Monday, October 4, 2021

Gucci Gear Gheys

I have talked about my disdain for "experts" in the firearms world, people who talk a big show but are just talk. They tend to always be cheerleading for the most expensive guns and gear and shitting on the less expensive stuff, making average dudes feel like they need to go deep into debt to get just the right gear.

So along comes Big Country Expat, someone who has loads of actual, real life experience with lots and lots of firearms and actually using those firearms for something other than shooting steel targets. His latest post, Sunday Late Night and Rifle BS, looks at the real differences between a "budget" Palmetto State AR and a super high end Daniel Defense AR.

I will let you read his conclusion for yourself but suffice it to say I trust his word a lot more than some prissy dude of indeterminate sexual orientation on Youtube. 

For me, as long as you stay clear of some of the real junk, any mid-range AR is "good enough" for the vast majority of us. I have seen guys with basic shotguns on the sporting clays range blow away guys with the super expensive shotguns. The same holds true with AR-15s. There are a couple of brands I stay away from and I have the advantage of getting dealer prices on higher end stuff but I think that the brands I consider "mid-tier" are as good as all but a tiny percentage of us really need. I will go so far as to say you can get the rifle you need for under a grand and spend the money you saved on not buying the super high end stuff can be invested in a quality red-dot or LPVO. Sure it is cool to have a Daniel Defense of Sons Of Liberty Gunworks AR and if you have a lot of extra money, why not, but most of us can get reliable and accurate for a lot less.


  1. I love Stephen Hunter Sniper Porn. I also will never live in that world. Anything more than a PSA rifle is wasted on me. Now add in steel case ammo ( bought before Sell A Kidney Per Case ) and iron sights because I'm not going into the apocalypse with fragile crap ( the rifle itself is dainty enough ), and I'm all for middlin quality AR's. And no one is going to mention Two Is One, One Is None? And need we mention a total cost after lower of $450? I'll stop gushing, least I embarrass myself.

  2. For inexpensive and high quality go with FN AR 15's. The patrol carbine model goes for a little over $1000. I got a great deal on the Tactical 2 model (MSRP $1600) for 1200 so with an LPVO and a sling right around $1600.
    I agree with Big Country (if you don't read his blog you should) that high price is not what makes a serviceable and effective weapon.

  3. For a long time, the worlds record for a grizzly bear, was killed by an indian woman, a casino indian not a 7-11 indian, in Canada with a piece of shit 22. So yea, skills matter.

  4. get something that's works and you can depend on it. after that learn how to use it and buy ammo.
    but do not forget the other stuff, food, water, band aids , you know the stuff you need to live on.
    I tend to like old school mauser rifles, they work ! got a few when they where cheap and worked on
    them, new springs and firing pins, lighter stocks and decent glass (old fuck ) ammo and slings
    I do have a couple of ar-15 that I built over the years and they work as well. people tend to throw
    lead around with semi auto's as compared with a bolt gun.
    dear old dad taught me to hunt with a single shot rifle or shotgun. make the shot count,boy.

  5. Have a Ruger and a S&W AR. Both were bought for less than $600 bucks each. I like the Ruger flat top best.

  6. With almost every weapon that I own, I'm the weak link.