes White men for doing what in years past would have been considered obligatory. Should we really fault the man for not being willing to martyr himself to uphold standards that our society no longer believes in? Look what happened to Derek Chauvin. Any time a White man comes into conflict with a black and has to resort to violence they always accuse the White man of being at fault, even if he was just defending himself. So in that situation if fighting back carries such a big risk, it has to be worth it. So now the only time stepping in makes any sense is when defense of self or loved ones is involved.

  11. Jim Wetzel

    Seems like lots of commenters in here are seeing only abstract groups, not individual people. "They're damn feminist witches who say they don't need (White) men, so to Hell with 'em."


    Mr. Commenter, let's suppose the woman in the video is your wife or daughter, and I'm standing in the place of Mr. Frozen. What do you want me to do: make a quick sociological analysis and decide she's likely just a woke skank anyway, or jump in with a robust defense? You know, just in case she's not.

    Yeah, you're right, it's a different world today, and why? Prominent among the reasons is the cowardice of White men. Has it occurred to anyone that one cause of bad behavior among the 'groids is that they know that White coward excuse-makers won't do anything to put a stop to it? It's a shitty world, all right, and you guys have had a major hand in making it that way.

    What's that you say? You'll get in Trouble? Some commie will phone-video you? Merrick Garland and the fibbies will throw you into the Anal Rape Gulag, where the 'groids will enlarge your fundamental aperture? Yes, it may happen. Do you think you're going to live forever? I'm 67. If I mind my manners as a White serf, and stand carefully back while primates take their boxing practice on nearby White women, and make sure I never get doxxed, I can figure on another ten or twenty years of collecting guns that never get used (outside of ever-less-frequent trips to the range), watching Fox news, and shaking my head over this year's outrages, before handing in my lunch pail in my nursing-home bed, which I crap in from time to time. Can't risk missing out on THAT, now, can I?

    All that is required to bring down tyranny is widespread, mass noncompliance. If all, or even a large fraction, of White men start protecting White women with whatever force is necessary, guess what's going to happen to them? Jack squat, that's what. Because there's a hell of a lot more of US than them.

    One more thing: you don't like the feminism that the teevee convinces you is widespread among White women? Start behaving like MEN. Biology is real. The vast majority of women will respond in a feminine way to a masculine man. The small minority who won't? Write that off as a cost of doing business.

  12. Mike Austin

    "Mr. Commenter, let's suppose the woman in the video is your wife or daughter…" Why suppose that? We have the video; that is, we have the reality of the situation. Why conjure up some fantasy, some imaginary world, so that you can prove some point—and an imaginary one at that? What happened in the video is not some Socratic Dialogue, not some court of law, not some debating club. It is really and truly what happened, the situation on the ground.

    "It's a shitty world, all right…" Well, if you say so. We are about the same age. I do not at all think of the word as "shitty". Fallen, certainly. But it has been this way for 5600 years.

    You say that "Seems like lots of commenters in here are seeing only abstract groups…" but then comes your paragraph that begins, "What's that you say? You'll get in Trouble?…" where you place an entire group up men in your own 'abstract group'. Surely you don't think that all men who aren't like you are in that 'group' you invented. I have been around a bit—several college degrees, 14 years living, working, solo backpacking in Latin America, bikepacking for thousands of miles in the USA with tent and Ruger, being chased by armies and Indians through jungles, being attacked by crocs, pigs and puma, a shipwreck, a kidnapping, and on and on—and I have never met any of your imaginary men in your 'abstract group'.

    "Start behaving like MEN." Good advice. But only a fool would rush in where Angels fear to tread. Only a fool would rush in in a situation about which he knows nothing and which, due to his own ignorance, would ruin him and his loved ones.

    A real man would protect his family and kin. A man in prison or dead cannot do this—or anything else.

  13. Anonymous

    So here is at least part of the video from NYPost:

    Not my circus, not my monkeys, but from this fragment, it appears that the asshole was telling her not to challenge him. (Say it to my Face!). But she did not clue in, and doubled down. So he hit her.

