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How To Not Fight Fair

Piggybacking off of my post What Does Fair Have To Do With Anything?, I was thinking more about the concept of fighting fair and how it applies in the real world. More specifically how it applies to us and how we think about fighting in our own country when the bulk of the most powerful forces are lined up against us. As a reminder, I am not a military tactician or historian. Also I am not recommending or advocating any actions as a result of this post. This is strictly for entertainment purposes.

Since the current occupant of the White House has suggested that patriots consider arming themselves with F-15s and nukes, and also that my FFL handbook from the ATF seems to indicate that those are not actually items I can sell, the question is what chance does a ragtag group of ten million civilians have against the wokest military ever? Actually not that bad, there are lots of examples of over-matched groups beating (on paper) superior forces in history, in what is called Asymmetric Warfare.

The best domestic example of Asymmetric warfare, where there is a significant difference in the relative military power of two belligerents, is the long war of conquest that we used to call the Indian wars. For centuries, from the first settlement in North America in 1609 until the final resistance was defeated in 1924, Europeans pushed across the North American continent from the East Coast and spreading West. Along the way, we met varying degrees of resistance from the various Indian tribes and nations.
On paper it shouldn’t have been much of a fight. The Europeans had professional soldiers with firearms, steel swords and cannon. Wars in Europe were fought with large groups lined up against one another in staggered rows so the front row could shoot while the rear row could reload their muskets. Sheer firepower was the name of the game. In a European style battle the Indians would be slaughtered. That isn’t how the Indians fought. 
The Indians weren’t playing that way. They didn’t generally get into pitched battles and then didn’t lay siege to the European forts. They attacked wagon trains, led the White men into ambushes, went after lightly defended homesteads. Their lack of sophisticated weaponry meant they could travel lightly. While I am not sure how historically accurate it is, I always appreciated the scene in Last Of The Mohicans where the British were ambushed in the forest and especially this part: 
They knew the British would line up to shoot on command, so they ducked out of the way and then charged while they reloaded. They weren’t idiots, you don’t have a good day lining up and letting the other guy shoot at you so you wait until they fire and then attack.
Of course the end result was that the Indians lost, were conquered and relegated to reservations where they run casinos and drink themselves to death. But for hundreds of years they terrorized the settlers mainly by refusing to get sucked into pitched battle and instead selecting softer targets: homesteads, wagon trains and the like. A book I just started about General “Mad Anthony” Wayne, namesake of my high school, recounts the fate of women and children who accompanied an American army into a slaughter near the site of Kekionga, what is known today as Fort Wayne, Indiana. As the American soldiers fled, they left behind these camp followers to a horrific fate:
He could not forget the dozens, maybe even hundreds, of women and children left mangled and dead on the battlefield. They were the wives and mistresses of the soldiers along with their sons and daughters. Some were even prostitutes. They had followed their men into the wilderness and had been cut down without mercy by the Indians. A few had been carried off, but most had been hacked to pieces with the limbs and breasts of the women cut off and the brains of the children dashed against the trees.

Stockwell, Mary. Unlikely General (p. 13). Yale University Press. Kindle Edition. 
The Americans were attacked when least prepared, the day before they intended to engage the enemy and had failed to dig in before settling in for the night, negating their advantages.
The Declaration Of Independence even specifically mentions this as one of the many outrages perpetrated against the colonies:
He has excited domestic insurrections amongst us, and has endeavoured to bring on the inhabitants of our frontiers, the merciless Indian Savages, whose known rule of warfare, is an undistinguished destruction of all ages, sexes and conditions.
The lesson?
Don’t fight your enemy where he is strongest.
Another example, The Troubles, the decades long war between the IRA and the British government. The IRA were deeply embedded in the civilian, non-combatant population of Northern Ireland. While the British had tanks and jets and artillery, they really couldn’t simply level entire city blocks full of subjects of the Crown. The IRA tried to pick and choose places to strike and then faded away into the civilian population, a population that might not have always been on their side but hated the British and also were scared to rat on the IRA for fear of retaliation. 
The Trouble took thousands of lives, almost 400 from various IRA factions and over 1,000 from the British military plus over 100 Ulster loyalists. Thousands of civilians also were killed and tens of thousands wounded. But still the IRA ended up with a nearly 3-1 advantage in combatant deaths by picking their battles and choosing soft targets. One of the most famous incidents came on August 27th, 1979 when the IRA bombed the boat of Lord Mountbatten, killing him, two teen-aged boys and an elderly lady. I was only 7 but I remember the news about this. The same day the IRA ambushed and killed 18 British soldiers with two roadside bombs.

