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Killing The Old Man

This was a quote someone shared on Facebook. No attribution but I think it is still a pretty valid expression of where we are.

The lack of self-awareness part is pretty important. There is an old saying about people not knowing what they don’t know. Today? People don’t know an awful lot. It is a combination of targeted historical illiteracy and the endless propagandizing of our population. 
The see our forbearance as weakness and it emboldens them to keep pushing. And pushing and pushing, thinking our lack of response thus far means we will never respond. Again, this is historical illiteracy. Our people killed and conquered anywhere and everywhere across the globe and we don’t do it anymore because we don’t want or need to, not because we can’t. 
As the unknown author points out, once we step across that line our old lives are over and we don’t want them to be over. The man I am now, the product of decades of adulthood with all of the ups and downs, isn’t the man needed for the times that are coming. He must be put to death and a new man must rise in his place.
I don’t want it to be over either but I also have a limit to what I will put up with. Sure that limit is pretty expansive but it isn’t infinite and like many of us I am slowly killing the old man who just wanted to be left alone and replacing him with something completely different. Something that ironically enough will look like the worst caricatures they paint of us. They aren’t going to like it.


  1. Robert Orians

    They have been building the pressure on we the people for many years . Gonna start a tea party ? IRS will crush you . Got caught without wearing your seat belt ? $175 fine . Drink one beer too many with the VFW boys ? 3 years suspension , $5000 fine , 30 days in jail . No , I don't drink but an old friend that is a retired deputy comes over to see me stinking drunk with an open case of beer in the bed of his truck . He brags to me how any LEO that stops him magically does not notice his drunkeness as soon as he shows his retired deputy card . Meanwhile Hunter Biden lives in protected luxury . Law is no more than a tool to oppress we the people . And the anger is building . Maybe we should vote more harder , heh !

  2. Da Dog

    If “they” want to make one’s life miserable, “they” can. Far too much power has been consolidated into the hands of a few. Additionally, “law” is applied to “them” and the common man differently. The common man sees this clearly now and is highly frustrated. Ain’t too many more straws that the camel can endure.

  3. Richard Gilbert

    Thanks again Aurthur, youre on fire lately…

    Big country poasted a similar theme yesterday as well…

    For many of us, we've already had to put that old man down, re-start the race of life from waaay behind, and scratched back to 'normal' against all odds and obstacles…

    All the while, TPTB have been slow boiling us…

    I dread the thought of resurrecting that former 'old man' and having to try to control those demons again for a season and then attempt to rein em back in & kill him again…

    Think william muney (unforgiven)…

    Sorry to ramble, but many of us have already killed our old selves multiple times and know what those were like, and it sucks to be forced to go back to that horror/misery just because they wouldnt leave us be as our better selves…

  4. Mike Austin

    Law? What is that? Answer: Whatever the ruling elites say it is. The Law has become merely a means to justify the ruling class to do whatever it damn well pleases, to do whatever it wants to the rest of us with no retribution at all, and to take whatever it wants from anyone who slightly resists.

    This means of course that there is no Law as properly understood for millennia. We live under a lawless regime that expects us to obey it. And when we don't?

    Really, the regime has no idea.

  5. Shillelagh Pog

    Beyond anger lies fury, the heedless ungovernable rage of the berserker, and beyond that again, a long, long step beyond the boundary of madness, lies the region of cold and utterly uncaring indifference. When a man enters that region, as few ever do, he is no longer himself, he is a man beside himself, a man without all his normal codes and standards of feeling and thought and emotions, a man for whom words like fear and danger and suffering and exhaustion are words that belong to another world and whose meaning he can no longer comprehend. It is a state characterized by an abnormally heightened clarity of mind, by a hyper-sensitive perception of where danger lies, by a total and unhuman disregard for that danger. It is, above all, a state characterised by an utter implacability. –alistair maclean

  6. Anonymous

    If you think things are bad now,
    Just wait until the people who wanted to be left alone get involved.
    The day is coming, soon, when good men are going to have to do bad things to very bad people.
    For as a man reaches a certain age,
    He doesn’t want any drama.
    He doesn’t want to fight anyone.
    But, if forced to fight, he will not fight fair.
    Do not ever think that the reason he is peaceful is because he doesn't know how to be violent.
    There are no weapons he will not use and he will not quit.
    So, it is best to just leave us alone,
    With our coffee, our bourbon and cigars,
    With our respect for God, Country and each other.
    We've given all the tolerance we have to give.
    Don’t poke the old men, they will hurt you.
    Let all know, I chose to die standing than live kneeling.
    "The only solution for bad and violent people is good people who are more skilled at violence." – Samari Bushido

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