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Mogadishu Minnesota Mass Shooting Alert!

A big one in Minneapolis/St.Paul, aka The Mogadishu Of The Midwest. 15 people shot, one dead at a bar in St. Paul

That sort of kill/wounded ratio had me suspicious from the get-go and then police announced three men had been arrested….
Police arrested Terry Lorenzo Brown, Jr., 33; Devondre Trevon Phillips, 29; and Jeffrey Orlando Hoffman, 32.
The names kinda give it away, especially Devondre, but how many White folk give their kids middle names like Lorenzo and Orlando? When you see that they only killed one person out of 15 shot and a very familiar picture starts to take shape. 
The deceased is a woman and she is the 32nd murder victim in St. Paul this year, putting them on pace to break their record for homicides. 
Meanwhile 42 people shot so far in Chicago this weekend. 


  1. Anonymous

    They have the same level of accuracy as new york cops.

    I have a buddy who was range officer for an indoor range. City cops he said were the worst for safety issues, waiving guns around, fingers on triggers, safeties off, rounds chambered still in 'safed' guns.


  2. Last Days To The Rodeo

    I recently served as instructor/RSO for a local "muh diversity" class on a private range. Despite the fact that every participant was upper middle class/executive level, I discovered that when you put a firearm in their hands they instinctively revert to one-handed, hold it sideways, Tec-9, ghetto movie gun handling. Only exceptions were two females in the class that outperformed their male counterparts by a significant margin in all areas. In the men, you could see the IQ level drop the moment they held the firearm. While safety measures like the extended trigger finger outside of the trigger guard was imitated by all, likely a result of photographs they'd seen online, all other safety measures were abysmal. If so inclined, I could have written a thesis paper on the lack of fine motor skills on display. The fast-twitch muscles that make them perfectly suited for dodging defenders while scoring touchdowns added nothing but a need to do mag dumps on any occasion, accuracy be damned. Spray and pray, indeed.

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