What is especially interesting about this bombing was the planning. The initial blast only killed two British soldiers but the IRA had been studying the British response and planted a second bomb where they believed the British would set up to respond to the bombing. They were correct and the second bomb killed a dozen more, making it twice as deadly as the initial bomb. By the 1990s the IRA was employing sniper teams using .50 caliber Barrett rifles to shoot British soldiers and had started to shoot down British helicopters. I wonder how many Barrett .50 caliber rifles are in civilian hands in the U.S.?
The IRA didn’t get together in a big group and march into a field to take on British tanks and helicopters but they killed a bunch of them anyway. More about “The Troubles” to come as I think it is the best parallel to what the most likely next stage in our Cold Civil War looks like. 
The lesson?
Study your enemy, especially his behavior and tactics. 
The IRA and the Indians both more or less lost. The Indians are basically casino owners and sports mascots and Northern Ireland is still part of the U.K., but how about people who didn’t fight fair and won?
Nothing in modern American history, during my lifetime, is more seared into our national memory than Vietnam. Korea was a weird stalemate of sorts but Vietnam was an unequivocal disaster. It happened concurrently with the widespread rebellion against the ease and comfort won for Americans courtesy of our emergence from World War II as the leader of the free world, largely untouched by the war. It also was the first war regularly beamed into American homes on the TV. The imagery of war turned the American people against the war and it ended with first the American forces withdrawing in defeat and then shortly after the South Vietnamese regime collapsing and the remaining American forced to flee.

The North Vietnamese and the Viet Cong were hardly a professional, well equipped military force. But again they simply wore down their enemy and fought whenever possible on their terms. The other big problem? They were often hidden in plain sight. That was a serious problem in Vietnam but imagine it in the U.S. where the “enemy” would look just like you and share your nationality and race in many cases. Add in that the U.S. military is mostly filled with soft targets. There aren’t many officers who don’t have extended family throughout the country and they can’t all live on base.
The lesson?
It is harder for them to shoot you if they don’t know who to shoot.
The example most of us know about because it is the most recent is the debacle in Afghanistan. 
After the 9/11 attacks, whoever was behind them, a narrative was quickly agreed upon by all the major institutions, perhaps because it had been predetermined: Al Qaeda under the direction of Osama bin Laden from a base in Afghanistan had carried out the hijackings. Justice demanded we kick down the door and smite al Qaeda. What happened instead was a 20 year war between the U.S. and our allies plus the ridiculous Afghan security forces versus the Taliban and other various Islamic groups. 
Thousands dead, tens of thousands wounded, trillions wasted and now Afghanistan is right back where it was on September 10, 2001: under the control of the Taliban and the most radical Muslims in the world. 
The war seemed lopsided on paper. The most technologically advanced military the world has ever seen with limitless resources versus a bunch of goat herders using weapons they had scavenged from the Soviets decades earlier. The Taliban had no tanks or armored vehicles, no jets or helicopters, no artillery or drones. 
How did the Taliban win? By outlasting us. They knew that sooner or later the Americans would grow weary of the war, tired of the casualties and the cost. They seemed to avoid pitched battles, not running into the teeth of the American military where they would be slaughtered and instead focused on guerilla warfare. They absolutely believed in their cause and the Americans simply didn’t match their zealotry. Patience is a powerful weapon and losing your patience can leave you in a dangerous spot. 
The end result was what we saw earlier this year, the vaunted U.S. military leaving and the Afghan security forces we spent untold billions equipping and training surrendering and evaporating without a fight. The country collapsed with breathtaking speed. If anything the Taliban are in a better position now than when we first dropped in to say hi right after the 9/11 attacks.
The lesson?
Patience, commitment and attrition can defeat a more powerful adversary
These are just a few examples of how to fight against a foe that on paper is far more powerful than you are. Despite the violence porn rhetoric from many of our elites who are salivating at the idea of using drones and smart bombs to smite Trump voters and the unvaccinated, reality is far different.
One overriding theme of all of these historical events is that it never makes sense to fight your enemy on his terms and where he is strongest. That is a lesson that we need to learn in our Cold Civil War and you need only look at something like the Unite The Right rally in Charlottesville as a foolish move into a place where the enemy was far too strong and the results were exactly what one should have expected.
The other is that you most likely will never win if you fight your enemy based on the rules he has established. The Indians didn’t line up like gentlemen and exchange musket volleys. The IRA didn’t march in lockstep in the streets of Belfast to engage the British forces. The Viet Kong stayed in the jungles where the U.S couldn’t effectively deploy tanks against them. The Taliban avoided pitched battles where the American tech superiority would lead to slaughter. 
Certainly I am not recommending any actual actions with this intellectual exercise. Just giving you food for thought. 
As someone who has never been in a war I can nonetheless say that by looking at relatively recent history it becomes apparent that winning a war is not just a matter of having more men and bigger guns. 


