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A quick addendum to my prior post and the cult of MAGA. 

One way to know if someone is a savvy, smart observer of the culture and political scene is how they view the whole Trump thing. 
The vast majority of people, the shallow, surface level thinkers, believe that what has been going on is all about Donald Trump, both as a candidate and as President. Trump is either the noble heroic champion of the working people or he is the cartoonish literal Nazi villain. These people are either dumb or just intellectually lazy, and that category includes almost every adult in America. They are not serious people and should not be taken seriously.
People paying attention who know what is going on understand that Trump is simply a proxy, a totem representing the old America of White people. All of the hatred and vitriol directed at him is really anger and loathing aimed squarely at White people. This animus on the part of our elites existed long before Trump became a candidate, it simply became more apparent with his rise as a candidate and his tenure as President. 
They don’t hate you because you voted for Trump. They hate Trump because you voted for him.
If you don’t get this, you don’t understand anything about politics in the 2010s/2020s.


  1. E M Johnson

    maybe too many don't see past the image. but they hate trump for what he represented and hate his voters for even existing. 16, 20 or 2024 won't change their opinion or the countries current trajectory. it will take more than politics to change that

  2. Mike Austin

    "They don't hate you because you voted for Trump. They hate Trump because you voted for him."

    They have hated me for thirty-five years. I've earned their hatred. I will stop hating them back when I am dead.

  3. Ken

    Trump was a lightning rod, exposing the division between parasites (dependent on handouts, non-productive), and independent-thinking, freedom-loving Americans (producers).

  4. E M Johnson

    Why am I seeing Ann Rand writing this last years timeline between takers and makers? This is so Atlas shrugged isn't it? Claire Wolfe's alternative living structure could be the new Galt if we can make it there.

  5. Arthur Sido

    The two biggest imperatives for everyone right now should be a) getting out of cities and suburbs and b) finding a way to support yourself that sidesteps globohomo corporations as much as possible.

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