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Please Hold

The promised follow-up post is postponed due to very needy Amish people and also Arthur being unable to make his point in a brief post. Stay tuned. 


  1. Anonymous

    you never go wrong helping out the amish. they remember you when you need some help.
    makes one wish more people where like that as well. always got along well with them myself.
    don't smoke around them and watch what I say. treat them fair and they are fair back to you.
    nice people

  2. Anonymous

    a lot of them keep pigs, they don't NEED help getting rid of the unwanted if need be.
    makes wonder about a few of my uncles, long ago they ALL KEPT PIGS ?
    and they where all hillbillies too ? always was quiet around there and no assholes to brother anyone
    either, makes a person wonder ,,,

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