  1. Anonymous

    During the revolutionary war the british thought the rebels were uncivilized as they crouched behind stone wallsand fired from protection rather thsn standing out in the open.


  2. Mike Austin

    So-called "rules of warfare" have always confounded me. There is one rule: win. If a nation is not willing to pay the cost of victory, then that nation should not go to war. (Think of the CSA 1861 – 1865). I prefer war making in the style of the Roman Republic. Look up "Corinth" and "Carthage" and what happened to them in 146 BC.

    That video from "Last of the Mohicans" does indeed represent English warfare in North America at the beginning of the French and Indian War (1754 – 1763). The English adapted and began to use "ranger" tactics developed by the colonials to counter Indian warfare. Incidentally, the bloodiest war in American History was King Philip's War (1675 – 1678). That was "a close-run thing" as Wellington would say.

    British standard line infantry tactics worked perfectly well from 1700 until the Zulu Wars (1879). This formation won the Brits their empire after all. Washington himself adopted them to win America's freedom.

    The British could never defeat the IRA. Between the siege of Drogheda and Cromwell's conquest of Ireland (1649), and the "Time of Troubles" the Brits lost the stomach for victory. Alexander would have handled the IRA the same way he handled Thebes (335 BC). Caesar at Uxellodonum (51 BC) is another example. Not at all pretty, but they were not meant to be.

    America's final act of "total war" was at Okinawa. The Japanese militarists were erased from History. Think again of Carthage and Corinth. That is how wars are won. Since 1945 America has been weighed down with all sorts of silly ROE, international worries and "laws".

    Here is not the place to debate about America's Afghan War or even the loss in Vietnam. It is enough to say that, even if we produced a Caesar or Hannibal, that he would be so harassed by political objectives that any military objectives would be unreachable. In other words, another lost war.

  3. Mike Austin

    They did everything the Romans asked of them, including sending all their children to Rome, and then surrendering all of their war making equipment. Oops.

    At the start of the Third Punic War (149 – 146 BC) the city of Carthage had a population of 500,000. At the end, 50,000. The last leader of the city was one Hasdrubal, who surrendered to the Romans. His wife refused, and gathered their children in her arms and jumped into the burning city. Damn.

    Some 350 years later, Rome had an emperor named Septimius Severus (193 – 211), who was half Carthaginian. Some day the US will have a Gomez or a Cheng for president. Not that it will matter much by then.

  4. E M Johnson

    Ask yourself, do I have the capacity to go all medieval on these thousands of savages being imported into the country. Total war with no quarter for sex, age or infirmity. If not then get right with God because the savages are ready, willing and able to overun you and your beta family for the betterment of their tribe. Add your own leftist countrymen to this list and the task can seem daunting. It can be done but it won't be pretty.

  5. Mike Austin

    Very true. Total War—not Sherman's "hard war"—is what God ordered the Hebrews to wage against the Amalekites:

    "Now go, attack the Amalekites and totally destroy everything that belongs to them. Do not spare them, put to death men and women, children and infants, cattle and sheep, camels and donkeys.”—1 Samuel 15:2-3

    This is how to wage war. Let the timid shy away. Let the men take care of business.

  6. TheObsoleteMan

    Genghis Khan was very similar in his retribution, although not nearly as bad: He would offer to spare the conquered peoples, provided they pay him an annual tribute that was very high, learn and adapt to his proscribed customs. Many did. Those that didn't, well… the adult males were slaughtered horrifically, and boy that had pubic hair was treated as an adult male. The rest were castrated and made eunuchs. The old and sickly were slaughtered. The attractive women and girls were employed as sexual concubines and the ugly became domestic laborers. Any thing of value such as land, live stock and harvest stocks were confiscated. In this way entire races were bred out in just a couple of generations. Sound familiar?

  7. markshere2

    VietNam (and Korea before) was a weird proxy war of USA vs communist forces.

    The USA had vietnam won until the Democrat congress cut funds for South Viet Nams defense.
    The North agreed to quit after having Hanoi bombed.

    Note that Afghanistan should never been invaded.
    The USA should never have engaged in "building democracy " in a Moslem nation.
    Moslems do not care about anything except killing infidels to adavnce their 7th century death cult.

