Friday, October 15, 2021

Breaking News: Diversity Is Not A Strength, It Is A Punishment

Across the pond, diversity strikes again:

Imagine the hysteria if it was an African Member of Parliament and the killer was a White pro-Brexit British nationalist?

Given the hysteria over the January 6th "insurrection" where no Congressmen were in the slightest danger, other than from an errant shot from trigger happy Lieutenant Michael Leroy Byrd, you would think that the American media would be flipping out about a British Member of Parliament being stabbed to death. You would be wrong. It warrants a little mention from the media but not much....

 "Conservative" Fox News has it nowhere in sight, I had to do a search and it is buried halfway down their landing page. 

This should be enormous news here but it will be buried and forgotten quickly because it exposes the truth: bringing savages into your civilized country doesn't make the savages more civilized, it just makes your civilized society more savage. 


  1. One account claims he was in a church when it happened. It was not during a church service, rather it was while meeting constituents.

    Again, to your point, imagine the furor if the Mayor of London were assassinated in a mosque.

    They are sending a message.

    1. It was a little confusing because of the location but I assume constituent services or whatever they called it means he was just using the building.

  2. I love the comments, "violence won't win" when it certainly won that time.