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Ho! Ho! Ruh Roh!

You should take anecdotal evidence with a hefty heaping of salt but still. 

Two of the wholesalers I have accounts with for “soft goods” like gear, clothing and accessories sent out emails about two hours apart today. Both warned of significant price increases coming down in the next couple of weeks. Both cited the supply chain disruptions. While prices continue to plummet from firearms wholesalers and availability is awesome, soft goods prices are headed up.
It is not a coincidence. Firearms are mostly made in the U.S. while the soft goods are almost exclusively made in Asia. The supply lines from Illinois, Wyoming, South Carolina, etc are fine and dandy for guns but apparently lots of tacticool gear is trapped on supply ships or hasn’t even left the country of origin yet. 
That bodes ominously for the winter and accompanying “holiday” season. It is a solid bet that we will see popular items rapidly sold out and that will have a cascading effect on other items with panic buying setting in. I am already seeing staple items like, of course, toilet paper and bottled water with frequent outages and the word is that prices on those household staples are going to climb steadily. 
Winter is coming kids.


  1. The Insurgent

    I deal with Epic Militaria in England. Great surplus & replica supplier. They are still getting merchandise to North America within 10 days. Just received an email from them. Great winter selection of coats & cold weather apparel. They also have a US rep if you need to send something back. Excellent service, too!

  2. Troy Lee Messer

    i play this fun game called railway empire. it is a simulation. There is a game mechanic where you have this automated 4 track train station with these 'x' s so you can get a train from track on to 4. The trains will have random failures where they just stop. on one of these game icons a train failed. which back up the 4 lines. TLDR, this caused a cascade failure that shut down 90% of the trains. it took me 30 minutes to track it down. I couldnt help but think of the logistical analogies.
    the point of this story is that we are in the middle of a slow motion cascade failure, the results of which have yet to be seen. What happens here, takes days to make stuff happen there. There failures will negative feedback loop into more failure.
    These failures might resonate to the point where food cant get delivered. Our "Just-in-time" is a fine tune machine that requires fine machininging. I can see place in contenential US not getting food.
    I am glad I live in a state with constitutional carry. i honestly think that will soften the blow.

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