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Major Trauma? You Gonna Die

This is a sobering video but one I think is important. We need to be realistic.

If things get really bad, and you get a serious injury, you are probably going to die. As he says, all that cool gear might keep you alive long enough to get back and say goodbye to your loved ones. 
Things aren’t going to be sunshine and puppy dogs if it goes sideways. Little stuff you hardly think of now can be very serious, serious stuff will likely be fatal. Many of us will likely die not in a gun battle with Feds or feral urbanites, but from something dumb that can’t be fixed.
Be sure you know what we are headed for, that is a big part of mentally preparing for what is coming.


  1. Ken

    Sobering thought. The health 'care' system is already fooked now; imagine how much worse it will get when TSHTF. Think of the first episode of Walking Dead, when Rick Raines was abandoned in a hospital, left for dead.

  2. Anonymous

    People should already be self medicating and avoiding hospitals like the plague. They do not care about you, only the money. If they can get you to die, they make a killing (no pun intended).

  3. Mike Austin

    It was way back in early 1975 that I learned that lesson. I was the non-commissioned officer in charge of the USAF hospital ER at Webb AFB, Texas. Got a call from a guy who said that he had just shot his wife, and that he needed an ambulance. I contacted the doctor on duty, got into the ambulance, put on the lights and siren and off I went with another medic in tow. The ride took ten minutes. We could have just stayed at the hospital. The guy had indeed shot his wife. Dead on in the heart. She was dead before her husband made the phone call. She had bled out in a few minutes.

    All the modern tech of the US Military was to no avail.

    When the shooting starts, there will many such phone calls, but no one to answer them.

  4. Skipperdaddy

    I am a safety first cultured guy from all my years of training and being at sea. I keep meds, first aid kits, tourniquets and so forth everywhere. PPE everywhere. Last year in Dec was going out to feed the chickens at 0700 and slipped on some ice and knocked me the fuck out. I live remote and the next thing I know I was on a chopper headed to hospital. On my back for 4 months straight and still kinda fucked up today. So yea, its the shit you never expected. Prepare for the worst and hope for the best.

  5. E M Johnson

    be aware that it can happen BUT don't get the mind set your gonna die because you will if thats what your thinking. fuck that, go into the light kicking and screaming. maybe the angels will send you back instead of all that drama lol

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