    Lessons learned
    Dont fight a land war in asia
    Democrat politicians will surrender to communists and moslems as quickly as possible
    FDR gave the Soviet union all of eastern europe
    Truman quit in Korea imstead of teaching the Chi Coms a real lesson
    The Dems in congress abandoned South Viet Nam
    Biden wins the gold medal by giving the Taliban 90 Billion dollars worty of military equipment and ammo and countless dollars worth of intel.

    Ergo, its all politics and the Ds are the evil party while the Rs are the stupid party

  8. Anonymous

    Everyone needs to get out of the mindset of a physical confrontation type war. Not going to happen.
    This war we are in started several decades ago, and is being fought electronically.
    More damage has been done to this country over the last decade than in all the years since WWII with propaganda than with violence.

    If we want to win, we have to play by their rules. Lie, cheat, sabotage.

  9. Anonymous

    Mr. Wilson: You are partially right. There are police-soldiers out there who have sold their souls for a paycheck. I have met some of them and I have them: "mugged and numbered." But keep in mind when the balloon does go up, a majority of the Orcs and Orcettes with badges and guns or M-4's and Cammies will opt for calling in sick and pulling what a lot of them did when Katrina hit: staying home to protect their own. One of the true stories which happened during the Rodney King festivities was the group of NG's who were surrounded in their Humvee by gang-bangers and relieved of their weapons and equipment. THAT did not make the Evening News. Stay safe and stay vigilant. Bleib ubrig.

  10. Troy Lee Messer

    …A consistent theme, if our zeal doesn't match theirs then we lose….

    1000x this.

    …Everyone needs to get out of the mindset of a physical confrontation type war. Not going to happen….
    IMHO, a reason it hasnt gone kinetic is the USA is a very rich nation. People that have never been outside of the USA probably have no idea.
    Shit doesnt happen until we hit rock bottom. When people cant get food. Because the usa is so rich, it has a long long way to fall. and because it is a whole continent, the chaos will not be uniform.
    But the slow motion failure cascade that is our supply chain, places well run out of food

  11. NorthGunner

    You aren't kidding. For an eye opener just look at all
    the kerfluffle being currently staged here in the FUSSA
    over the 'Get vaxxed or you WILL be replaced!" that is
    being 'mandated' via a cheesy scripted press conference
    and how 'professional folks' (cops and military in
    particular) are responding.

    I was watching the latest installment of 'The Morning
    Constitutional the other day and TFM responded to a
    commenter saying that Natl. Guard troops will be replacing
    250 prison guards in MA that refuse to get the jab and that
    40% of Shit-Congo's police force will be replaced for not
    getting the jab.

    Listen to what he has to say about both the cops and
    the military that DO go along with getting the jab.

    The Morning Constitutional: 10/14/2021

    Go to the 00:04:53 mark to start – it runs to the 00:08:04

    Yes, the 'conservative' elephants DO thirst for their own
    deaths…via their 'principles'…

    Gets them EVERY time…..

    Oh, and fwiw, the the local 'indian aahh-thou-ah-tey' that
    runs the 'rez' near my AO, it's Chairwoman, Amelia Flores
    and the rest of the 'tribal council' have trippled down on
    the vaxx issue with plans to bribe fellow tribal members into
    getting the sterilizing, paralyzing, clot-shot jab.

    From the website (scroll down
    to where this is mentioned):

    "Fully vaccinated Tribal members are eligible to receive cash
    payments of $500 or $250 thanks to an incentive program just
    approved by the Colorado River Indian Tribes. CRIT is implementing
    the program using funds received by the Tribes pursuant to the
    American Rescue Plan Act.

    Every Tribal member 18 and up who receives both doses of the
    Pfizer or Moderna vaccines or the required single dose of the
    Johnson and Johnson vaccine are eligible for a onetime payment
    of $500. The payment is $250 for Tribal members between 12 and
    17 years of age. Those who have been previously vaccinated are

    Tribal Council Chairwoman Amelia Flores stated, “For us to truly
    defeat the pandemic, everyone who can be vaccinated should be vaccinated.
    Until that happens, more of our members risk becoming sick or dying. We
    can’t let this happen. These incentives are a wise use of dollars that
    provide some economic relief as well as preventing the spread of COVID-19."

    Consider the above in regard to what Mike Whitney has said here:

    "It all makes sense once you realize they want to kill us"

    In 2 to 5 years, tribal leaders such as Flores may actually
    accomplish the destruction of their own people…self-genocide,
    all over the fear of a variant of the common cold.

    Talk about being firmly imbeded in the 'Cult of Cov-idiocy'!

