Wednesday, October 6, 2021

False Flag False Alarm

The cops have already named a suspect for the school shooting in Arlington, Texas. Although his name is Timothy Simpkins, his photo is what I suspected. So never mind.

Looks like some African on African violence, completely useless for gun control advocates. 

Moving on.


  1. yea, funny how that shit works,, if they really meant anything about gun control they do something
    about the ones doing 90% of the shooting . funny that they always want to go after the gun dealers and
    not the clowns shooting everything up. and the clowns who get caught as turned loose before the paperwork is done so ? I still think the plan is to disarm us like they did oz. then they can do whatever they want to us, or so they think

  2. how does a 18 year old kid afford a 3 year old car?

    1. Looks like he has gold teef as well. Around here a 2018 Charger is around $30,000 and up. I would guess his summer job rhymes with rug squealer.

  3. Pleaseeeee ... he was just practicing his marksmanship before he went to medical school.

  4. I was actually shocked when I saw the pic...they were broadcasting the "three-named assailant" all morning, so naturally I figured is was another "disaffected loner/fedpawn". Just imagine the sheer disappointment all the anti-2a crowd was experiencing when it was discovered to be just another useLESS idiot that will further thier cause not one iota. Kinda spreads a little sunshine on the soul. I'm just disappointed that it was only injuries and not more of the assailant's tribe permanently removed from the gene pool.


    So we still have Jan. 6 political prisoners in 24 hours isolation for petitioning their governmment for grievances and then they let this homicidal nigger out in the streets?

  6. Actually, the niggers are the byproduct of the establishment that benefits by the behavior of the descendents of chattel...