    She looked just exactly like a defiant, arrogant, feminist with lots of Grrrl Power. And she got popped.

    The attacker definitely needs his ass kicked, but hopefully the chick has had some sense beat into her. When an angry man is in your face shouting at you, it might be better to apologize and ask him to calm down a bit, rather than defiantly get back in his face. Instead of repeating her comment, she could have said something along the lines of "Look, I did not mean to upset you, but there are a lot of people here. If you give us a minute we can get out of your way. Please don't yell." That would be simple de-escalation, and it might have saved her from getting popped, and saved any random white guy the trouble of having his masculinity and world-view questioned, or life potentially ruined.

    Women need men to protect them, I fully agree. But, there is never any excuse for women to be saying "Let's you and him fight!"

    Based on the fragment of video that I linked to, the chick needs to be more careful, and the dude would have just wasted his time getting involved.

    Though it does look like he was about to say something.

    But, since this is the internet, you all can go ahead an question my masculinity, tell me I'm blaming the victim, and call me an incel. That's cool.

  14. Rando

    When I was 18 and working at my first job as a fast food wagie, I received one of my first red pills regarding women. After we closed for the night, while walking out I saw a car parked in our lot with a couple arguing. The woman was driving the car, with the man standing outside it yelling at her through the window. She tried to drive off, while the man reached in trying to stop her. She almost dragged him before stopping again, and he slapped her so hard I could hear it clear across the parking lot. I wanted to do something but the older Indian woman I worked with told me to stop and just watch. When I protested she again told me to STFU and just watch.

    So, we sat and watched for about 10-15 minutes while the guy was talking to the girl in the car. Finally she stepped out and they embraced, they both got in the car and left. I was floored, as only 15 minutes ago the guy was slapping the shit out of her and she was trying to get away from him. I learned a lot of my first red pills from that Indian woman. For one thing, don't just rush in on a woman's behalf, especially if you don't have a relationship with her. For all you know she was the one responsible for getting herself into that situation in the first place, and may not even appreciate your efforts on her behalf.

    I agree that that savage ought to be hung from a lamp post, but I'm not going to fault that man for not acting either. It's easy to say what ought to be done from the safety of one's keyboard and it's not your life on the line. How do you know that feral didn't have a gun or a knife on him? Are you willing to die for a stranger you don't know? I mean, she could be a feminist, for crying out loud!

  15. Anonymous

    I'm an Aussie too, and firearms aren't exactly freely available here. A work colleague of mine had a horrible limp, and always wore trousers. One day he told me the story and showed me his disfigured leg.

    Turned out he'd been working in the middle of Sydney and in a similar situation to yours happened in front of him. The couple fighting were white and it was lunchtime. Glen intervened, and stopped the woman from being beaten to a complete pulp. Punched the big hero boyfriend in the mouth a few times and stopped the fight. Turned his back and went to help the woman. Boyfriend went back to the car and pulled out a 12 gauge and shot Glen in the knee. Girlfriend instantly made-up with boyfriend – literally on the spot – and drove off with him while Glen lay on the ground in a pool of blood, horribly wounded. Glen came within a whisker of losing his leg. Instead he spends the rest of his life in constant pain, had a horrible limp and some evil-looking scars.

    I know this is a bit of a strawman-type situation, but it is real, and actually did happen. As so many of the commenters above have said, if it was a relative or my wife – old mate who likes to swing punches at women would be in a world of pain for what he did. I also know that my relatives & wife would not be likely to be stupid like that in public. So either there is a lot more to the video leading up to this which we don't see, or M'lady played stupid games and won stupid prizes. I have a strong dislike for mouthy women performing their shrill-harpy act in public. I don't condone hitting them (or anyone for that matter), but sometimes, I sort-of understand.

  16. Ken

    My wife saw the video, and assumed the white male next to her was her husband or boyfriend, but was too scared to act … but at least one comment said they are unrelated. Maybe I missed something (I'm not a news or Internet junkie), but what info or clues do you base that assertion (that they are unrelated) on?

    And, just for discussion, if they were husband and wife, would he still been advised to stand down? Or would any of you acted differently?

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