    I doubt that they will be as intelligent as the other 'Indians'
    and save themselves via the use of Ivermectin, Quercitin, Zinc,
    Vit. D, K2 via the Zelenko Protocol.

    Keep your heads on a swivel and remember to check 6
    my brothers!

    And stay un-jabbed!

    NorthGunner – The Truth Is It's OWN Defense

  12. Wyomarine

    The first thing people need to do is pull their head out of their ass and stop blaming the Dems for all of this, it's been going on for over 100 yrs and it's the Uniparty that plays them against each other while their control is growing due to the ignorance and brainwashing of the masses. Dems vs Repubs is a control game, get over it.
    Sitting here telling history tales is not going to fix the lack of back bone and military skills so desperately needed, but then again, there will be no ground war.
    1. Lack of participation from the intended victims, and 2. they are already in the early stages of starving and jabbing us to death. No need for a shooting war with Bubba.

  13. NorthGunner

    Good Morning Wyomarine,

    Most of the Hu-lemming NPC/normies won't pull
    their heads out of their asses because they're
    too deeply invested mentally and especially
    emotionally in the 'narrative' to oppose, let
    alone dare question it.

    The decided position of the local 'tribal
    authority' re the 'jab' is a perfect example
    of this…self selecting for death/non-existence.

    The 'blame the dems!..No, it's the repubs!' bs
    is a scripted Kabuki Theater drama play by the
    Uniparty. We and others here understand that.

    Telling history tales is an educational effort
    for the newcomers to the party here. Whether
    such is effective is up to them, especially if
    they turn around and educate others that they know.

    The lack of back bone and real world tactical skills
    is a separate issue based in the mindset of "oh isn't
    this horrible!! Something MUST be done, won't something
    be done (but not by ME) about this!"

    gov is THE problem..but what do 90+% of people do?…
    They immediately cry out, "Government, Government save us!!"

    As Paul Elam has said, "There's no victims..only volunteers."

    So, no there won't be any participation from the NPC's/normie
    Hu-lemmings as it fights the very system that they believe
    is essential to them. Also the very idea of resisting in any
    fashion has been indoctrinated out of them.

    The main point is that as TFM mentioned, the cops and the military,
    especially those that HAVE taken 'the jabb' are NOT your friends –
    they will NOT come to save/help you especially when it becomes
    Hockey Mask Time.

    Don't comply – don't take the 'jabb' and become ungovernable!

    NorthGunner – The Truth Is It's OWN Defense!

  14. LargeMarge

    With just-in-time shipping and warehousing and manufacturing, each gear depends on each cog clicking at the perfect time.
    Another way to say this:
    * the system only functions at 'maximum-stress'.
    October 2021:
    One cog — magnesium, used in aluminum alloy — goes wonky, and everything made of aluminum screeches to a halt.
    No vehicle fenders, no cans for soda-pops, no ladders for house-painters.
    Times Rwanda.
    Times Bosnia.

  15. BILL

    hey we lost 2 conflicts bitches, to whom ? Sandal wearing enemy. WTF get over the it. Want to win ? then wear your sandals. 2 wars Conflicts Meat grinders both of them,They followed the rules fortunate SON. Since I was a kid it's been high school graduating class one after another for THE WAR ! (me too young for VC and did my time before for the sand box ) Seen the left kill america from with in . Hippy's stink and so do the grand kids. So we lost three wars hippy's and commies sandals on the campus….I'll give them what they want,I came into this world covered in some ones else blood and have no problem going out that way. Hey wear your fuckin sandals .

  16. Brad Fallon

    If you still think a bunch of 65IQ, dirty sandal wearing, green tea drinking, opium smoking, toothless, sand niggers flew 747's into the twin towers god have mercy on your soul. NO PLANES WERE INVOLVED in 9/11. Now think about what that means.

  17. Anonymous

    While we are doing mental gymnastics here, I have some additional thoughts:
    If the officers and command are taken out first, the rank and file fade quickly. Politicians should be first on everyone's Christmas card list.
    The Zionists needed to remove the British from the Middle East so instead of attacking the military, they attacked the families of the military. The British left post haste.

  18. HalfElf

    So when I saw the second plane strike in it was not what my lying eyes told me it was??. I can see confusion on bldg 7@ WTC, but to say no planes involved defies the maxim that a secret is only as secure as the square of the number of people who know it. This to not be leaked by now would rank up there in the top tier of unleaked knowledge.
    My God and me, we came to an understanding years ago, I trust him, and he hasn't done anything to violate my faith in his existence.

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